The Art of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope includes hundreds of sketches, storyboards, matte paintings, blueprints, production paintings, and costume designs that illustrate the original screenplay.

Originally published as The Art of Star Wars in November 1979, the book was reissued in October 1994 with the expanded title, with an update on January 14, 1997 to include material from the Special Edition. It includes a majority of artwork from Ralph McQuarrie, from the initial storyboards to the international theatrical posters. It includes early sketches and designs for the main characters of the film and offers an insight into what the galaxy might have looked like. The book also includes a version of the movie script.

Publisher's descriptionEdit

A New Hope was part of the original title of the movie that became Star Wars, the ultimate movie entertainment experience of the 1970's that lives on as one of the most-loved movies of all time. The Art Of Star Wars contains the complete script by George Lucas of the first movie, beautifully illustrated with the movie's fantastic works of art. In this unique compilation of all the imagination and beauty that went into the beginning of the film trilogy, the magic of Star Wars lives on.


  • Section 1: The Script
  • Section 2: Poster Art
  • Section 3: Spin-Off Cartoons and Fan Art



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