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"In all my centuries, you alone have merited my full attention. You leave your mark upon the galaxy wherever you act, just as I do."
Emperor Valkorion[src]

The Outlander, also later known as the Commander, was a hero of the Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire, and was previously involved in the hunt for the former Sith Emperor after his revival at Yavin 4. After the Eternal Empire of Zakuul conquered much of the known galaxy in 3637 BBY, the Outlander famously built up a faction known as the Alliance to oppose it and its oppression.


A Clash of Destinies

Rise to Power

The individual who would eventually become known as "the Outlander" was born in the decades prior to the Great Galactic War. When they were old enough, the Outlander became embroiled in the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire, but, out of sheer circumstance, rose through the ranks, becoming a leading figure in the war that later broke out between the two superpowers.

Lana Beniko, Jakarro and Theron Shan

In 3640 BBY, during the Conquest of Makeb, the Outlander, in an attempt to protect the planet from the extortion of the greedy Hutt Cartel, put a stop to the organization's plans, the aftermath of such allowing the Sith Empire's continued harvesting of the world's rare Isotope-5 despite The Republic's decisive victory against the Hutts. Over a year following the Invasion of Makeb, the Outlander investigated a conspiracy that reportedly existed within the ranks of both Republic and Empire, thought to be connected to two high-profile military commanders: Darth Arkous and Colonel Rian Darok. It was believed that the two of them had orchestrated simultaneous attacks on both Korriban and Tython, during both of which the Outlander was present. Teaming up with Republic Strategic Information Service agent Theron Shan and the Sith Lord Lana Beniko, Arkous' former apprentice, the Outlander traveled to the Selkath homeworld of Manaan where they discovered that both Arkous and Darok had formed a secret alliance, attempting to bring down their respective governments down from the inside.

With the help of the Wookiee Jakarro and the droid C2-D4, the Outlander managed to trace the two traitors to the planet Rakata Prime, where they had established a base inside the Temple of the Ancients. Once the Outlander and their allies infiltrated the temple they confronted Darok and Arkous, managing to defeat them. Once they were killed, a small fleet emerged from hyperspace, positioning itself in low orbit. After appearing himself before the Outlander and their strike team via hologram, the fleet's commander revealed himself to be Darth Revan, who now led the Revanites, a Sith secret society that once existed within the Empire. As the governments of both Republic and Empire had no knowledge of the conspiracy, as Arkous and Darok had effectively managed to cover their tracks, Shan and Beniko, now branded as traitors, were forced to go underground. The Outlander, being the only one who had not been implicated in the conspiracy returned to the known galaxy to continue fighting in the war.

Shadow of Revan

Several months after the incident on Rakata Prime, the Outlander discovered the coordinates of a mysterious planet on their ship's navicomputer: Rishi. The Outlander opted to travel to the world. Once they arrived, the Outlander discovered that it was, in fact, Lana Beniko who had tampered with the navicomputer. Since the incident on Rakata Prime, Beniko and Theron Shan had been investigating Revanite movements in the Outer Rim. Utilizing the intelligence given to them, relating to Revan's intended orchestration of a battle between the Republic and Imperial fleets, the Outlander set out to stop it before it could occur, although the Outlander and their allies were too few in numbers to engage the Revanites head-on. In order to bolster their ranks, the band was able to enlist a Mandalorian named Shae Vizla, who went by "Torch". She agreed to assist in fighting the Revanites, also delivering crucial information regarding Revanite movements. In order to learn more about Revan's plans, Shan, as devised by Beniko, infiltrated the Order of Revan's base of operations. Shan was captured and tortured by Revan, prompting the Outlander to go and rescue him, but the Sith lord was gone by the time that they had arrived.

The Yavin Coalition witnessed Revan finally becoming one with the Force.

