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"Even though those Clone Wars episodes did not get publicly revealed, we still look at their core stories as having happened."
―Pablo Hidalgo[src]

The Clone Wars Legacy is a canon multimedia project that revolved around unproduced/unfinished episodes of the television series Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Two arcs were released as story reels (one of which was later completed for Season Seven), and two arcs were adapted for print (the comic mini-series Star Wars: Darth Maul—Son of Dathomir and the novel Dark Disciple).


Although it had not yet been branded as The Clone Wars Legacy, the first story of the series was announced on January 7, 2014 as the comic mini-series Star Wars: Darth Maul—Son of Dathomir.[2] The second story, the novel Dark Disciple, was announced at San Diego Comic-Con on July 25, 2014.[3] officially revealed the brand name The Clone Wars Legacy on September 25, 2014, at which time the four-episode "Crystal Crisis on Utapau" arc was released online in the form of animated story reels.[4]

On April 9, 2015, announced that another unfinished, four-episode story arc, "Bad Batch," would be screened in story-reel form at Celebration Anaheim.[5] The arc's writer, Brent Friedman, previously released a good amount of information on the episodes via his Twitter account.[6][7]


Son of DathomirEdit

Son of Dathomir is a comic series adapting a four-part story arc that was produced for the series' seventh season.[8] The episode scripts were adapted by Jeremy Barlow and published by Dark Horse Comics in 2014, the final year of the publisher's Star Wars license.

Color code key:
Collected (TPB) issue Released issue Future issue
IssueTitlePublication dateTrade paperbackTPB pub date
1Part One May 21, 2014
Star Wars Darth Maul Son of Dathomir TPB
Star Wars: Darth Maul—Son of Dathomir
October 1, 2014
2Part Two June 18, 2014
3Part Three July 16, 2014
4Part Four

August 20, 2014

The comic was based on the following episodes:

Episode Title Prod. #
"The Enemy of My Enemy"[9] 6.21[10]
"A Tale of Two Apprentices"[9] 6.22[10]
"Proxy War"[9] 6.23[10]
"Showdown on Dathomir"[9] 6.24[10]

Crystal Crisis on UtapauEdit

"Crystal Crisis on Utapau" is a four-part story arc of unfinished episodes, released in story reel form on and later on the Blu-ray release of Star Wars: The Clone Wars – The Lost Missions.

Episode Image Title Original Airdate Prod. #
A Death on Utapau Ep "A Death on Utapau" September 25, 2014 6.01[11]
In Search of the Crystal Ep "In Search of the Crystal" September 25, 2014 6.02[12]
Crystal Crisis Ep "Crystal Crisis" September 25, 2014 6.03
Big Bang Ep "The Big Bang" September 25, 2014 6.04[13]

Bad BatchEdit

The "Bad Batch" arc was originally intended to be the premiere for a seventh season. The episodes were first screened in story reel form at Celebration Anaheim and were released on shortly thereafter. On April 14, 2019, It was revealed at Celebration Chicago that a finalized version of the Bad Batch arc would be part of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars revival season.[14] Starting on February 21 2020, these episodes were debuted weekly on Disney+.

Episode Image Title Original Airdate Prod. #
The Bad Batch thumb "The Bad Batch"[4]

Story reel:

Finished episode:

A Distant Echo thumb "A Distant Echo"[4]

Story reel:

  • April 17, 2015 (Celebration Anaheim screening)[5]
  • April 29, 2015 ([15]

Finished episode:

On the Wings of Keeradaks thumb "On the Wings of Keeradaks"[4]

Story reel:

  • April 17, 2015 (Celebration Anaheim screening)[5]
  • April 29, 2015 ([15]

Finished episode:

Unfinished Business thumb "Unfinished Business"[4]

Story reel:

  • April 17, 2015 (Celebration Anaheim screening)[5]
  • April 29, 2015 ([15]

Finished episode:


Dark DiscipleEdit

Dark Disciple Cover

Dark Disciple is a novel written by Christie Golden that stars Asajj Ventress and Quinlan Vos. The novel is based on an eight-part story arc that was scripted but not fully produced.

Episode Title Prod. #
"Lethal Alliance"[17] 6.13[18]
"The Mission"[17] 6.14[18]
"Conspirators"[17] 6.15[18]
"Dark Disciple"[17] 6.16[18]
"Saving Vos Part I"[17] 7.05[18]
"Saving Vos Part II"[17] 7.06[18]
"Traitor"[17] 7.07[18]
"The Path"[17] 7.08[18]

Unfinished episodesEdit

In March 2016, Lucasfilm Story Group's Pablo Hidalgo stated that there were 13 story arcs left after the release of the sixth season.[19] First-draft scripts had been written for seasons 7 and 8 prior to the series' cancellation.[20] Brent Friedman confirmed via Twitter that each arc was four episodes long.[21] Hidalgo also confirmed that production season 5 had 25 episodes while production seasons 6 and 7 had 24 episodes each.[8] According to Hidalgo himself, the unfinished episodes from which The Clone Wars Legacy consists were the last huge expansion of the Star Wars universe that came directly from George Lucas.[22]

