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Star Wars: The Clone Wars: The Gauntlet of Death is a Star Wars story Dark Horse Comics distributed for May 2, 2009's Free Comic Book Day promotion. A one-shot comic set during the Clone Wars, it features Jedi Master Kit Fisto battling Geonosian forces on Rishi. It was released as part of a Dark Horse Comics compilation.

Publisher's summary[]

Note: this summary refers to the entire comic, which includes non-Star Wars material as well.

A special issue featuring the greatest heroes of The Clone Wars, plus Emily the Strange, Usagi Yojimbo, and other all-ages favorites! Packed with 28 pages of story, the book bears two covers, one with the Star Wars character, the other celebrating Dark Horse's best all-ages characters!

Complete list of content: Usagi Yojimbo (6 pages), Emily the Strange (4 pages), Beanworld (2 pages), Indiana Jones and the Temple of Yearning (6 pages), Star Wars (8 pages)



Behind the scenes[]

The red Aurebesh text in the screen of Kit Fisto's macrobinoculars says, "RACHELLE" and "RAMON PEREZ" (Ramón K. Pérez is the issue's artist).

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