As the Republic and Imperial fleets gathered above the planet to do battle, the Outlander managed to contact the commanders of both vessels, informing them of the trap that had been set by both Revan and the Nova Blades, pirates allied with the Revanites. Revan's plans having been foiled, he returned to his main base of operations on the moon of Yavin 4 in order to execute the next step of his plan. He did not appear to be afflicted by his defeat, calling it "a long shot".

Realizing that Revan was the true threat, Darth Marr of the Sith Empire and the Jedi Order's grandmaster Satele Shan called for a truce and agreed to form a temporary coalition in order to put a stop to his plans. Led by the Outlander, the alliance engaged Revanite forces. While on Yavin 4, the Outlander met a mysterious force spirit claiming to be Revan. As it turned out, the spirit was Revan's light half, the physical man being an embodiment of his darker personality. It was revealed that Revan was attempting to resurrect the Sith Emperor in an attempt to destroy him in a weakened corporeal form, which would end him once and for all. Knowing that he was delusional and understanding that the Empire's former leader, if brought back, could not be defeated conventionally, the Outlander led the coalition on one last assault on the Forgotten Terrace at the Temple of Sacrifice, where Revan planned on bringing the emperor back using an ancient artifact. The Outlander managed to defeat Revan, who finally agreed to join with the spirit to make his soul whole once more, but, despite his defeat, the emperor was still effectively resurrected.

Some time later, the Outlander was contacted once more by Lana Beniko, who urged them to visit the Sith world of Ziost in order to investigate an anomaly in which the planet's civilians seemed to be acting in a mindless manner, along with a group of Republic soldiers sent to investigate on the very same happenings. As it turned out, former Emperor Vitiate had infected the minds of Ziost's populace. Although trying their best to save the planet from Vitiate's grasp, the Outlander was ultimately unsuccessful at foiling Vitiate's plan. After evacuating as many civilians as possible, the Outlander witnessed as Vitiate consumed the entire planet to fuel his strength, turning it into a ravaged, icy wasteland. The former empire then fled deep into Wild Space.

To Hunt an Emperor

In the days following the Sith Emperor's return, things began escalating quickly throughout the galaxy. As the war continued to ravage various star systems, it was rumored that a pair of twin conquerors had emerged from the depths of Wild Space to cripple both Republic and Empire. They successfully managed to attack as far into Sith space as Korriban, which they nearly annihilated. Little did the galaxy know, but this force was actually in the service of the Sith Emperor.

In an attempt to bring an end to the former Sith Emperor once and for all, the new Imperial leader Darth Marr organized a small fleet of both Republic and Imperial warships to participate in an excursion deep into Wild Space. Already aware of the Outlander's abilities due to previous collaboration, he recruited them to help him on the expedition. As they began closing in on the emperor's reported location, the fleet was attacked by a seemingly infinite armada of ships, belonging to the Eternal Empire. Unable to fight back, Marr's fleet was decimated entirely, the Sith Lord and the Outlander both taken captive by Prince Arcann, son of the leader of the Empire of Zakuul, Valkorion.

Captured by the Eternal Empire just prior to its invasion of the galaxy, the hero was brought before Emperor Valkorion, the Immortal Emperor of the Eternal Empire, who revealed that he was in fact the Sith Emperor's current form, having built up Zakuul in secret, just as he had the Sith Empire, which he now viewed as nearly as weak as the Republic. He first released Marr, offering him a chance to kneel, but the Dark Lord defiantly refused and briefly fought against Valkorion's Knights, before the Emperor instantly killed him with a blast of Force lightning.

Valkorion then had the throne room cleared of everyone save himself, Arcann and the Outlander. He stated that the Outlander's deeds has earned his attention and offered to share his empire in exchange for their allegiance. However, Arcann attempted to assassinate him, but during the struggle Valkorion was able to transfer his energy to the Outlander, knocking the latter out. After Valkorion's demise, the new emperor ordered that the Outlander be imprisoned on the grounds of assassination, and so they were taken away.[1]

