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"Tharan Cedrax, professor and exo-engineer, at your service. Not that many around here respect my genius, especially those Nikto."
―Tharan Cedrax, introducing himself to the Jedi Consular[src]

Doctor Tharan Cedrax was a male Human slicer and xeno-engineer during the Cold War between Sith Empire and Galactic Republic. Working on Nar Shaddaa with his holographic assistant Holiday, he was recruited by a Jedi Consular and became the Jedi's companion throughout the next galactic events. Years later, Cedrax joined the Republic's think-tank and helped develop the advanced Meridian Complex on Corellia. Following the Meridian Complex assault, he joined the Eternal Alliance.


Born on Anaxes, Tharan Cedrax was a self-professed genius and a skilled exo-technologist. Having attended the University of Corellia briefly, he found himself blacklisted from their rolls when his devotion to studies waned in favor of building devices for fun. Traveling to Nar Shaddaa, Cedrax opened an office where he conducted his unique business of developing new technologies based on extra-galactic devices to satisfy wealthy and eccentric clients. Among his unique devices, Cedrax developed a sentient, holographic companion he named Holiday and with whom he lived and socialized. Becoming well known as a ladies' man and a playboy gambler, he was also respected for solving the baffling M'raki Uplink Paradox and designing Shadow Town prison. And despite being barred entry from the Star Cluster Casino, the Lyris Lounge and Reeder's Droid Warehouse, Cedrax had friends among the Jedi Order. After assisting Jedi Masters Syo Bakarn and Duras Fain early in the Cold War as they tracked an Imperial fugitive, Cedrax counted both among his list of friends, selling devices to the Jedi High Council for a fair price.

Tharan during his travels with the Jedi

When Jedi Master Fain began showing signs of psychosis and started to amass weapons and followers under the banner of the Guiding Hand, Cedrax was considered by Master Bakarn as a good place for the Jedi Knight assigned to track Fain to find information. Locating the exo-technologist dealing with a Nikto gang leader, the Knight drove off the unruly Nikto thugs and filled Cedrax in on the situation with Fain. Using his connection with the Red Light Lancers, a gang of tech-specialists within the Guiding Hand, Cedrax was able to help the Knight infiltrate the group. Arranging a meeting with the Lancers' leader Klage, Cedrax communicated with the Knight in secret to guide them through the gang's headquarters. When faced with having to pass an initiation test requiring a terrorist attack against the Hutt Cartel, Cedrax provided the Jedi with stolen Sith access codes which would pin the attack on the Empire, not the Republic. While the Jedi took care of infiltrating the Cartel's facilities, an agent for the Hutts came searching for answers to reports of Jedi coming and going from Cedrax's offices. While the Jedi was able to distract the guard and convince him that the Jedi was not involved in the attacks, Cedrax urged the Knight to move more swiftly. Equipping the Jedi with an anti-mind control device for use against Fain, Cedrax and Holiday pledged their support to the Consular after Fain was cured and returned to Tython.

During the course of his travels with the Consular, his hard work paid off, and he was invited to a symposium at the Lumenatus Club, a secret society of the galaxy's greatest scientific geniuses. The invitation came in form of an anonymous package delivered to Barsen'thor's Defender-class light corvette, which contained a letter of Flimsiplast sealed inside a glass capsule. The letter contained a chemical formula of a gas, which when put in the capsule caused a real message to appear on its inside. Tharan decided to prepare for the symposium by assembling and presenting the functioning Vandrayk Generator, a theorized machine first proposed by the Arkanian Gorman Vandrayk during the Old Sith Wars. The Generator was supposed to run on a form of energy which did not exist at the time. However, after assembling the generator and realizing that his invention would only work for a minute, after which its invaluable core would burn out, Cedrax dismantled his creation, instead using the generator's core to increase the sentience of his holographic partner Holiday. He still attempted to present the generator at the symposium, but the core predictably did not work, making Cedrax a laughing-stock.

Personality and traits[]

Tharan with Holiday

"Holiday. I am a fool, dancing in your shadow. But whether you favor me or not, I will always belong to you."
―Tharan Cedrax[src]

Cedrax was a calm, but sarcastic, man who almost always sought rational answers to conflicts. He had a firm belief that knowledge was morally neutral and always desirable to keep, which sometimes put him in conflict with the Consular if a fantastic weapon or forbidden science project had to be destroyed for the greater good. He also disliked overt or unnecessary displays of Force abilities, especially the Jedi mind trick. Cedrax considered himself a pacifist, but the realities of life on Nar Shaddaa meant that he was proficient with a scattergun and a blaster. Much of the time, however, he used his technological wizardry to heal the Consular in battle or deployed Holiday as a distraction.

Cedrax was a great healer, a ranged attacker, and with the help of, he could stun enemies. Cedrax was a cunning, clever gambler on Nar Shaddaa, a charming playboy, and a specialized technology slicer.

In addition to his passion for science, Cedrax also enjoyed fine luxuries and the attention of beautiful women. He did not form lasting relationships, as his true emotional attachment was to Holiday, and she was easily spurred to jealousy.

Behind the scenes[]

"Ungh... Holiday... I'm sorry..."
"Holiday? What a weirdo.
―Tharan Cedrax's last words as Major Anri executes him[src]

Cedrax is a companion for the Jedi Consular in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Mechanically, he is the healing companion. A female Consular can have a flirtation and one-night stand with Cedrax, but Holiday's jealousy ends the affair.

The mission to recruit Cedrax into the Alliance is only available to Jedi Consular class Alliance Commanders. Cedrax explains to the Consular that since the Meridian Complex had come online, his obligations to the shipyard had ended, putting him in need of a new job.[2] However, if the Commander is an Imperial, then the player will have the option to kill him at the Complex.[3]

He is voiced by Jamie Elman.



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