Star Wars: The Clone Wars: The Gauntlet of Death is a Star Wars story Dark Horse Comics distributed for May 2, 2009's Free Comic Book Day promotion. A one-shot comic set during the Clone Wars, it features Jedi Master Kit Fisto battling Geonosian forces on Rishi. It was released as part of a Dark Horse Comics compilation.

Publisher's summaryEdit

Note: this summary refers to the entire comic, which includes non-Star Wars material as well.

A special issue featuring the greatest heroes of The Clone Wars, plus Emily the Strange, Usagi Yojimbo, and other all-ages favorites! Packed with 28 pages of story, the book bears two covers, one with the Star Wars character, the other celebrating Dark Horse's best all-ages characters!

Complete list of content: Usagi Yojimbo (6 pages), Emily the Strange (4 pages), Beanworld (2 pages), Indiana Jones and the Temple of Yearning (6 pages), Star Wars (8 pages)



Behind the scenesEdit

The red Aurebesh text in the screen of Kit Fisto's macrobinoculars says, "RACHELLE" and "RAMON PEREZ" (Ram贸n K. P茅rez is the issue's artist).

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