"Who told these Pre-Mor bastards about Kenari?"
"That would be me."
―Maarva Andor and Cassian Andor[3]

"That Would Be Me" is the second episode of the first season of Andor. The episode is directed by Toby Haynes and written by Tony Gilroy.[1] It aired on September 21, 2022 alongside the first and third episodes.[2]

Official description[]

Cassian attempts to lay low on Ferrix as agents of the law close in.

Expanded description[]

Cassian scrambles to settle his affairs on Ferrix with friends and family as tactical forces close in on him, led by an obsessed agent driven to preserve law and order. Meanwhile, a mysterious man with eyes on Cassian arrives on the planet.

Plot summary[]

A person of interest[]

In the past, a younger Cassian Jeron Andor accompanies his Kenari tribe as they travel through the jungles towards the wrecked starship. During the journey, Andor gazes down at a large open-cast mine. In the present, a human man beats a large table of stone with two hammers. Pegla powers down a ship that he is working on at a starship lot. Meanwhile, Timm Karlo invites Bix Caleen out for a meal, and the two share a kiss. While checking the computer terminal, Karlo receives news that the Pre-Mor Authority is seeking a Kenari male for questioning and requests that they contact the Preox Morlana Corporate Security Headquarters without delay.

Andor visits Maarva Andor and her droid B2EMO at her home. After exchanging greetings, Andor claims that he sustained his facial injury from tripping on a cable while helping Pegla. Andor also claims that he was out last night meeting Brasso and had business to attend in the East. Under Maarva's orders, B2EMO informs Andor that the Pre-Mor authorities are searching for a Kenari male. Maarva asks Andor who else knows that he was born on Kenari. As Andor struggles to answer, Maarva reminds Andor that he needs to maintain the cover story that he was born on Fest.

Maarva chides Andor for spilling his secrets to his lovers and demands to know how the Pre-Mor authorities learned about his Kenari origins. Andor admits that he was responsible. B2EMO also informs Andor that Caleen has been trying to contact him. Before B2EMO can tell him, the droid powers down. When Maarva asks what Andor has done, he replies that he "messed up."

Andor later meets up with Caleen and tells her about the incident with the two Pre-Mor Security Inspection team sentry guards Verlo Skiff and Kravas Drezzer on Morlana One. Andor offers to sell her a piece of technology in return for securing her help in escaping offworld. Caleen tells him that the buyer is coming the following day and that it is too late to call it off. Andor replies that he won't forget this. Karlo watches from the counter nearby. Caleen advises Andor to leave.

The informant[]

After drinking, Karlo heads to a communication terminal. Later, several Pre-Mor analysts receive Karlo's tip call. Based on this call, the team checks Andor's records and finds that he has committed several crimes including destruction of Imperial property and assaulting an Imperial officer. Deputy Inspector Syril Karn inquires into his subordinates' progress as they bring up an image of a younger Andor. The brothel hostess whom Andor met earlier also enters the communications room.

Later that night, Karlo is visited by Caleen, who has had trouble sleeping and notices his light is on. Caleen takes off her jacket before embracing Karlo. She then heads to his bed and starts undressing. Meanwhile, Karn is visited by Sergeant Linus Mosk, who has reported for duty at midnight. Karn tells him to act quickly since they have a dangerous suspect. While discussing the planned operation, Mosk thinks that they will need 12 men and invites Karn to join the operation in order to boost morale. The two law enforcement officers agree about the need to avenge the deaths of two colleagues. Mosk describes Corporate Tactical Forces as the Galactic Empire's first line of defense and emphasizes the need to mount a show of strength.

Past and present[]

While Maarva waits at home, Andor obtains an Imperial transmitter from a derelict wheeled vehicle. While holding his blaster pistol, he experiences a flashback of he and his fellow Kenari tribesmen advancing on the wrecked starship, which has crashed in the middle of the jungle. A 16-year-old girl[6] leads the expedition.

In space, Luthen Rael flies his shuttle into Ferrix's atmosphere with the aid of a Fondor Droid Mod. After landing the shuttle in a canyon, he uses a pair of macrobinoculars to survey Caleen Salyard from a distance.

While the worker beats the metal slab with his hammer, Caleen awakes from her sleep. Karlo has had a sleepless night but offers to serve her caf. She asks if Karlo can open up the yard for him, claiming that she has few errands to run. Elsewhere, Andor chats with B2EMO, who asks why he needs comms. The droid asks about the location of Maarva's credits. Andor replies that they do not want anyone else finding her money, which the droid agrees with. B2EMO tries to advise Andor against running away, but Andor tells the droid that he should return lest Maarva worry about his whereabouts.

Meanwhile, Maarva searches for B2EMO at her home. While searching Andor's room, she finds an improvised staff from his childhood days. Back in the past, the Kenari female leader approaches the wrecked starship. She checks the body of a fallen yellow-skinned humanoid crew member and then approaches the ship's docking ring. She finds a second crew member's body lying by the entrance. The man's white jumpsuit has a Separatist symbol on it. One of the crew members stirs and shoots the female Kenari leader with his blaster. The tribe retaliate by firing darts until he falls to the ground. The grieving adolescents and children carry their fallen leader home. However, Andor stays behind and explores the starship.

Plans in motion[]

Back in the present, Xanwan argues with an alien customer named Granik at his transport business. Andor visits. Xanwan has been searching for a planet called Kenari, which was abandoned following an Imperial mining disaster. The planet is considered toxic, and travel is prohibited by the Empire. Xanwan also tells Andor that corporate enforcement authorities are looking for someone from Kenari and asks what he can do for Andor. Andor inquires about the costs of traveling to Tassar. Xanwan says that it will cost 900 credits due to the short notice and secrecy. Andor convinces him to settle for 700 credits.

As a Pre-Mor security starship travels through hyperspace, Sergeant Mosk briefs his troops about the fugitive Andor, warning them that he is a dangerous opponent. Mosk divides his forces into three teams with himself and Karn leading the West Team. Their plan is to ambush Andor with a pincer movement. Mosk warns that some local residents may be uncooperative and to remind them about a monthly Territorial Forum to raise their complaints. Karn addresses the troops, telling them about the risk of doing nothing. He tells them that he takes pride in their team and that there is no easy route to success and justice.

Meanwhile, Rael is a passenger on a hoverbus. A fellow passenger tries to chat with him about the docking fees for starships. He grumbles about the spaceport authorities charging them to spend their money. He talks about being able to travel freely on the planet when he was younger. Rael is not chatty, but the fellow passenger talks about working in the propulsion industry. The passenger tells Rael that if he can't find it here, it is not worth finding. The hoverbus flies over an urban settlement on Ferrix.


For a short period of time after "That Would Be Me" was released, Disney+ simply titled it "Episode 2." Before the capitalization was corrected, it was listed as "That Would be me."


The 2016 book Star Wars: Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide established that Cassian Jeron Andor's homeworld was Fest, which it presented as fact.[7] This was repeated in later sources;[8][9][10][11][12][13] however, "That Would Be Me" later established this was a lie the Andor family fabricated, as his actual homeworld was Kenari.



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