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"Three threes, Dodi wins again!"
―Thamm declares the results of Hazard Toss[src]

Thamm was a tiny male Troglof from Troglofa who worked in Canto Casino on the planet Cantonica as a croupier. During the Cold War he managed a Hazard Toss table during a night shift at the casino when the Suerton Dodibin entered into a winning streak while playing at the table.


"The Suerton has let it ride—and trip threes wins again!"
―Thamm declares that Dodibin has won again[src]

Thamm was a male croupier at the Canto Casino in the city of Canto Bight on the planet Cantonica. One evening during the Cold War between the First Order and the Resistance, Thamm was managing a high-minimum Hazard Toss table in the casino where the Suerton gambler Dodibin entered into a streak of successful bets. The gambler's success soon drew a large crowd, which the Heptooinian Kaljach Sonmi tried to hide in to avoid the casino's head of security Pemmin Brunce. Brunce caught up to Sonmi and pinned him against Thamm's table, causing the Heptooinian to drop a cantocoin which then landed amongst the coins making up Dodibin's bet.[2]

Thamm then called bets closed on the table, and after another patron rolled the polyhedrons involved in the game, the croupier declared the results as three threes, meaning Dodibin won again. Thamm then used his croupier stick to brush the Suerton's winnings into his pile, counting Sonmi's coin as part of the bet. Dodibin started to speak with Sonmi and Brunce, and since he didn't remove his bet, Thamm counted him as having let his bet ride. The polyhedrons were rolled again, and once again Thamm declared triple threes, meaning Dodibin and Sonmi had won again. Dodibin then declared he was out, and after Thamm delivered his winnings the Suerton left the table along with Sonmi.[2]

Personality and traits[]

Thamm was a tiny quadruped who was small enough to stand on the tables of Canto Casino and use his croupier stick like a push broom.[2] He had light brown skin and black hair and eyes. He also possessed a pleasing aroma which put casino patrons at ease.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Thamm was created for the film Star Wars: Episode VIII The Last Jedi and was voiced by James Arnold Taylor[4] and was first revealed in an article about the film in the magazine Vanity Fair on May 24, 2017. The character was not named in the article,[5] but was identified when he appeared in the short story "The Ride", which was written by John Jackson Miller and released as part of the Canto Bight anthology on December 5, 2017.[6]

Thamm was brought to life on-screen with a combination of puppetry and CGI technology.[7]



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