"A day in the life of Senator Amidala!"

The Clone Wars: Agenda is a short, six-page webcomic in The Clone Wars webcomic series. Posted on StarWars.com on October 14, 2008, Agenda leads directly into The Clone Wars television series episode "Destroy Malevolence". The comic was written by Pablo Hidalgo, illustrated and colored by Katie Cook, and lettered by Grant Gould. Agenda is about the Naboo Senator Padmé Amidala being assigned by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine of the Republic on a secret mission to the Kaliida Nebula to negotiate with the surrender of the InterGalactic Banking Clan.


Padmé looks through datapack after datapack searching for any reference to the Malevolence or the Resoloute but to no avail, C-3PO asks her if she is all right. Suddenly Jar Jar runs in with more datapacks and Padmé asks what he had to do to get them, and he says that he arranged a meeting with TriNebulon News. Padmé goes to the meeting and is informed that Rodia is under attack. She is contacted by Palpatine and asks to go to Rodia, but he instead sends her to the Kaliida Nebula. On Rodia, Onaconda Farr surmises that they "are truly alone".


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Palpatine requests Amidala travels to Rodia.

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