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«I remember the brutality of the Cauldron. A privilege I paid for with much blood.»

The Cauldron was a large gladiatorial arena on the planet Rattatak. The rocky world held many of these gladiator pits, though the Cauldron was the largest and most infamous, attracting the best combatants.


Blorga cauldron

The result of a fight in the Cauldron.

With warfare common across the planet of Rattatak, an enterprising Rattataki hatched a lucrative scheme involving the creation of these gladiatorial pits. He would pit mercenaries and slave soldiers against one another in gladiatorial combat, and the credits generated from the wagers would help purchase more soldiers and offworld weapons for the ongoing war. The blood-sport of Rattatak quickly evolved.

The Cauldron was located within a craggy spire of rock; a huge cavern ringed by a large number of viewing boxes. War barons and generals would attend the contests, to seek out the soldiers that would win them their wars. Slavers provided opposition for the gladiators, often in the form of dangerous offworld beasts or monsters trained to kill.

However, the Cauldron's deadliest gladiator was none of these. After the outbreak of the Clone Wars, Asajj Ventress entered the Cauldron and killed Dooku's henchman in the hope that the watching Count Dooku would be impressed enough with her skill to make her his Sith apprentice. Ventress, armed with twin lightsabers, made short work of the various gladiators the Cauldron threw at her—from blood-thirsty Gamorreans to dangerous wampa ice creatures. Ventress prevailed, and challenged Dooku himself on the arena floor. Ventress was bested, but Dooku nevertheless recruited her to his cause.



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