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"Commander Sato, allow me to present Lieutenants Wedge Antilles and… Hobbie. Formerly of the Galactic Empire."
―Sabine Wren to Jun Sato[6]

"The Antilles Extraction" is the fourth episode of the animated television series Star Wars Rebels' third season. It is the forty-first episode of the series overall. It first aired on October 8, 2016 on Disney XD.

Official description[]

With the rebellion in desperate need of pilots, Sabine goes undercover as an Imperial cadet to recruit defectors -- including the confident and gifted Wedge Antilles.[1]

Plot summary[]


A Phoenix Cell transport ship carrying food supplies to starving civilians on Teralov is escorted by six A-wing fighters. The convoy is intercepted by an Arquitens-class command cruiser, which deploys several TIE interceptors. A dogfight breaks out and the TIEs wipe out the starfighters. They then proceeded to attack the transport ship, despite the captain contacting the TIEs and offering to surrender. The leading TIE pilot, Captain Vult Skerris, simply fires a final burst into the transport's cockpit.

Sabine's call[]


The Spectres and Commander Sato attend a briefing

At Chopper Base on the planet Atollon, Ezra Bridger and Sabine Wren run into the command center, and Ezra says he heard that the supply run to Teralov failed. Hera Syndulla states that it's worse: they lost the entire escort of six A-wings and all crew aboard the transport ship. Ezra asks how many pilots they still have, and opines that at this rate there will be no one left to fly for the rebellion. Commander Jun Sato then replies that he has been working on a solution with Fulcrum. When Ezra asks whether it is Ahsoka Tano, Hera explains that Fulcrum is a code name the rebellion gives to their informants, and that there are other Fulcrum agents. She mentions that the title was Ahsoka's idea.

Via hologram, Fulcrum informs them that there are Imperial cadets at Skystrike Academy who are planning to defect to the rebellion. They tell the rebels that they require assistance to escape. Sato announces that this is enough information to act on. Hera then assigns Sabine the mission, and tells her that she has made arrangements to insert her into a squad of new cadets bound for the Academy. AP-5 will prepare fake credentials.

When Ezra asks why he is not involved with the mission, Sabine replies that she was a real cadet for several years. Hera explains that Ezra is too well known to the Galactic Empire, while Sabine is the least known among the cell. Kanan Jarrus, Ezra and Chopper are assigned the mission of dispatching Sabine to Skystrike Academy and serving as backup, while Hera and Garazeb Orrelios will escort the new supply convoy to Teralov.

Undercover at Skystrike Academy[]

Skystrike Academy classroom

An undercover Sabine and Wedge attend a flight simulation exercise

Sabine travels to Skystrike Academy in an Imperial landing craft disguised as a TIE pilot cadet. She joins a queue of Imperial cadets who have to slot their ID cards into an Imperial astromech droid. The droid rejects Sabine's card, leading the Imperial officer to hold Sabine aside for questioning. However, Sabine tells the officer to give it another try, claiming that the new ID cards often have problems. She takes off her helmet, blows on the card, and polishes it on the shoulder of her uniform before handing it back to the officer, who reinserts it into the droid's processor. The card is accepted, and the officer allows Sabine to proceed. As she walks away, Sabine surreptitiously pulls a comlink out of her helmet.

Meanwhile, aboard a rebel CR90 corvette, Ezra, Kanan and Chopper receive word that Sabine is in. Ezra is unhappy about having to sit and wait, but Kanan reassures him that she will be fine. When Ezra makes it clear that he doesn't like solo missions, Kanan retorts, "Unless it's you." At Skystrike Academy, Imperial instructor Goran addresses the cadets and tells them that only the best students will survive the Academy. He informs them of a combat practice simulation at 0600 hours before dismissing them. Sabine heads back to her bunk. One cadet is looking forward to the F-40s.

