The Adventurer 14 is the fourteenth issue of the LucasArts magazine The Adventurer. It featured a number of articles on Lucasfilm upcoming and released games, including Star Wars: Rebellion and X-wing vs. TIE Fighter.

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  • "Heavenly Hints for Afterlife"
  • "Backlot"
  • "New Titles for PlayStation and Saturn Will Release This Winter" by Barbara Gleason
  • "Programmers' Hidden Treats Lead Gameplayers to Search for Tasty Easter Eggs" by Heather Twist
  • "Lucas Who?"
  • "Rebellion Is Upon Us" by Tom Byron
  • "The Curse of Monkey Island" by Tom Sarris
  • "The LucasArts Archives Vol. II: The Star Wars Collection" by Heather Twist
  • "Fighter Pilot Recruits Sought for LucasArts' New Multiplayer X-wing vs. TIE Fighter" by Tom Sarris
  • "Company Store"
  • "Sam & Max" comic by Steve Purcell
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