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"The Chase with Han/Escape with Chewbacca" is the second episode of LEGO Star Wars: All-Stars. It was released on Disney XD on November 17, 2018.[1]

Plot summary[]

"The Chase with Han"[]

Solo's gambit[]

The episode opens with a widescreen shot of Star Destroyers and hovertrains flying over a grimy Coronet City. On the streets, a scumrat named Han asks his friend, a mechanic named Pace what he thinks about his M-68 landspeeder. Pace thinks that there is no way Han bought it with his own money. Han admits it is on permanent loan but claims the speeder is fast enough to win this race. Pace counters that Han will be amazed at how fast this speeder falls apart.

Han tells Pace to work his mechanic magic. Pace says he will try but tells Han not to push the transcoil too hard. Han says that it doesn't have to hold forever but just long enough to get him over the finish line. Han dreams of using his winnings to jet off this "rock" with Qi'ra. He invites Pace to come along but Pace says he has his own plans for getting off Corellia.

Just then the Dowutin Johnair arrives on his landspeeder and asks if Han has the 10,000 credits. Han says right there and motions to his leather pouch. The two start their motors for the race. Pace has finished rewiring the anti-grav conduits and says it won't burn out but tells him to watch the transcoil. Han tells him not to worry but is interrupted by the arrival of Moloch on his A-A4B truckspeeder with a pair of Corellian hounds.

Running from Moloch[]

Han tells Pace he has got trouble as a Green female Twi'lek fires the starting pistol. Han races off in his speeder before the race start. The Dowutin complains but his speeder is knocked aside by Moloch's speeder. Han races his speeder through the streets of Coronet with Pace clinging on for dear life. Pace climbs into the cockpit and tells Han he could have given him a warning.

Han responds that Moloch doesn't give warnings. Han races past a group of Imperial officers supervising a shipment of TIE fighters, startling them. Pace asks Han who is Moloch and asks why he is after him. Han explains that Moloch is Lady Proxima's muscle and is supposed to be working a job for her. Han doesn't want to be captured by Moloch.

While racing through a street, Han and Pace hear Moloch's hounds roaring behind them. Han knocks several crates while racing through the street. Han reassures Pace that he will lose them. Just then, Han damages the transcoil, earning a rebuke from Pace. Han admits that he wasn't listening and asks if it is bad. Pace tells him to pull over before he blows this thing to pieces.

As the chase continues, Han asks if he had fixed the thing while he was driving. Pace responds that Han is crazy. Han then races under an Imperial Troop Transport, losing a part of the speeder. A frightened Pace reluctantly agrees to fix the transcoil. Pace manages to fix back the transcoil in time for Han to race the speeder up a ramp.

Pace clings on to dear life as the landspeeder lands in a trailer being hauled by a hovertruck transporting rubbish. From below, Moloch and his hounds watch Han and Pace in the trailer. Han tells Pace there is nothing to worry about and that all he has to do is head back to the starting line and win that race.

Debts and hard work[]

Returning to the racing line, Han is disappointed to learn that Johnair has won the race. The Dowutin demands his 10,000 credits but Han reveals that the leather pouch only contains two credits and some nuts. The enraged Johnair throws Han against the hood of his landspeeder and tells him to deliver the credits before sunrise or he is going to lose much more.

At a grimy warehouse, Han asks where is going to get 10,000 credits. He wonders whether he should steal all the accelerant in Corellia Tower. Pace asks why did he race when he didn't have the credits to cover a loss. Han says he never thought he would lose. Pace counters that he would not get off Corellia like that. Han is unwilling to try out Pace's option of hard work.

Just then, Pace hears the voice of his Gran employer Mr. Growly and tells Han to hide inside the tarpaulin. Mr. Growly asks who he was talking to but Pace insists he was working on this airspeeder while talking to himself. Growly orders him to finish that airspeeder since the customer wants it in the morning. Growlie wishes his employer good night.

