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The Battle of Cadinth is a short story written by Bill Smith. It was first published in Star Wars Galaxy #2 by Topps in Winter 1995. It takes place 6 ABY, and also features RPG stats for various droids and vehicles to use the story in a role-playing game. On February 23, 2007, the story was published on Hyperspace.

The story features droids and vehicles based on concepts created by Kenner for a proposed toy line set after Return of the Jedi called The Epic Continues, which was ultimately rejected by Lucasfilm. Many of these toy concepts were featured in an article published in the same issue of Star Wars Galaxy.

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An Imperial battalion begins attacking a New Republic outpost on the spaceport world of Cadinth. As Republic pilots dash to their Defenders, Imperial Sniper airspeeders begin flying down onto the battlefield. Several hundred AP-2, AP-3 and AP-1-C attack droids gun down the lightly defended Republic infantry, as the Imperial Snipers gain the same advantage in the air. Republic Lieutenant Brin Stiels contacts Republic Core Base for reinforcements, soon choking on smoke and collapsing. Just as a group of AT-ATs appear on the horizon and target his position, the story ends.


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