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«You are big stuff, no?»
"I have won a few matches, yes."
«I am the Champ. I win pazaak. All the time, I win. You play me? Come talk to me.
―The Champ and Meetra Surik's first meeting[1]

"The Champ" was the nickname for a male Chadra-Fan who lived on Nar Shaddaa, a moon of the planet Nal Hutta, during the time known as the Dark Wars. He was a pazaak champion at the local pazaak den in the Refugee Sector. When former Jedi Knight Meetra Surik visited the pazaak den while searching Nar Shaddaa for Jedi Master Zez-Kai Ell, she managed to defeat every other player in the pazaak den at the game, forcing The Champ to make a grand entrance into the den and challenge Surik. Surik was able to beat The Champ at three consecutive pazaak matches and after the third one, The Champ admitted defeat and rewarded Surik with a rare tie-breaker pazaak card. The Champ would later assist in the rescue of Surik from the Exchange crime syndicate boss known as Goto by selling her droid companion, T3-M4, to Vogga the Hutt.


«Hello big stuff. You play pazaak now?»
―The Champ, to Meetra Surik[1]

A male Chadra-Fan nicknamed "The Champ" lived on Nar Shaddaa—the largest moon of the planet Nal Hutta[1]—during the time known as the Dark Wars, a series of conflicts between the Galactic Republic and remnants of the Sith Empire.[2] As his nickname implied, he was the pazaak champion of the pazaak den, which was located in the Entertainment Promenade within the Refugee Sector on the moon.[1]

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When the Human female Meetra Surik,[3] a former Jedi Knight also known as the Jedi Exile, visited the moon in search for Jedi Master Zez-Kai Ell, she visited the pazaak den and managed to defeat all the other pazaak players within, forcing The Champ to come out and challenge the newcomer. In a series of three consecutive games, each with a wager of AurebeshSans-Serif credit.png500, Surik was the winner in all three. The Champ admitted defeat and rewarded Surik with a rare tie-breaker pazaak card. The Champ would later assist Surik's companions in her rescue from the yacht of Goto, the boss of the local Exchange criminal organization, by selling her droid, T3-M4, to Vogga the Hutt, Goto's chief criminal rival on Nar Shaddaa. Goto had been capturing Vogga's freighters before they could leave the system and being sold to the Hutt allowed T3 to obtain the transponder codes for Vogga's ships and use them on Surik's ship, the Ebon Hawk, to ensure it was captured by Goto and allow her companions to launch a rescue attempt aboard the yacht.[1]

Personality and traits[]

«No more! Champ lose no more! Here, take this Golden Card and don't come back.»
―The Champ, after losing a third consecutive pazaak game to Meetra Surik[1]

The Champ was cocky and sure in his ability to play and win at the game of pazaak. Winning was all the fun he needed in playing pazaak, and he didn't understand when others asked why he played if he won all the time. He had a tendency to refer to any species taller than his own as "big stuff" and had at least one admirer in the female Twi'lek pazaak player named Dahnis. When Surik managed to beat him three times in a row, he told her to take his "golden card" and never come back. The Champ had brown fur and black eyes and spoke the Chadra-Fan.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The Pazaak Den

The Champ appeared in the role playing video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by LucasArts for the Xbox in 2004 and the PC in 2005. He only appears if the player manages to defeat the three pazaak players—Geredi, Dahnis, and S4-C8-GE3—in the pazaak den. Beating him at pazaak three times in a row rewards the player with a tie-breaker card, which allows the player to instantly win a tied pazaak game. The Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords: Prima Official Game Guide incorrectly classifies the Champ as a Snivvian.

Alternate outcomes[]

Players with a high enough persuade skill or the Force persuade power can convince The Champ to lose on purpose. Using Force persuade results in dark side points. If the player doesn't draw out The Champ by beating the rest of the pazaak players in the den, another Chadra-Fan, Kaalah-Nah, will replace the Champ as the one selling T3 to Vogga. If the player doesn't draw out The Champ by beating the rest of the pazaak players in the den, and Kaalah-Nah dosn't talk to the player, the player can sell T3-M4 to Kodin, an Aqualish who sells droid parts and is involved in a side quest. He then sells T3-M4 to Vogga.[1]



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