Pace's Jedi starfighter[]

Han asks what he is hiding from his old pal and pulls down the tarpaulin covering a Jedi starfighter. Pace is annoyed with Han. When Han asks what it is, Pace tells him that this Jedi starfighter is his secret project. Pace tells Han that he has been fixing this ship piece by piece. When Han asks if Growly doesn't know about it, Pace confirms this is the case and says that the Jedi starfighter is his ticket away from Corellia and Growly. Pace hopes to take the ship to Cantonica where he hopes to set up a seaside repair shop at Canto Bight.

When Han asks about the ship, Pace praises the ship's features include its hush mode. Han wants to take it but Pace tells him that he has already sold it to a very scary guy who is a lot richer than Han. Han suggests that Pace take it on a test spin to Corellia Tower where he could use it to liberate the Empire's accelerant.

Pace thinks stealing from the Empire is risky but Han counters that the ship is fast and quiet. He decides to steal the accelerant in order to pay off his debts to Johnair and to get passage for himself and Qi'ra offworld. Pace sighs in frustration. Han tries to encourage Pace to support his plan by using the proceeds from Pace's starfighter to buy themselves passage of Corellia. Han tells Pace this is his big chance and pleads with him for help. Pace reluctantly agrees to help but insists on coming with him to ensure that the ship comes back in one piece. Han counters that the ship is a one-seater.

The botched heist[]

Later that night, Han and Pace fly the Jedi starfighter onto Corellia Tower's landing platform. After climbing out of the cramped cockpit, Han tells Pace to keep the ship running. Pace tells Han to hurry but Han counters that they don't know we are here. Han is soon forced to eat his words and races out with stormtroopers hot on his heels. Han escapes aboard Pace's Jedi starfighter and the two escape the pursuing stormtroopers. Once safely airborne, Han admits that it was a very stupid idea while Pace counters if only someone had told you. Their starfighter is pursued by TIE fighters.

Han decides to lose the TIE fighters by descending into traffic. Flying the Jedi starfighter, Han leads the starfighters into a TIE factory. One of the pursuing TIE fighter loses its wings on the conveyer belt but these are quickly reattached and the fighter is soon operational again. Flying out of the factory, the Jedi starfighter is blasted into pieces by the pursuing TIEs. Han and Pace land on the scrap heap.

Hutt entanglements[]

Pace is furious but Han says he has given him a memory to last a lifetime. Pace says that he has gotten a buyer who is coming in a few hours to buy his Jedi starfighter. When Han asks when he is showing up again, he is interrupted by Graballa who asks "how's now." Graballa enters Pace's workplace accompanied by Baash, Raam, Yeppau, and Dengar. Graballa demands his Jedi starfighter while Pace struggles for words. Pace tells him that it is not exactly ready yet and Graballa demands how long more till it is ready. When Pace says it is a few more years, the Hutt grabs him by the neck and tells him that Jabba wants the ship now.

At that point, a buzzer rings and Raam answers it despite Graballa's objections. Graballa greets Jabba and tells him that the Jedi starfighter is a gift to Grakkus the Hutt. Graballa denies stalling Jabba, who says he had to deal with Pace. However, Pace has run away with Han. Jabba chastises his henchmen for not restraining Pace. Baash and Raam admit it would have been a good idea.

Pace's escape[]

Pace says he has got to get off this planet before Graballa kills him. Han says he got Pace into this mess and promises to get him off. Han's idea is to smuggle Pace offworld in an Imperial crate. Han admits this plan is risky since if the Imperial scanners catch him he is fried but defends it on the grounds that it beats facing an angry Hutt. Han tells Pace to watch his elbows as he locks him in. Han tries to comfort Pace by telling him that it is his ticket offworld. Pace says he wishes he never met Han.

Han says he gets that a lot and hauls the crate into position. He promises to make amends to Pace one day. Han hides as two labor droids load the crates onto a hoversled bound for Kethmandi. Han wishes Pace good luck but is then grabbed by Johnair, who demands his credits. Han tells Johnair he still doesn't have them.

