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TheForce.net, also known as TFN, is one of the oldest and most visited fan-run Star Wars news websites. It host the Jedi Council Forums, as well as the The ForceCast podcast.

It was also the home of now discontinued notables features such as Bob Vitas' Completely Unofficial Star Wars Encyclopedia (CUSWE), an exhaustive database of the Star Wars universe, which somewhat inspired the inception of Wookieepedia[1], and by March 2006 had moved to its own website: cuswe.org; Star Wars Technical Commentaries, written and maintained by professional astrophysicist Curtis Saxton; Time Tales, a chronicle of Star Wars history containing thorough summations of stories both major and minor, and information on how they all fit together.


The site began in late 1996 as "Texas A&M University's Star Wars Page," founded by roommates Scott Chitwood and Darin Smith. Originally, the site was, in Chitwood's words, "a few pictures and tons of text," but it eventually outgrew its environment. In September 1997, TheForce.Net was born.

Eventually, Joshua Griffin came on board as partial owner. Later, entrepreneur Philip Wise, owner of both the collecting site Rebelscum.com and the Lucasfilm-licensed autograph company Official Pix, joined Griffin as a co-owner of the site.

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