"The parents were…the parents were the parents of the Children. Us. They were the explorers. We are the Children."

The Children were the lost, cannibalistic Human descendants of an Old Republic survey team who crash landed on Dagobah in 40 BBY. The survey team slowly died of numerous causes, most particularly fever. However, the Children had developed an immunity to the fever and so survived. As the adults ran out of food and began to die off, they fed their children from the bodies of their companions. The Children saw this as a normal process which they adopted. The oldest of the Children, Galt, was only seven when the last of the adults died. From that time, until 1 ABY the Children managed to survive on what little food they could scrounge from the swamp. They were all extremely thin and pale, with stringy hair and few remaining teeth. The Children greatly feared a short green being they simply called the "Imp".

In 1 ABY, Platt Okeefe and a group of smugglers arrived on the planet. They made contact with the Children and were hosted by them in their village, know as The Shelter. While there, the Children amputated two limbs of the smuggler Traut to use in their stews. One of the offworlders, Zak Arranda, discovered what was going on, and was locked up when he protested. The Children also managed to subdue Boba Fett who had tracked the Arrandas to Dagobah due to the bounty on their heads. Both were able to break free. Later, Zak accidentally led the pursuing Children into the Dark Side Cave where the Children were tortured by visions of the past, when their parents were forced to nourish them upon their own flesh. However, despite their activities, the smugglers took the Children with them when they departed the planet, making arrangements with the Rebel Alliance to reintegrate them into galactic society.



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