Dream of an Empire

The Outlander was subsequently frozen in carbonite on Arcann's orders, having sensed his father inhabiting the hero, but the carbon freezing process was imperfect, poisoning the Outlander, though Valkorion's presence preserved their life. Valkorion then appeared before the Outlander and attempted to sway them to his ideals, claiming the Outlander had the potential to be as powerful as him and that the current galactic institutions were unworthy of them. In doing so, he revealed his intention to retake his Eternal Throne from his children, whom he was unable to stop alone. He then revealed to the Outlander that years had passed while they slept and the Eternal Empire had subjugated the galaxy. They then both noticed Valkorion's daughter, Vaylin, looking directly at the Outlander, whom she struck in the chest with her lightsaber.[2]

The Fallen Empire


Lana Beniko faces off Skytroopers as Gravestone is discovered

Five years after being taken away and frozen into carbonite, the Outlander was freed from imprisonment by Lana Beniko, who quickly administered an antidote to the poison. They then escaped the facility, evading skytroopers, Knights and Vaylin to reach former Zakuulan captain Koth Vortena and bodyguard droid HK-55.[3]

Unfortunately, the damage to their shuttle caused them to crash into the Endless Swamp, where they uncovered the wreckage of the Gravestone, an ancient alien warship that once opposed the Eternal Fleet.[4] After repairing it, the friends, along with the former Knight of Zakuul Senya Tirall, escaped the planet, fleeing to the haven of Asylum.[5]


Upon disembarking, the Outlander was introduced to Koth's crew, including Sergeant Ralo, who remembered the Outlander from Marr's ship. However, Koth's engineer, Tora, was absent, so the Outlander volunteered to go along with HK to find her. Senya then went her own way, asking the Outlander to join her later. After fighting through the local gangs, the Outlander found Tora in a heap of trouble with Tanno Vik for attempting to steal thermal detonators from him and insulting his mother. After resolving the situation, the Outlander sent Tora back to the Gravestone.[6]

The Outlander then moved to rendezvous with Senya, who claimed to have allies who wanted to meet the Outlander. But upon entering their hideout, HK suddenly shut down, as Senya claimed that her friends wanted only the two of them. She identified her friends as Scions, who used to serve the Eternal Empire alongside the Knights until Arcann attempted to eradicate them. The Scions, led by Heskal, foresaw the Outlander opposing Arcann but for some reason, the hero is a blindspot in their visions. They tested the Outlander in combat and questioned the Outlander's intentions. Eventually, a frustrated Heskal attacks the Outlander, determined to know the true fate surrounding the latter, but ultimately lost. They were soon joined by Lana, Koth, HK and the crew, who demanded that the Scions stand down. Heskal then identified Valkorion as the anomaly that blinded them to the future. This revelation excited Koth, believing there was hope for Zakuul. But what was more shocking was Senya confessing that she was Arcann and Vaylin's mother.[6]

Lady of Sorrows

Returning to the Gravestone, Koth had it out for Senya withholding information. The argument then changed to Valkorion, Koth and Senya remembering him as benevolent, whereas Lana insisted that he was a world devourer due to memories of Ziost.

The argument was interrupted by a transmission from T7-O1, who informed them that the secretive Zakuulan information broker known as "the Lady of Sorrows" wanted to help fix the Gravestone. Senya accompanied the Outlander back to Zakuul, where she elaborated on her history with Valkorion.

Outlander arrives to find the Exalted at SCORPIO's mercy

After strongarming a few non-cooperative Zakuulans, the Outlander learned that the only way to get a meeting with the Lady of Sorrows was with the heretical Heralds of Zildrog. Unfortunately, their leader, "the Exalted", refused to cooperate, claiming that Arcann's fall was not the Outlander's responsibility. Suddenly, a hologram of a Nautolan named Thea appeared, declaring that the Lady wanted the Outlander unharmed and revealing that she had the Exalted's son hostage. Even after agreeing so, the Exalted ordered his followers to attack the Outlander while he went to meet the Lady. The Outlander survived the betrayal before following the Exalted.

