The Adventures of Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight is a children's picture book. Written by Tony DiTerlizzi and illustrated with concept art by Ralph McQuarrie, the book retells the story of the Star Wars original trilogy. It was published on October 7, 2014.

It is available as a regular hardcover and was made available on October 21, 2014 as a limited edition, signed by DiTerlizzi, with three high-quality prints of McQuarrie's artwork and in a deluxe cloth slipcase with special foil cover effects. Release of the limited edition is limited to 750 copies.[3]

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The classic tale of good versus evil set in a galaxy far, far away, quickly became a cultural phenomenon during its time, inspiring a generation of story lovers and storytellers. Now, the original trilogy of Star Wars shines anew with the vibrant concept art of Ralph McQuarrie, the legendary conceptual designer behind the original trilogy.

Collected in a picture book for the first time, McQuarrie's art is paired with captivating text by New York Times bestselling author Tony DiTerlizzi-a winning combination that will delight Star Wars fans old and new and delight generations of readers to come.


DiTerlizzi holding artwork of Luke Skywalker riding a tauntaun

In working on the book, DiTerlizzi visited the Lucasfilm Archives at Skywalker Ranch, which he described as "This is what happens when you're a good nerd and you die — it's heaven." During his visit to the Archives, he took the opportunity to touch everything he could. The decision was made to use only McQuarrie's original artwork for the title, which led to certain challenges, since McQuarrie painted Luke with both hands in the climax of his duel with Darth Vader. It was decided to tell certain parts of the story with words, such as "Darth Vader not only hurt Luke with his light saber, he hurt him with his words." The title also features a piece of artwork featuring Luke, Leia Organa and Darth Vader that was originally used as the cover artwork for the classic Legends novel Splinter of the Mind's Eye. Due to the inherent restrictions of length, DiTerlizzi chose to focus the story heavily on Luke himself, as well as his discovery of family.[4][5]

The book is dedicated "For my sister, Jennifer, and my brother, Adam, whom I shared many a space adventure with long ago."


The story is largely faithful to the events of the original story, but omits certain characters and events entirely, including Owen and Beru Whitesun Lars, the Destruction of Alderaan and most scenes involving members of the Rebel Alliance. Yoda tells Luke to travel to Dagobah only after the Battle of Hoth and Luke seems quicker to accept Darth Vader as his father.



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