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The Colony was the elementary organizational structure of the Killiks, a sentient insectoid species within the Unknown Regions.

While not a typical government as seen elsewhere in the galaxy, the Colony described it self as the Nest of Nests.


Formed by Killik explorers who left Alderaan generations before the Cold War, the Colony eventually formed an alliance with the resurgent Sith Empire through the contributions of Oroboro Dawn Herald Vector Hyllus.

During the Yuuzhan Vong War, the Tachyon Flier, damaged after fleeing from Myrkr, crashed landed on Yoggoy. Raynar Thul dragged Lomi Plo and Welk, former members of the Shadow Academy, from the burning wreck, and were nearly dead. The Killiks there waited for Raynar to die, to give his corpse to Killik larve. As the Joining process began, Raynar's personality began to affect, then take over, the Killik hive mind. The Killiks took Raynar, and began to try to heal him. Raynar's Force sensitivity affected the Killiks, and his values became their values, especially the value on individual life. When Raynar emerged, he was in control of the Yoggoy nest, and began changing it to better help the Killiks. In time, the Yoggoy hive spread about local space, to provide for itself and share the "gift" of Raynar among the Kind.

The process was not an easy one. While Killiks were peaceful, like most hive based species, they had no value on individual life. At least one rival nest attacked the Colony, but the Colony survived, either defeating or absorbing the attacking nest. Then, the cyclical food shortages, which had never phased the Killiks before, required them to begin trading with other planets and races. By 35 ABY, when the Killiks were rediscovered, they were still barely surviving. At the same time, the Colony had expanded to 375 nests, though it is unknown how much of the total population of Killiks this represents.

The Colony was destroyed as a result of the Swarm War. Lomi was killed and Raynar was taken into Jedi custody. Without their Force presences, the Killiks began to revert to their original state. The Killik worlds were seeded with the Fizz nanotech that was found on Woteba, to prevent the Killiks from over-consuming their worlds and rebuilding the Colony.



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