"Cut the gab, Ninx! I'm comin' in! Open The Chute!"
Han Solo to Shug Ninx[src]
The Chute

A bounty hunter chases the Millennium Falcon down The Chute.

The Chute was the name given to the narrow, approximately 1.6 kilometer long tunnel that was the only entrance to Shug Ninx's Spacebarn on Nar Shaddaa.


The Chute was originally a prototype for a section of the second Death Star that had been disposed of in an industrial junkyard on the planet of Bonadan. When Ninx found it, he appropriated it, disassembled and reassembled it on Nar Shaddaa. In addition to the navigational hazards posed by the Chute's narrow walls, Ninx made it considerably more dangerous for uninvited guests by installing security turbolasers along its length. Among the finishing touches to the Chute was a holographic advertisement that disguised its entrance.

When Han Solo returned to Nar Shaddaa in 10 ABY, he was pursued by several bounty hunters into the Chute. One bounty hunter, piloting a Cloakshape fighter, managed to follow the Millennium Falcon into the Chute, but was killed by Ninx's turbolasers. When Solo departed from Ninx's garage after visiting it for the second time that year, the bounty hunter Boba Fett flew Slave I into the Chute and damaged his ship when it collided with the Falcon.



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