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"Kit Fisto hunts down an unknown enemy on Rodia!"

The Clone Wars: Hunting the Hunters (Part II)—released July 16, 2009—is an 8-page webcomic in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars webcomic series. Taking place after Season One of The Clone Wars television series, Hunting the Hunters (Part II) was written by Pablo Hidalgo, drawn by Katie Cook, and lettered by Grant Gould. A continuation of the Hunting the Hunters story arc, Hunting the Hunters Part II shows the Jedi Master Kit Fisto battling a rebelling droid army led by the mercenary Robonino on the planet Rodia. The first seven pages of the webcomic also serves as a prelude to the online game Swamp Station Sweep on, which continues the battle between the battle droid army and Fisto's clone troopers. If the player beats Swamp Station Sweep, then the extra eighth page of the comic is presented, showing Fisto capturing Robonino.

Plot summary[edit | edit source]

"And that is when we contacted you general. Whatever is in the swamps is a threat to Rodia. I fear the Separatists have returned."
―Senator Onaconda Farr speaking to Kit Fisto[src]

The comic starts off with a Republic LAAT/i gunship approaching a deteriorated station in the swamps of the planet Rodia. Aboard the gunship, Rodian Senator Onaconda Farr is informing Jedi Master and General Kit Fisto of the Republic army about the current situation on Rodia. According to Senator Farr, the reason Farr contacted the Republic for assistance was because Rodian scouts have reported sightings of Confederate battle droids at the previously abandoned station, with Master Fisto guessing that the droids might be remnants of the Confederacy's recently failed invasion of Rodia. As the gunship lands near the station, Farr tells Fisto that whatever is occupying the area is also killing off the local wildlife. Fisto and several of his specially trained clone SCUBA troopers disembark the vessel while Farr waits onboard, with the Jedi Master assures the Senator that he will find and eliminate this new menace.

Fisto and several of his clone troopers dive into the swamp water, searching for any signs of enemy activity, while B1 battle droid sentries spot the Republic soldiers, engaging them in battle. Fisto, in the meantime, finds a mysterious mechanical device built into the bottom of the station while his men destroy the enemy battle droids. One of Fisto's clones note to the squad's clone commander that these appear to have been modified by someone. As Fisto investigates the strange device, someone fires at him from behind the machinery, killing a pair of the General's clone troopers.

Robonino tries to escape from Kit Fisto.

The assailant, the Patrolian bounty hunter Robonino, swims away from the device, trying to escape Master Fisto. Fisto pursues the mercenary, but Robonino fires back at the Jedi with his blaster pistol. When Fisto deflects the laser fire with his lightsaber, Robonino counters by throwing several thermal detonators at the Jedi. General Fisto manages to redirect the detonators into the underwater device using his power over the Force, but Fisto loses Robonino in the resulting explosion. Fisto swimps back up to the surface of the swamp, where the clone commander informs his general that the enemy battle droids have been deactivated, because the device—a droid controller—was destroyed. Fisto replies that this is good news, but the Jedi Master is dismayed that he was unable to catch the person guilty of all this destruction.

With the station secure, Fisto goes to reveal the situation to Senator Farr. The general explains to Farr that the environmental damaging going on at the station was not by Separatists hands, but by the fugitive bounty hunter. When Robonino reactivated the Confederate battle droids and built the droid controller at the bottom fo the station, he unintentionally cuased all of the hardship to the surrounding wild life. Farr is surprised by this news when a native Kwazel Maw sea creature emerges from the swamp water. Fisto tells his men to hold their fire as the large beast spits out Robonino, dazed but uninjured. As the clone troopers apprehend the bounty hunter, Fisto remarks how if one is good to nature, it will return your kindness.

Conception[edit | edit source]

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The Clone Wars: Hunting the Hunters (Part II) is an eight-page webcomic[1] and the twenty-third issue in The Clone Wars webcomic series.[4] Hunting the Hunters (Part II) is part of the larger Hunting the Hunters story arc, which takes place after the first season of The Clone Wars television series. The Hunting the Hunters story arc deals with the continuing the story of several different members of Cad Bane's bounty hunter posse that raided the Republic Executive Building in the final episode of Season One of The Clone Wars television series, "Hostage Crisis".[1]

The first seven pages of Hunting the Hunters (Part II) also serves as a prelude to the online video game, Swamp Station Sweep, released on Star the same days as the webcomic. In the game, the player is a clone trooper under the command of General Fisto, fighting off Robonino's droid army. If the player successfully defeats all three waves of battle droids in the game, then the final bonus page of Hunting the Hunters (Part II) is revealed to the player.[5]

Production[edit | edit source]

Released on July 26, 2009,[2] Hunting the Hunters (Part II) was written by Pablo Hidalgo, drawn by Katie Cook, and lettered by Grant Gould. Special thanks were also given to Leland Chee, the keeper of the Holocron continuity database; Sue Rostoni, the executive editor at Lucas Licensing; and Dave Filoni, the supervising director of The Clone Wars TV series.[1]

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