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The Black Sphere was an adventure for Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game, which appeared in the sourcebook No Disintegrations.

Plot summary[]

A group of bounty hunters are in the city of Iritsa on Chazwa when they receive a comlink call from a mysterious person asking them to come to Landing Bay 29. When they arrive, they are approached by Rusha, a traveler from Eckless. She wants to hire the heroes to retrieve the Black Sphere from a local businessman named Hahz Fallone. She states he stole it from her world's treasury before he was driven off by the natives of Eckless.

After accepting, they are approached by Falad Prok, a messenger for Jorga Sune. Sune is a local crime lord who has a rivalry with Fallone. He hears about their mission to retrieve The Black Sphere and wants the heroes to eliminate Fallone for him at the same time. The bounty hunters break into Fallone's compound and kidnap him. Unbeknownst to them, "Fallone" is really an impostor named Gil Kogan.

After escaping the compound, they are ambushed by a gang led by Prok, who demands The Black Sphere. During the scuffle, Gil Kogan is killed and the heroes are blamed for it. They also find out from Rusha that The Black Sphere they retrieved from Fallone's compound is a fake.

A short time later, the bounty hunters are approached by Tag Rayor, who states he has the real Black Sphere. They make arrangements to meet him at the Gold Plaza to make the exchange. Before the group arrives at the meeting point, they receive a datapad from Jorga Sune. It has a message stating on it that he took care of Rusha and now must have The Black Sphere for himself. He tells the bounty hunters that he can clear them of all charges if they cooperate and deliver The Black Sphere to him.

Once they arrive at the designated meeting place, Tag is shot by Falad with a poison dart shooter. As Falad attempts to leave with The Black Sphere, Fallone's men show up and start a firefight.

Sune ends up with a fake Black Sphere, due to the manipulations of Fallone. The fake Sphere leads him to a well-defended Imperial base and he is killed in the attack. Fallone claims to have no knowledge of Eckless, calling it a myth. He set the whole plan in progress when he learned of Rusha's presence on Chazwa and used it to eliminate a rival.

The heroes are cleared of charges in the deaths of Gil Korgan and Rusha, but find themselves indebted to a vicious crime lord.


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