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"The Beast" was the nickname of a modified LIN demolitionmech autonomous minelayer used as a combat droid by the Grand Army of the Republic during the Battle of Christophsis[1] in the year 22 BBY.[4]


A modified LIN demolitionmech autonomous minelayer,[1] "The Beast" was 0.56 meters in height[2] and had a white light emerging on a stalk from the top of its black dome, along with a pair of antennas. The droid moved on a pair of treads. The word "BEAST," written in Aurebesh, was scratched into the front of its body and it was modified with a gun extending from a silver arm. A key could be inserted vertically into its left side, and turning it horizontally triggered an automatic black box device, which slowly extended from the droid while making sound. "Chopper,"[3] a clone trooper,[5] wired up a mission chip that could be placed into the slot. A red button was pressed to activate it, after which the black box would retract into its body.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

In the script of "The Hidden Enemy,"[1] the sixteenth episode of the canon animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars' first season,[5] the opening sequence was to involve clone troopers setting up their own combat droid that they had nicknamed "The Beast." Its design would have resembled the dome-shaped mining droids from Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope, but modified with weaponry to look not too dissimilar to the head of a Dalek from Doctor Who,[1] a cult classic British science-fiction television series produced by the British Broadcasting Corporation since 1963.[6] Ultimately, however, it was decided to keep the sides clearly defined as clones versus droids, and not clones using droids versus droids. Furthermore, the scene would not have even displayed what "The Beast" did, so it was cut as an unnecessary story complication.[1]

Concept art for "The Beast" was created by Darren Marshall.[3]



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