Thaymes Fodrick was a member of Sharr Latt's unit of Wraith Squadron in 44 ABY. He was a computer slicer and he was skilled in communications duties. He first met Myri Antilles, a member of Bhindi Drayson's unit of Wraith Squadron, in a bar on Vandor-3 during both units' missions to expose corrupt Galactic Alliance General Stavin Thaal for his involvement with the Lecersen Conspiracy. While Antilles introduced herself as Rima to Fodrick, Fodrick himself introduced as Kirdoff.

When both Drayson and Latt's Wraith units met during their infiltration of the Caridan animal exhibit, which Thaal used to operate his criminal activities from, they integrated into a sole unit even after Drayson died during the mission. The integration of both units saw to the successful accomplishment of getting Thaal arrested on the planet of Kuratooine.