"Over the years, Thar'quan has disabled many an Imperial facility. […] As a Defel, he is a natural infiltration and sabotage agent. Despite the horrible injuries he has suffered, he continues to serve the Alliance's cause."
―General Airen Cracken[src]

Thar'quan was a combat-trained Defel miner and a saboteur for the Rebel Alliance. Working as an intelligence agent for General Airen Cracken, Thar'quan carried out attacks on assets of the Galactic Empire, including the capture of Alpha Outpost. He performed other dangerous missions while working undercover. Thar'quan was painfully scarred several times in the line of duty, but that did not affect his enthusiasm, loyalty or efficiency.


A Defel born on Af'El in 27 BBY, Thar'quan eventually became a miner and a member of the Alliance to Restore the Republic. He was a spy, saboteur and information collector for Rebel officer Airen Cracken. Under the guise of a rough miner equipped with dark gray and black gear common to Defel miners, Thar'quan hacked computer networks at Uhur'qah, the capital city of Af'El, to benefit the Rebel network on the nearby planet Sriluur.[1]

During his career, Thar'quan had an unfortunate encounter with a Dithanune needle beast that managed to injure him. He was also injured during an unplanned trek through a razor grass field on Togoria. At some other point, Thar'quan served a sentence in a Kessel prison and suffered an accident affecting his face while he was there.[1] Thar'quan was eventually rescued from Kessel by Rebel scout Larq Thur.[2]

For some time, Thar'quan was an employee for Hctaqsas Metals while working undercover for the Alliance along with Rebel agent Sasnak Toxis. Thar'quan was wounded due to the dangers of this activity.[1]

At some point, Thar'quan managed to capture Imperial Alpha Outpost during an operation to distract the Empire's attention from Rebel activities on Ralltiir. A short time after the Battle of Yavin, Thar'quan managed to access the top-secret coordinates of ore depots of Kuat Drive Yards. Soon after this operation, Thar'quan went to Uhur'qah.[1]

Personality and traits[]

A hard-working and loyal member of the Rebel Alliance, Thar'quan was an expert at blind-fighting and with the vibro-pickaxe, although he commonly used a blaster carbine; a garrote; and a sawed-off Adostic Arms 8-gauge projectile shotgun. He was also familiar with the bureaucracy of the mining companies he had worked for, particularly Vulca Minerals and Hctaqsas Metals.[1]

Thar'quan had a collection of scars from his activities as a Rebel scout, although beings unaware of his real activities believed Thar'quan had suffered mining accidents. These scars included ragged punctured holes on his right ear after his encounter with a Dithanune needle beast, partial paralysis of his right cheek due to an accident in a Kessel prison, disfigurement of his back and side suffered in a razor grass field on Togoria, and other scars suffered while working for Hctaqsas Metals along with Toxis. He proudly showed these cicatrices to Rebel collaborators—Cracken himself admired Thar'quan due to his loyalty toward the Alliance despite his suffering.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Thar'quan was first mentioned in Cracken's Rebel Operatives, written by several authors and edited by Bill Smith. Thar'quan was alluded to again, this time in passing, in Alliance Intelligence Reports. This last book misspells his name as Tar'quan and Tar'quin.


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