The following morning, Sabine (who has the com designation TIE-SS36) is on a simulated patrol. She is contacted by her wingman TIE-SS25, who tells her she can call him Wedge. Sabine identifies herself as Ria Talla. Instructor Goran then reminds the cadets to only use their com numbers. For the exercise, the TIEs have to intercept and destroy four simulated Y-wings. After destroying the Y-wings, Wedge and Sabine are ordered to proceed to new coordinates and destroy a rebel transport. The simulated transport is heavily damaged and transmitting an offer of surrender. When Sabine protests that Imperial protocol tells them to board a surrendering vessel, Goran repeats his orders to destroy the vessel. When Sabine voices her dissent, Wedge covers for her by claiming that the intercom is faulty.

Before they can destroy the rebel transport, the two pilots hesitate and are destroyed by the VCX-100 light freighter called the Ghost. Sabine is surprised by the ship's appearance in the simulation. Goran orders the two cadets to exit their pods and report for debriefing. When "Ria" says that the final ship was no transport, Skerris exits the third pod and reveals that the transport was the Ghost, stating that the rebels tend to use non-warships modified for combat. He warns SS-36 and SS-25 that insubordination will get them killed in real combat. Wedge tells Sabine that she is brave in breaking protocol, but she replies that she follows her gut instinct and what she thinks is right. He tells "Ria" that he respects that, but warns her that others at the Academy won't share her viewpoint.

Later, another Imperial landing craft and two TIE escorts arrive at Skystrike Academy carrying Governor Arihnda Pryce and the Imperial Security Bureau Agent Kallus. They are greeted by Instructor Goran, who inquires about their unscheduled visit. Kallus informs Goran that the ISB has information that some cadets plan to defect to the rebels. Goran protests that his cadets are thoroughly well-trained and loyal. However, Pryce insists on going ahead with the investigation. Pryce warns Goran to cooperate, before telling Kallus that she hopes to teach him something today. As Pryce walks away, Kallus briefly frowns.

Flying into a trap[]

Pryce and Kallus visit Skystrike Academy

Governor Pryce and Agent Kallus visit Skystrike Academy

While walking down the corridor, Sabine catches three cadets arguing about something risky. The cadets are Wedge and his two friends Hobbie and Rake Gahree. Later, Sabine meets Wedge in the TIE hangar bay. Wedge is troubled about the recent simulator exercise and tells Sabine that this is not what he signed up for. Sabine confides that shooting on unarmed transports was not what she had signed up for. Wedge reveals that he was once a cargo pilot. When Wedge expresses his desire to leave, Sabine tells him she can arrange that and reveals her true identity.

Sabine confirms that she is from the rebellion, and Wedge is relieved that the rebels got his signal. She tells Wedge to get his friends ready. When Wedge asks her what her escape plan is, Sabine replies that she will make one up. Back on the CR90 corvette, Ezra is anxious about Sabine's safety. Kanan tells him to calm down because he cannot control the situation. He asks Ezra if he trusts Sabine. When Ezra replies that he does, Kanan tells his apprentice to trust Sabine.

Meanwhile, Kallus reports that his investigation has found nothing on the "rebellious" cadets. Governor Pryce replies that perhaps it is time for her to take a more direct approach. When Instructor Goran complains that the investigation is interfering with his Academy's operations, Pryce suggests that they can reach a mutual agreement by getting the cadets back into space. Putting their plan into action, Goran orders the cadets to depart on their TIEs.

In the corridors, Sabine meets Wedge and his friends Hobbie and Rake. When Antilles expresses his surprise that the Imperials are letting them go, Sabine says that they have to take their chances. Sabine tells them that there is a rebel ship nearby, but that they have to follow her lead and trust her. Hobbie asks Sabine if she trusts the rebels, and she says yes, with her life. Rake replies, "Yeah, and all of ours." In her TIE fighter, Sabine then contacts Ezra ("Spectre Six") and tells him that they are ready to escape.

The TIEs fly into space, and Instructor Goran orders the cadets to break formation and engage in a simulated dogfight. He tells them that their laser cannons have been nullified but that their scores will still register on the chart. At Goran's signal, the cadets begin the combat exercise. Hobbie shoots Wedge while Sabine waits for Ezra. The CR90 corvette arrives, and Ezra tells Sabine they're here to pick her up. The rebel ship's presence is immediately detected by Pryce, Kallus and Goran.