Bounty Hunter ArcEdit

"The next arc that involved the bounty hunters was really finally bringing the two big bounty hunters, Boba Fett and Cad Bane, together."
―Dave Filoni[src]

This four-episode arc was written by Matt Michnovetz,[23] and had production codes 5.22–5.25. In this arc Boba Fett and Cad Bane were going to team up for a "rescue mission" on Tatooine where Tusken Raiders had kidnapped a child. It would emphasize Boba's and Cad's relation to one another as Cad had known Jango. The story would be heavily influenced by the film The Searchers, which George Lucas likes. Aurra Sing, Seripas, C-21 Highsinger, Embo, Latts Razzi and Bossk were also going to be in the story according to concept art. Cad Bane got new clothes and has a new ship called the Justifier. A Tusken Shaman would have appeared.[24]

In a clip revealed during the Animated Origins and Unexpected Fates panel at Celebration Orlando in 2017, Cad Bane and other bounty hunters had ended an insurrection by Fett, also involving Seripas, a miner, and the unseen Sugi. To finish it, they engaged in a stand-off duel; in which where Fett got his helmet dented.[25] Daniel Logan, Boba Fett's voice actor, reported in the London Comic Con 2018 that he actually recorded lines as Fett for seven episodes, including the one of the Fett/Bane duel.[26]

Ahsoka's WalkaboutEdit

A four-episode arc with production codes 6.05–6.08[27] was to follow Ahsoka Tano after her decision to leave the Jedi Order. This arc was to show some of her first adventures in the underworld where she met a scoundrel named Nyx Okami, who she developed a close relationship with.[28] Ahsoka's character was challenged when she got involved with the underworld and the Pyke Syndicate, but had to resist her Jedi teachings for her own safety.[28] On April 14, 2019, It was revealed at Celebration Chicago that Ahsoka's Walkabout will be adapted as part of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars revival season, although it was revealed that two new characters, Trace and Rafa Martez, would be taking Nyx's place in the story arc.[14] Starting on March 20 2020, these episodes were released weekly on Disney+..

Episode Image Title Original Airdate Prod. #
GoneWithATrace EG "Gone with a Trace"[4]

March 20, 2020 (Disney+)

DealNoDeal EG "Deal No Deal"[4]

March 27, 2020 (Disney+)

DangerousDebtEG "Dangerous Debt"[4]

April 3, 2020 (Disney+)

TogetherAgainEG "Together Again"[4]

April 10, 2020 (Disney+)



"Some of George's earliest notes really talk about the way the Wookiees commune with the trees, and if you find, this is another thing that we do, we've got all these old interviews George did back in '77, where he was basically speaking in the voice of the characters to someone at Lucas Licensing at the time, giving them the sort of information they need about the backstories. There's one where he goes on and on about Kashyyyk, and it talks about their ability to commune with nature, and it's almost force-like, their sensitivity to what the trees are like."
―Pablo Hidalgo[src]
Tarrful Speaks to Trees concept

Tarfful speaks to the trees

A four-episode arc[29] written by Matt Michnovetz[30] with production codes 6.17[31]–6.20[32] starred Yoda and the Bad Batch on Kashyyyk. At the "Untold Clone Wars" panel at Celebration Anaheim, Dave Filoni talked about the plot of the arc. He revealed the the characters would ride on giant ape lizards that were holy to the Wookiees. In one scene, Tarfful would ask the tree spirits for permission to go into battle against the enemy, which was a number of Trandoshans[24]—including one named Babwa Venomor[33]—and the Separatist Alliance. To get the enemy out of some of their cities, they would have to burn some of the trees. The clones had no problem with it, but it was upsetting to the Wookiees. A part of the arc would be about the clones and the Wookiees finding a common ground to fight the Separatists. Some of Yoda's troopers would have his head silhouette on their helmets, and Echo would now be part of the Bad Batch squad. A story-reel clip was shown at the panel, which showed the Bad Batch and other Wookiees battling a new beast that was based on Kinraths from the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic game.[24] Only parts of the four episodes of the arc were made into animatics before the series' cancellation.[34] Dave Filoni revealed at Celebration Europe II that Yoda would be in the arc to give credit to the line "Good relations with the Wookiees I have" from Revenge of the Sith.[35] Matt Michnovetz revealed that Chewbacca would have played a huge role,[36] and that the arc would have contained some references to The Star Wars Holiday Special.[37]

Following the airing of The Clone Wars revival, an upcoming spin-off sequel series entitled Star Wars: The Bad Batch, focused on the adventures of the Bad Batch during the Imperial Era, was announced on July 13, 2020 to be in development for a release on Disney+ in 2021.[38]

Rex and R2 Top GunEdit

"This was Top Gun with clones. It was basically the army clones, the ground forces, got in an argument with the pilots, and their astromechs got in an argument, R2 insulted the astromech, and it became this thing where Rex ended up having to fly a fighter with R2 as his copilot."
―Dave Filoni[src]

