The Clone Wars: Bounty Hunter: Boba Fett is a Star Wars Legends junior novel written by Jason Fry and illustrated by Wayne Lo. It adapts three episodes of the television series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, "Death Trap," "R2 Come Home," and "Lethal Trackdown," and it was published on May 13, 2010 by Grosset & Dunlap.

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One day, Boba Fett will become the most fearsome bounty hunter in the galaxy, but right now he's just a lost boy with a dark past. However, when young Boba tracks down the Jedi that robbed him of his childhood, he finds himself taking the first steps toward his destiny.


The Clone Wars: Bounty Hunter: Boba Fett adapts the Clone Wars: Season Two episodes "Death Trap," "R2 Come Home," and "Lethal Trackdown."[3]



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