"If at first you don't succeed, destroy it."

"The Big Bang" is an unfinished episode of the animated television series Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The episode was released on StarWars.com as a story reel on September 25, 2014, as part of The Clone Wars Legacy. Despite being incomplete, as the series was cancelled before the episode could be finished, it is still considered official Star Wars canon.[2]

Official description[]

Obi-Wan and Anakin must do all they can to prevent a powerful weapon from falling into General Grievous' hands.

Plot summary[]

Crystal crisis! A mission to Utapau
to investigate the murder of a Jedi
reveals a deadly arms deal between
Sugi warriors and General Grievous.
Grievous hopes to gain possession
of a massive kyber crystal, a
weapon of unspeakable power.

Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker
stole the crystal from the Sugi,
only to lose it to Grievous and his
Droid Army after a perilous chase.
Now, Obi-Wan seeks the advice of the
Jedi Council as they chase after this
deadly prize....

On their stolen starship, the Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi contacts the Jedi High Council on Coruscant to warn them about the kyber crystal falling into the hands of General Grievous. Ahead, a Separatist fleet orbits Utapau. Grand Master Yoda orders Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker to prevent the Separatists from getting their hands on the crystal.

Meanwhile, the two battle droids piloting a Maxillipede shuttle attempt to draw their Jedi pursuers towards the Separatist fleet in the hope that they will be destroyed. The Jedi's stolen starship dodges fire from the Separatist warships. During the chase, Anakin reminds Kenobi that he is professional when his former master cautions him about the approaching Separatist fighters. Grievous pursues the fleeing Jedi in his starfighter and also dispatches Vulture droids to harry the Jedi.

During the dogfight, Kenobi manages to shoot their Vulture droid pursuers with the ship's laser cannons, causing one to crash into the bridge of a nearby Munificent-class star frigate. The Separatist shuttle transporting the kyber crystal docks in Hangar Bay One of a massive Separatist supply ship. Kenobi decides that they should follow the crystal aboard and orders Anakin to set the ship's autopilot to land on the ship. The two Jedi escape their vessel in escape pods but get separated and land in different hangar bays.

Kenobi is defeated by Grievous

In Hangar Bay One, Kenobi fights with battle droids but is cornered by General Grievous and several Vulture droids and droidekas. Kenobi engages the cyborg general in a lightsaber duel but is defeated and taken captive. The battle droids restrain Kenobi in a platform and lock him in a cell. Meanwhile, in a control room, one battle droid reports with Kenobi's lightsaber to his commander, who warns him that another Jedi is still on the run and orders him to make a second sweep. Anakin then resurfaces and destroys all the droids in that room with his lightsaber. After studying a computer, he finds that the kyber crystal is being moved into a vault and that Kenobi has been locked into a cell.

Meanwhile, in the command bridge, Grievous informs Count Dooku that he has secured the kyber crystal and captured the Jedi Kenobi. When Dooku asks about Skywalker, Grievous assures him that every effort is being made to hunt him down. Dooku then orders Grievous to execute Kenobi and to deliver the crystal to Serenno; stressing that he will tolerate no failure.

Meanwhile, the battle droids escort Kenobi to an execution chamber. The Jedi manages to distract the droids by reminding them about the Yavin Code, a principle from the Yavin Convention which stated that executed prisoners must be blindfolded. Shortly later, Skywalker reappears and rescues his master while destroying the battle droids. After joking about the Yavin Code, Skywalker hands back Kenobi's weapon while reminding him that "the weapon is his life."

At the execution chamber, Grievous learns that the Jedi have escaped. After striking one of his battle droids, he orders them to find the Jedi fugitives. Meanwhile, several battle droids move the kyber crystal into a vault. The two Jedi follow the droids into the vault and hide while the droids exit the chamber. However, the Jedi are then locked behind several armored doors, preventing escape. On the command bridge, Grievous is informed that the Jedi still have not been found. The battle droid commander suggests that they may be hiding in the ventilator shafts. Grievous decided to send a squad to check the vault.

Back in the vault, Kenobi tells Anakin to wait for the battle droids to come and meet them. The Jedi then use the kyber crystal to knock down a squad of droids. They are blocked by a second squad but the two Jedi use the stolen crystal to deflect their blasts, incinerating the battle droids. A dwarf spider droid then opens fire on the crystal, causing to deflect its blast. Kenobi and Skywalker hide. On the command bridge, one of the battle droids reports a massive energy surge coming from the vault. Grievous and his IG-100 MagnaGuards depart for the vault.

The Jedi use the crystal to push their way into the Separatist warship's hangar bay. There, they come under attack from several battle droids and droidekas. Unable to bring it back with them to the Republic, the two Jedi decide to destroy the kyber crystal and escape on a stolen shuttle. Kenobi uses several Armored Assault Tanks to open fire on the crystal, causing it to overheat and to trigger a cataclysmic chain reaction that engulfs the entire hangar bay and warship. The ensuing explosion also destroys much of the Separatist fleet above Utapau. The Jedi escape on their stolen Neimoidian shuttle while Grievous flees into hyperspace on his starfighter.

Back on Coruscant, Kenobi and Skywalker report their actions to the Jedi Council. Kenobi reasoned that it was better for them to destroy the kyber crystal rather than to let it fall into Separatist hands. Master Yoda then recounts the story of how the ancient Sith had constructed superweapons using massive kyber crystals to power them up. He fears that the mysterious Sith Lord has similar intentions.



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