Brent Friedman wrote the script for a four-episode arc[39] starring Rex and R2. This story showed the ground forces of the Clone Army getting into an argument with the pilots, and their astromechs, including R2-D2. This arc featured Rex and R2, where Rex flew a starfighter with R2 as his copilot. They would crash and be stranded together on one of the moons of Ryloth,[24] where most of the episodes would take place.[40] Rex and R2 reprogrammed a B2 super battle droid that they would grow attached to,[41] and at some point Rex was injured.[42] Friedman commented that the arc started out light and fun but then went to "some very unexpected and dark places."[43]

Yuuzhan VongEdit

"The storyline really played on the alien abduction vibe, it was almost like an X-Files episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars."
―Pablo Hidalgo[src]
Yuuzhan Vong Clone Wars

This story would have involved the Yuuzhan Vong in a very minimal way. A scout ship was trying to assess the strength of the Republic and what Jedi were. Pablo Hidalgo commented that it was a creepy story and would have been like an X-Files episode with an alien-abduction event.[24] To better align with George Lucas' description of the Force, the Vong did not have any Force immunity in this story.[44] Pablo said the story never got into the origins of the Vong, but that they probably were from another galaxy.[45]

Return to the Jedi TempleEdit

Ahsoka sith temple concept

Ahsoka being shocked by Darth Sidious' Force Lightning

This story would be about what lay beneath the Jedi Temple, similar to how churches were often built on the previous religious center. Different Force-user temples, and maybe even a Sith shrine, would be beneath. There would be giant skeleton Kaiju down there. Ahsoka discovers a threat in the underworld of Coruscant and makes her way back to the Jedi order to warn them. She, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker set out to rescue Master Yoda from the Sith shrine. The arc would also have featured Darth Sidious trying to break into the Holocron Vault of the Jedi Temple, but Ahsoka would hinder his progress.[28]

Return to Mon CalaEdit

"This was for the Tikkes fan out there."
―Dave Filoni[src]

This story had productions codes 7.17–7.20[source?] and would have starred Padmé Amidala working against Chancellor Palpatine's prolonged stay in office. In episode 7.19 Padmé and Anakin Skywalker returned to Mon Cala to meet with King Lee-Char once again. While there, they found out that the leader of the Quarren, Nossor Ri, had been murdered, and Tikkes had been appointed provisional leader in his place. Padmé hoped to gain support from the Quarren to remove Palpatine from office. The Quarren Senator Tundra Dowmeia explained to Padmé that their government was gridlocked and unable to function. They would meet with Tikkes, who expressed frustrations with Palpatine.[46]

The Siege of MandaloreEdit


Dave Filoni's sketch of Captain Rex, Ahsoka Tano, and Bo-Katan Kryze during the siege of Mandalore

This arc had production codes 7.21–7.24 and was to be the final arc of the series. It would have shown Ahsoka Tano teaming up with Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker to respond to a call of Bo-Katan Kryze alerting the Jedi of Darth Maul's return with the remains of the Shadow Collective. However, during the battle, General Grievous causes a surprise attack and kidnaps Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, so that while Anakin and Obi-Wan go to rescue Palpatine, Ahsoka and Captain Rex remain in command of the clones, who paint their armor with Tano's facial markings.[28] Part of this arc was adapted into the prologue of the novel Ahsoka by E. K. Johnston,[47] and it was first mentioned in the Star Wars Rebels episode "The Lost Commanders".[48] Starting on April 17, 2020, these episodes were released weekly, with the exception of Victory and Death which premiered on May 4, on Disney+.

Episode Image Title Original Airdate Prod. #
EpGuide209-OldFriendsNotForgotten "Old Friends Not Forgotten"[4]

Finished episode:

ThePhantomApprenticeEG "The Phantom Apprentice"[4]

Finished episode:

EpGuide711 "Shattered"[4]

Finished episode:

VictoryAndDeathEG "Victory and Death"[4]

Finished episode:


Other ideasEdit

Back in 2010, in the DVD commentary track of the second season, Dave Filoni and Danny Keller mused about the possibility to bring back the Zillo Beast in the seventh season.[49] Dave Filoni also had "plans" to feature Barriss Offee following her deception in the fifth season finale "The Wrong Jedi", an episode whose original ending had Offee killing herself but was changed due to Filoni's plans.[50]

Aurra Sing was meant to be featured in several unfinished episodes for the sixth season, including one in which she would have been killed and one in which Jaime King's husband Kyle Newman was going to have a role.[51] Newman's role consisted of a member of the Toong species.[50]


Although the episode went unreleased, the story of "Return to the Jedi" is not a part of the Star Wars canon given that the 2014 novel Tarkin, written by James Luceno, establishes that Darth Vader was unaware about the Sith shrine under the Jedi Temple.[52] In the unproduced story, Anakin Skywalker accompanied Obi-Wan Kenobi and Ahsoka Tano to rescue Yoda from the shrine.[28]

The "Return to Mon Cala" story cannot be considered canonical as well, because Nossor Ri would have been murdered during the arc.[46] The fourth issue of the Star Wars: Allegiance 2019 comic book series establishes that Ri survived until at least the Battle of Crait.[53]


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