"I want them alive, Vader had said. Their blasters were set on kill. They were in a battlefield, even now. Too many of the crew were loose and armed, wandering about and opening fire, for the stormtroopers to take chances."
―Excerpt from "The Bucket"[src]

"The Bucket" is a short story written by Christie Golden for the anthology From a Certain Point of View. The story focuses on the stormtrooper Tarvyn Lareka, who turns Leia Organa in aboard the Tantive IV.[1]

Plot summaryEdit

During the Secret mission to Tatooine, TK-4601 and three other stormtroopers Commander TK-9091, TK-4247, TK-3338 are assigned by Darth Vader to search the Alderaanian CR90 corvette Tantive IV for the ship's Ambassador. While searching the corridors, the stormtroopers discuss their orders to stun the prisoner. TK-9091 senses movement and orders TK-4601 to set his blaster for stun.

Before he can react, the Ambassador Princess Leia Organa surfaces and shoots TK-9091 with her blaster. In response, TK-4601 stuns Leia. After checking on Leia, he tells the other stormtroopers to inform Lord Vader they have a prisoner. While mesmerized by Leia's beauty, TK-4601 resolves not to be enamored by the Princess. TK-4601 then learns from TK-4247 that TK-9091 succumbed from a direct blaster hit. As a result, TK-4601 by protocol assumes the role of commanding officer.

With the death of his friend TK-9091 still fresh in his mind, TK-4601 confronts Leia, who is beginning to stir. She raises the pistol but TK-4601 kicks it out of her hand. He then grabs her wrists and restrains her with his blaster. He tells Leia that Lord Vader wants to see her and that she can come with him on her own two feet or he would stun her. Outgunned, Leia obliges. Grieving over the loss of his friend, TK-4601 fantasizes about Leia being tortured at the hands of Lord Vader. Seeking vengeance against the rebels, TK-4601 requests transfer to active-duty unit for the duration of the battle.


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