"Once we hunted goblins bad
"Among trees of Garban's land;
"They killed and ate Ch'irrk Felt's kin,
"And mighty anger boiled within!"
―Opening stanza of The Ballad of Shan'Gredor[src]

The Ballad of Shan'Gredor was an epic poem that described an episode from the history and legends of the Jenet species. According to the poem, the Jenet war leader Ch'irrk Felt led an assault on the danchaf, or tree goblins, a species native to Garban, also the homeworld of the Jenets. Felt's attack was executed in angry retaliation for the deaths of his relatives, who had been killed by danchaf. The tale tells of Felt setting a trap for the goblins by laying out iron pots and phospowder. When the danchaf sprang the trap, the noise deafened and surprised them, and Felt gave a war cry that signalled the warriors to attack their surprised foes. After the battle finished, three Jenets had died, but the danchaf had ben routed with twenty dead. The Jenets then celebrated.[1] These events became part of the general part of history known as the Great Conquest, during which the Jenets claimed dominion over the surface of Garban.[2]


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