The Blocks were a series of massive granite barriers which blocked the path leading up to the Lost Tribe of Sith's mountainside temple on the planet Kesh. Each of these cubes were ten meters tall and gave the impression of a giant staircase for the gods. These barriers had been installed under the orders of the new Grand Lord Nida Korsin in 4975 BBY in order to enforce her edict that no Sith or Keshiri were allowed to visit the temple as long as she lived. She made this edict in order to exile her estranged mother Seelah Korsin, who had attempted to overthrown her father Yaru Korsin during a coup d'état, and to hide her father's last secret: a map which confirmed the existence of a second continent on Kesh known as "Keshtah Major".

In 3000 BBY, the Caretaker Varner Hilts and his Keshiri servant Jaye Vuhld were forced to traverse through The Blocks in order to reach the mountainside Sith Temple since they had no uvak, winged reptilian beasts of burden. With the help of Iliana Merko, they discovered Korsin's secret map of Keshtah Major and were able to reunite the divided Tribe, which had splintered into twenty factions during the Time of the Rot and the Great Crisis. As a result, Varner Hilts became the new Grand Lord and Iliana became his Grand Consort. The husband and wife would usher in the Hilts Restoration, a period of "renaissance" in the Tribe's history which led to the conquest of Keshtah Major.


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