Johnair is the stunned from behind by Moloch and his henchmen. Han smiles and says that he has been looking for him. The hounds growl at him while Moloch's human henchman tells Han that Proxima has a job for him. Han vows to take on any job no matter how dangerous. The human henchman asks Han what he knows about coaxium. Han drops his smile as he asks what coaxium is. Meanwhile, Pace opens his crate to farewell Corellia and says he is not going to miss the planet. He departs Corellia in a Gozanti-class cruiser.

"Escape with Chewbacca"[]

Extortion on Kafrene[]

At the Ring of Kafrene, a male human merchant refuses to part with a necklace consisting of precious gems for one credit. He says they are worth many more times than what she is offering. The human woman offers to sweeten the deal by telling him that her husband is a very important Imperial officer. She gestures to a pair of stormtroopers arresting an Aqualish merchant and impounding his merchandise.

She warns him that she can summon the troopers to inspect his business license or he can accept her very generous offer. The merchant reluctantly surrenders the necklace and grumbles that she doesn't care if he starves. The woman turns to face a mirror. While admiring the necklace, a dark-skinned woman named Lena says she senses she has been chosen by the Force.

Stealing and resistance[]

Lena introduces herself and says she is a mystic seer who senses her power. As the Imperial woman laughs, Lena tells her that she senses a glimpse of her future and tells her to take her hands and close her eyes. The woman obliges and a green Kowakian monkey-lizard named Zradca emerges from a stall. While Radca steals the necklace, Lena tells her that she senses a burden being lifted. She tells Radca to search in the right pocket of the Imperial woman. Her accomplice retrieves a gem.

Before leaving, the Imperial woman says she always suspected the Force flowing through her and thanks her. Lena thanks the lady. She returns the necklace to the human merchant while pocketing the woman's gem. Later, she praises Radca for the haul, which consists of several credits and the gem. Lena regards the monkey-lizard as an honest partner in a dishonest business. Lena hopes to save up enough credits to head to Canto Bight where the living is easy.

Helping Chewbacca and Zradca's betrayal[]

Just then, Lena hears blasters and sees a squad of stormtroopers racing down the street firing their blasters. The stormtroopers are chasing the Wookiee Chewbacca through the streets and corner him at a stall. Before the stormtroopers can stun him, Lena unties a red tent on top of them.

Lena then hides Chewbacca inside a rug and poses as a rug merchant. She showcases her merchandise. The stormtroopers fall for her ruse and continue their hunt for Chewbacca elsewhere. Lena tells Chewbacca he is clear and the two embrace. Lena tells Chewbacca she is welcome and that any enemy of the Empire is a friend of hers. She explains that the local stormtroopers take pride in harassing anyone they can.

She warns them that they will be back soon. However, the two of them are stunned and knocked unconscious. As Lena fades into unconsciousness, she sees a stormtrooper thanking her monkey-lizard friend Radca for the tip. Radca laughs as Lena mumbles in shock that she thought they were partners.

The Great Train Escape[]

A panoramic shot of a 20-T Railcrawler conveyex transport traveling across the mountains of Kethmandi. The driver tells Corporal Estoc that speed is optimum and that they will reach Kethmandi prison right on schedule. Estoc is pleased and boasts that if things go according to plan she would have delivered her ten thousandth prisoner without incident. She adds that this is a perfect record unmatched by anyone in the Empire. The second officer says it is meal time and Estoc orders him to serve the prisoners their slop.

In her cell, a service droid serves Lena and the other prisoners slop as their daily food ration, claiming it has all the nutrients they need to make them productive members of their hard labor camp. Lena learns that Chewbacca is also a prisoner and remarks this is supremely unfair. She vows to escape and refuses to eat this slop.

