Tharil Tavira was a Human male Imperial Grand Moff who was appointed by Emperor Palpatine to oversee Eiattu 6 during the Galactic Civil War. Although married, he began an affair with a young native girl named Leonia, whom he married when his wife died suddenly and unexpectedly. Shortly afterward, he suffered a massive stroke that paralyzed him.

Due to a rare allergy to bacta, it was impossible to treat him. Facing a very long and painful recovery process with no guarantee of success, Tharil eventually killed himself. He was succeeded as Governor of Eiattu by Leonia, who was suspected by some of having engineered both his first wife's death and his stroke.

Behind the scenesEdit

It is sometimes claimed that Grand Moff Tavira controlled not just Eiattu 6 but all of Ado sector; however, there seems to be no canon evidence for this, and his priority sector may have been limited to the one planet, or perhaps simply its star system.

There is also some uncertainty about Tharil Tavira's rank: he is identified as a Grand Moff when first referred to in the story, and the badge Leonia is normally shown wearing is appropriate for this rank, but she herself is only ever called simply a Moff.

Tavira is referred to as "Thavil Tavira" in Handbook 1: X-Wing Rogue Squadron.



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