The Chasm was a cantina that was located in the city of Gadrin, on Cularin. It operated during the waning years of the Galactic Republic.


The walls of the cantina were built up to make them appear to be made from limestone, to make it look like a chasm. There were platforms at various heights that contained performers, and patrons could reach these by either climbing the walls or by using repulsor lifts. A holographic waterfall was projected next to the bar, although its projector needed maintenance and the waterfall periodically shuddered.


The cantina was originally a warehouse. A bartender named Bolt worked there, along with some Gamorrean security guards and the Rodian comedian Deam Schween. During the time of the Clone Wars, the Dark Jedi Raik Muun attacked the cantina. She left a holorecorder in the cantina's refresher, which was found by one of the patrons, Forg F'lopo. She then entered the cantina in disguise as the Zabrak Jedi Knight Nek Lawsirk and attacked some of the patrons with her lightsaber. F'lopo filmed the whole thing with the holorecorder and the recording helped to decrease the popularity of the Jedi on Cularin.

The Heroes of Cularin, who were trying to find Lawsirk, traveled to the cantina the next day and asked people about what had happened there.


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