Lena decides to use the service droid as part of her plan and tells Chewbacca to follow her lead. As the service droid is about to dispense food to a Rodian prisoner, Lena alerts the droid but the droid tells her that she has already receive her ration. Lena mesmerizes the droid by telling him that the Force is strong with him. While distracted, Chewbacca sneaks up from behind on the droid.

She tells the droid that he is serving a greater purpose: their escape. Chewbacca jumps on top of the droid and reconfigures his part. The two overload the slop dispenser in the droid, causing an explosion in their carriage. The droid complains that was embarrassing while Lena and Chewbacca climb out of the hole at the top of their carriage.

Skirmish aboard the train[]

In the conveyex train's cockpit, the second officer reports a security breach as a camera show the two prisoners climbing out. Fearing that her perfect record will be tarnished, Corporal Estoc orders her troops to secure the prisoners. Several range troopers pursue Lena and Chewbacca on top of the train, trapping them on both sides.

As the conveyex train approaches a diamond shaped tunnel in a cliff, it rotates 90 degrees to fit in said tunnel. The range troopers are able to stay on with their gription boots while Lena and Chewbacca hang for dear life. The two manage to cling on to the chain linking two carriages. Chewbacca tells Lena to jump while he stays behind.

Chewbacca throws Lena into a river before climbing up the carriage and attacking the range troopers. He throws one down into the ravine below and throws another into his comrades. While Lena surfaces in the river, Chewbacca manages to shoot several range troopers down but is stunned by Estoc. She orders the remaining range troopers to seize that Wookiee and form a search party to find that prisoner. Estoc struggles to control her anger by telling herself that the perfect record could still be hers.

Crossing paths[]

Lena describes the big-hearted Wookiee as a great partner before hiding from a TIE striker. Later, a disguised Lena sneaks into the Kethmandi settlement where she sees Estoc ordering stormtroopers to find her. Lena hides behind a wall only to bump into Graballa. Graballa chides her for not seeing him standing here. Korda tried to move away but Dengar blocks her path.

He shows Lena a hologram of Pace and asks if she has seen him. Nearby, Pace is using a wrench to tighten a screw. He grumbles that he is stuck on Kethmandi, remarking that it is worse than Corellia. Pace sees Graballa and his henchmen. Lena tells Graballa she hasn't seen him. Graballa asks her to take another look and entices her with the offer of a reward.

Lena heads to a landspeeder only to discover Pace hiding inside. Just then, the two of them are recognized by a stormtrooper and Dengar respectively. Estoc orders her stormtroopers to pursue Lena while Graballa tells Dengar to get Pace as well. The stormtroopers and Dengar pursue the fugitives on speeder bikes.

Escaping the Empire and Graballa[]

As Lena races through the streets of Kethmandi, Pace tells her to watch. During the journey, Lena asks Pace for his name and tells Pace to stop telling her to watch out. Pace warns that she will hit something as she crashes into a machine. When Lena realizes that Pace is the guy the Hutt wanted, she remarks that he doesn't seem like the type. Pace retorts that she "kind of do."

As the stormtroopers catch up, the two approach two cargo transports. Pace tells her to break but Lena says hold on. Lena races through the transports. Two of the stormtroopers manage to brake their bikes but the third rider crashes into them. The two park their stolen speeder in the outskirts of Kethmandi.

The two quickly realize that they want to get off the planet but that both lack the credits to do so. When Lena says she could turn him over to the Hutt, Pace responds that he could turn her over to the Empire first. Lena proposes a truce and asks how they are getting off the planet. Pace sees a cargo container and tells her he has an idea.

Lena is dismissive of his idea but Pace reassures her he has done it before. Pace spots one going to Canto Bight. Lena admits she always wanted to go there and Pace says me too. The two hide inside the crate bound for Canto Bight. Outside, an Imperial officer tells the labor droid that the crate is bound for Vandor. Lena and Pace realize too late as their crate is loaded aboard a Gozanti-class cruiser.


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