"The clone army cannot sustain given their accelerated aging and should be slated for decommissioning."
―The Commerce Guild senator[3]

"The Clone Conspiracy" is the seventh episode of the second season of the animated television series Star Wars: The Bad Batch. It premiered on Disney+ alongside the eighth episode, "Truth and Consequences," on February 8, 2023.[1]

Official description[]

A conspiracy begins to unravel.

Plot summary[]

The assassination[]

At a Coruscant cantina, a clone trooper named Cade tells his comrade about his concerns with Vice Admiral Edmon Rampart's lies and their role in the destruction of Kamino. His comrade Slip responds they were just following orders. The Clone trooper tells Slip he has sent a message to Rampart urging him to tell the truth to the Imperial Senate before he does it himself. Cade leaves the cantina but Slip follows, warning him that Rampart is too dangerous. Cade replies that they are not bad men but that he needs his help. Cade is shot by a sniper.

Slip attempts to return fire only to have his blaster shot out of his hand. Slip dodges the blaster bolts and checks the fallen Cade's pulse, finding him dead. Slip used Cade's blaster and returns fire before fleeing on a green speeder bike into Coruscant's skylines. Other clone troopers secure the perimeter while the assassin retreats.

Senate proceedings[]

In the Imperial Senate, Gani Riduli of the InterGalactic Banking Clan talks about the recent cataclysmic storm on Kamino and warns that they are vulnerable without the production of new Clone troopers. He speaks in favor of Rampart's Imperial Defense Recruitment Bill. A Gossam Commerce Guild senator seconds the motion, saying that the galaxy needs a new conscript military that will represent the people. Senator Tynnra Pamlo argues that there are more pressing matters and that the galaxy does not need a new military. The Arcona responds that military forces are needed to quell insurgencies in the Mid Rim and Outer Rim Territories.

Senator Bail Organa counters that the deployment of the Grand Army of the Republic was a result of the Emergency Powers Act and that creating a military based on swearing loyalty goes against the fundamental principles of the Imperial Senate. The Commerce Guild senator disagrees, promoting Organa to ask Grand Vizier Mas Amedda where the Emperor Palpatine stands on the Defense Recruitment Bill since he is absent from Senate proceedings. Amedda responds that he trusts this delegation to look after the interests of the galaxy.

Riyo Chuchi asks why the Clone troopers are not included within the Defense Recruitment Bill. The Commerce Guild senator responds that the Clone army is being gradually decommissioned since they can't cope with accelerated ageing. Chuchi counters that Clone troopers are not droids who can simply be shut down but are soldiers who defended them. The Commerce Guild senator questions Chuchi's interest in the Clone's welfare. Chuchi criticizes the Empire for its willingness to discard the clones in spite of their sacrifices. She questions plans to commission a new army without caring for the old one.

Admiral Rampart responds that there are provisions in place to care for the Clone troopers as they are being phased out. Chuchi asks if the Clones get a say in their future. Rampart offers to discuss the Clone's welfare provisions if she would work with him. Organa submits a motion to table a vote on the Defense Recruitment Bill. Senator Pamlo seconds the motion.

Later, Grand Vizier Amedda expresses concern about Rampart's inability to pass the Defense Recruitment Bill into law. Rampart is optimistic they can overcome the opposition but Amedda is concerned that the senators will discover what truly happened on Kamino, imperilling the legislation. Rampart says he has provisions to deal with these obstacles and talks about appeasing Chuchi enough to get the Bill passed before any of the provisions regarding the Clones come into force. Amedda warns Rampart that there better not be anymore surprises for his sake.

A constituency meeting[]

Senator Chuchi meets with several Clone troopers, who are irate that they are being phased out. She says she has come to understand their needs. Slip insists on remaining a soldier. Chuchi mentions that Clone troopers are phased out after they have served their full rotation. Chuchi proposes crafting a pension plan but Slip says he prefers fighting insurgents. Chuchi asks the clones to consider what will happen if they are too old to fight.

When a Clone trooper expresses indifference, she tells them that they have to accept that their military service will eventually come to an end. Chuchi tells them that they will get to choose their own lives. She asks them how she can help ensure that Rampart's bill meets their needs. Chuchi's words have an effect on the clones who decide to speak with Chuchi.

Later, Slip questions Chuchi's interest in the clones' welfare. Chuchi explains that the clones lack representation in the Senate and that she can advocate on their behalf. Slip warns that Admiral Rampart cannot be trusted and that Kamino was not destroyed in a storm but was attacked under Rampart's orders. Chuchi does not believe Slip but he counters that he was stationed aboard Rampart's Venator-class Star Destroyer. He adds that Rampart ordered them to bombard Kamino's cities.

