Thandruss was a terrestrial planet located in the Expansion Region's Thand sector. It was the homeworld of the Krytollaks, warm-blooded sentients with hard outer shells. Krytollaks had a society consisting of a worker class and a royal class and were ruled by a global absolute monarchy.

By the time Thandruss was discovered by the wider galactic community, the level of Krytollak technology had reached early steam power. Thandruss became a part of the Galactic Empire, and the entire Krytollak species came to worship Emperor Palpatine.


Thandruss was a planet[2] located in the star system of the same name, a part of the Thand sector in the Expansion Region.[1] It was a terrestrial world orbited by two moons. Carbon-based rocks and coal were present on the planet. The flora of Thandruss included trees and vegetables, and the world was also populated by animals that were used by the primitive Krytollak society to draw wagons.[2]


By the time Thandruss was discovered by the galactic community, the native Krytollaks were a technologically primitive society. They employed animal-drawn wagons for transportation and burned wood and coal for heat and energy necessary for early steam-powered technology. The Krytollak settlements also utilized rudimentary radionics broadcasts to stay informed on global events, and the natives measured time by the orbits of Thandruss's moons. Throughout their entire history, the Krytollaks had always been ruled by a single absolute monarch.[2]

Not long before the Galactic Civil War was fought between the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance, Thandruss became a part of the Empire. Devir, the Krytollak empress who had reigned for twenty years, recognized Galactic Emperor Palpatine as her superior and allied the entire Krytollak species with the Empire. Through the interstellar trade that followed Thandruss's integration into the galactic society, the Krytollaks rapidly advanced their own level of technology. Eventually, with the permission of the ruling nobles of Thandruss, many Krytollaks left their homeworld for the wider galaxy. Over time, a few cantina owners in star systems near Thandruss became apprehensive whenever Krytollaks entered their establishments due to the species' penchant for brawling and becoming vengeful when successfully provoked and offended.[2]


Thandruss was the homeworld of the Krytollaks.

Thandruss was the homeworld of the Krytollaks, a species of warm-blooded sentients that had both a hard internal skeleton and a tough outer shell consisting of multiple plates. Krytollaks were vegetarian but also consumed rocks in order to absorb trace elements necessary for the growth of their shells. The Thandruss natives considered both plants and rocks imported from other worlds to be delicacies.[2]

Krytollaks had a rigid social structure made up of two classes: the worker class, to which more than 96 percent of the planet's population belonged, and the royal class, which constituted the government that had authority over the entirety of the Krytollak homeworld. The model of governance was that of an absolute monarchy, with Empress Devir reigning by the time of the Galactic Civil War.[2]

However, the ultimate figure of Krytollak worship was the Galactic Emperor, and as a result, the Thandruss government was a staunch supporter of the Galactic Empire. The latter had a presence on Thandruss that included a local Imperial advisor, and the Empire demanded an increased amount of tribute and tax revenue from the Krytollaks, whose admiration for the Emperor did not extend to the Imperial bureaucracy. However, the robes worn by Krytollaks on Thandruss did imitate the clothing of Imperial officers and aristocrats.[2]


Before their civilization made contact with the wider galaxy, the Krytollaks of Thandruss created primitive roads on their homeworld. By the time Thandruss was a part of the Galactic Empire, Krytollak population centers on the planet included small communities and villages. Each Krytollak noble ruled over their own section of Thandruss.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Thandruss was created by Harry Heckel and introduced in Galaxy Guide 12: Aliens — Enemies and Allies, a 1995 sourcebook for use with West End Games' Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game.[2] The 2009 reference book The Essential Atlas placed the Thandruss system, and therefore the planet Thandruss, in grid square J-15.[3]


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