At Sabine's signal, the four cadets break off from the main group and fly towards the corvette. Goran, Kallus, and Pryce detect this, and Pryce deduces they have their defectors. Pryce orders the four cadets to return to base, and Sabine replies that she'll have to come and get them. Pryce then presses a button which detaches the TIEs' solar collectors, leaving the TIEs floating in space. She then orders Captain Skerris to destroy one of the pods; killing Rake. Skerris' TIE Interceptors then target the rebel transport, inflicting serious damage to the top of the ship. Sabine tells Ezra to get out, but he replies that he will not leave her. Kanan snaps at Ezra that they can't help Sabine if they're dead, and orders Chopper to get them into hyperspace.

Second attempt[]

Sabine vs Governor Pryce Antilles

Sabine fighting with Governor Pryce

Back at Skystrike Academy, Sabine, Wedge and Hobbie are brought before Governor Pryce. Pryce demands to know which of them is the rebel agent, and proceeds to demonstrate a torture device. When none of the trio answer, Pryce orders Wedge strapped to the device, which prompts Sabine to admit that she's the rebel. Wedge, worried about Sabine, accidentally lets her real name slip, to Sabine's dismay. Satisfied, Pryce orders Kallus to escort Wedge and Hobbie to a cell, intending to interrogate Sabine alone. As Kallus leaves, Sabine tells him, "Looks like they've found someone who can do your job."

Sabine says that she won't talk, but Pryce then brings up her file. Pryce recognizes her as a runaway Imperial cadet and welcomes her home to the Imperial Academy, gripping the Mandalorian's chin. Meanwhile, Wedge and Hobbie are thrown into their cell. Hobbie is despondent, but Wedge is determined to escape and help Sabine. Back in the torture chamber, Sabine breaks free of her stormtrooper captors when they uncuff her to strap her into the torture device and fights with Pryce, who is trained in unarmed combat. She compliments the Governor on her skill, and Pryce smugly responds that the Empire taught her well. Sabine retorts that her clan taught her better, and knocks Pryce out by pushing her into the torture device's stinger, shocking the Governor unconscious. Sabine takes a blaster and comlink before exiting the cell.

Back in the cell, Wedge and Hobbie debate how to escape. Wedge suggests surprising the guards, but Hobbie is skeptical that they will succeed without an escape plan. Before they can argue, Sabine opens the door and reveals that she has knocked out the guards. Sabine tells the boys that she hopes they are better pilots than soldiers. Pursued by stormtroopers, the trio run down a corridor, dodging several blast doors before being halted by a blast door closing in front of them. Another blast door closes behind them, cutting off the approaching stormtroopers, and Agent Kallus comes out of a side door, telling Sabine not to shoot.

When Sabine asks him to give her a good reason, Kallus tells her and the boys to avoids Levels Three through Five and that Hangar 24 is their best possibility. When Sabine, suspicious, asks him why they should trust him, Kallus tells her to tell Garazeb Orrelios that they are even now. He then lets them escape down the corridor. Sabine and the defectors flee in a TIE bomber, chosen despite its slow speed because it can take a hit, before the stormtroopers can capture them. Captain Skerris, witnessing the bomber fleeing the hangar, disparages the cadets as fools, before pursuing in his TIE Interceptor. Wedge flies the TIE bomber, which takes several hits. Sabine can't signal to her friends because the signal is being jammed.

At the eleventh hour, Ezra's CR90 corvette arrives, and Ezra tells them to head to the docking tube. Wedge docks the TIE bomber with the corvette. Once on the corvette's bridge, Sabine tells Ezra that she thought she told him to leave. Ezra replies that they stuck around, just in case. The rebels then flee into hyperspace. Captain Skerris takes off his helmet and watches their escape with a deep frown.

New recruits[]

Back at Chopper Base, Sabine presents Wedge and Hobbie to the other Spectres and Commander Sato. Wedge says that he heard they were looking for pilots. Sato confirms that this is the case and welcomes them to the rebellion.


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