Chuchi questions Slip's account, stating that the Senate would know and that someone would come forward. Slip responds that Rampart reassigned clones or arranged for the disappearances and deaths of dissidents. Chuchi notices Slip is unwell. Slip tells her to check his service record CT-0409 before returning to the cantina. He tells Chuchi that she seems like one of the good ones and to be careful. Later, one of Chuchi's staffers tells her that Admiral Rampart is here to see her. Chuchi asks for CT-0409's file but the staff says he is still searching for it.

The plot thickens[]

Later that night, Slip goes to a back alley and contacts an unidentified individual via comlink, asking for help to escape offworld. The following day, Chuchi meets with Admiral Rampart and proposes a full pension plan for the Clones. Rampart is initially skeptical of the idea due to the high cost and rising insurgencies but backs down when Chuchi threatens to withhold support for his Defense Recruitment Bill. Rampart concedes and agrees to support her proposal to look after the welfare of Clone troopers in return for their service during the Clone Wars.

Rampart notices that Chuchi is troubled. When Chuchi asks how he survived the storms that devastated Kamino, Rampart claims that he was taking part in an offworld training exercises and feigns regret at not being able to intervene to save more lives. When Rampart describes the events on Kamimo as a tragedy, Chuchi reminds him that the majority of the Kaminoan population perished. Rampart wants to move forward, prompting Chuchi to say that it is easier for some than others before taking leave. Rampart reflects in silence.

Later, one of Chuchi's staffers tells her that she has received a secure communication. Later that night, Chuchi and a bodyguard travel to a backstreet where they are met by a blue R2-series astromech droid named R2-C4. The droid leads them to Senator Organa, who remarks that she has caused a stir in the Senate yesterday. Chuchi says that doing what is right is preferable to inaction, apathy, and ignorance. When Organa asks about her meeting with Rampart, Chuchi says that Rampart conceded to many of her requests for the clones. Organa warns her that Rampart is skilled at saying the right things in order to keep people from looking deeper.

Chuchi agrees. Organa links the issue of Clone rights to the rising number of insurgencies, which frightens the Emperor. Organa voices suspicion about the timing of the Kaminoan storm and the Defense Recruitment Bill. Organa also mentions that Tipoca City was submersible and had weathered thousands of storms. He questions why it sank. Chuchi tells him that a clone served aboard Rampart's vessel when the Admiral ordered the attack on Kaminoan cities. Organa asks about the whereabouts of the clone. Chuchi says he is in hiding and that her guards are searching for him. Organa warns that others may be searching for him.

Hide and seek[]

Meanwhile, Rampart tasks a masked assassin with hunting down Slip and killing Chuchi if she gets in the way. He orders the assassin to ensure that the killings cannot be traced back to him. Slip navigates through the streets of Coruscant and heads to the rendezvous. He contacts his contact, who says he is in the way. Chuchi and one of her guards soon find Slip.

Slip asks what she wants. Chuchi seeks her help in exposing the truth about Admiral Rampart. Slip tells Chuchi that he plans to leave with someone who can help him escape. He asks Chuchi how she found him and if she was being followed. Chuchi says that she can protect him and wants him to speak to the Senate. Slip warns that both their lives are in danger and that Rampart has already killed Cade. Chuchi tells Slip that Rampart's attack not only wiped out Tipoca City but entire Kaminoan cities and that he can bring justice to the fallen.

Meanwhile, the assassin places Chuchi in the crosshairs of his blaster. Chuchi implores him to testify before the Senate. Her guard advises her to leave. Slip prepares to leave but tells Chuchi that the evidence that she needs is in Rampart's ship's command log. He says that he saved a backup to the central system before being hit by a blaster bolt. As the guards rush to protect Chuchi, a second guard is hit by a blaster bolt. The remaining guard tells Chuchi they have to flee.

The two run at his signal, dodging the assassin. They flee through a door but the guard is wounded in the torso. The assassin uses a grappling cable to pursue them inside the building, which turns out to be a factory. The guard distracts the assassin long enough for Chuchi to flee before being shot. Chuchi flee deeper into the factory but the assassin catches up with her.

The rescuer and prisoner[]

Before he can finish off Chuchi, he is stunned by a hooded figure who reveals himself as Captain Rex, whom she recognizes. Chuchi asks what is going on. Rex throws back the question before explaining that he had come to pick up Slip. Chuchi tells him that Slip and her guards have been killed. She explains that Slip knew about what really happened on Kamino and that she wanted him to testify. The two examine the assassin who turns out to be a Clone trooper. Chuchi asks why a Clone trooper would do such a thing. Rex replies that he is not a Clone trooper but intends to question him at a secure location.

Rex questions the assassin at Trace Martez's repair shop but the assassin is silent. He offers to let him go but the Clone replies that he knows that Rex won't let him go alive. The clone describes himself as a believer before killing himself with a suicide shocker in his mouth. Chuchi watches in shock and horror.


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