As it turned out, the information broker was, in fact, an Imperial AI named SCORPIO, who had strangled the Exalted for his defiance. SCORPIO then agreed to join the Outlander in opposing the Eternal Throne, as Arcann had taken something form her.[7]

Battle of Asylum

After SCORPIO's integration into the crew, the Outlander was summoned by Heskal to the Scions' sanctuary, where the hero found the bodies of his fellow Scions lying at Heskal's feet, before he was stabbed from behind by Arcann. Arcann claimed that Heskal invited him in an attempt to fulfill his prophecy. He then offered a deal, requesting the Outlander return to carbonite until he could exorcise his father and surrender the Gravestone, promising that the crew and companions could leave. However, Valkorion warns the Outlander that Arcann will betray them. The Outlander's decision ultimately resulted in a fight against Arcann as his forces invaded Asylum. Their battle was soon interrupted by a crashing shuttle, allowing the Outlander to flee.

Accompanied by Teeseven, the Outlander attempted to return to the Gravestone. Midway, they rescued a mortally wounded Heskal from a trio of Zakuul Knights. Heskal confirmed that Arcann told the truth. With his dying breath, he stated that he had seen the future and that it was wonderful to his eyes, before expiring.

Upon reaching the Gravestone, Lana informed the Outlander that Arcann's forces had taken control of the Control Spar that impounded the Gravestone. Subsequently, Vaylin confronted them, but Senya engaged her. The Outlander and Lana then fight their way to Koth and HK-55. Leaving Lana to guard the way back, the Outlander took the others to the Control Spar.

Upon releasing the Gravestone, Arcann ambushes the Outlander, resulting a second duel between them. HK-55 sacrificed itself to save the Outlander and the latter managed to get away, making an escape from the planet aboard the Gravestone during the Battle of Asylum.[8]

Commander of the Alliance


The formation of the Alliance

After escaping to an obscure planet on the edge of Wild Space, the Outlander supervised the construction of a base of operations for the newly established Alliance based on Odessen dedicated to toppling Emperor Arcann's control of the galaxy, taking on the official title of Alliance Commander. They managed to recruit the likes of individuals such as the long thought to be dead smuggler Hylo Visz, the rogue Nico Okarr, the leader of the Warstalkers Qyzen Fess and the ex-SIS agent Theron Shan (an old ally of Lana and the Outlander during the Revanite conspiracy and Vitiate's invasion and genocide of Ziost). Along the way, as they built the Alliance, the Outlander also managed to destroy massive Star Stations that orbited worlds such as Hoth, Belsavis, and Nar Shaddaa, among others.[9]

Anarchy in Paradise

Theron later recommended recruiting an anti-Zakuul anarchist known as Firebrand. As the Outlander and Theron traveled to Zakuul, SCORPIO lured her out, as the Lady of Sorrows, with the false promise of explosives. The pair rescued Firebrand, whose true name was Kaliyo Djannis, from a squad of skytroopers. When offered a place in the Alliance, Kaliyo demanded recompense for the false promise of explosives and recruited the Outlander to help her attack the Overwatch command center to accomplish separate objectives for themselves; Kaliyo would destroy the command center controlling all the Spire's droids servicing the population and the Outlander would acquire a schematic of the Spire for an eventual attack.

After disabling Overwatch's defenses, the Outlander and Kaliyo stormed the place and killed the administrator before blowing the control console. Afterwards, they returned to Odessen, where Kaliyo promised to be around for the major operations. The Outlander then entered the command center to learn that Arcann had destroyed five planets for allegedly protecting the Alliance. [10]

Assisting Havoc Squad

Aric Jorgan introduces Outlander to the Havoc Squad

Theron later approached the Outlander with a new mission on Zakuul, having passed the Spire data to Havoc Squad, who took leave of their official duties for a covert operation. After making contact with Havoc in the Endless Swamp, they were attacked by skytroopers. After fending off the attack, the Outlander accompanied Havoc's leader, Major Aric Jorgan, in covering their retreat, during which they learn of the Republic's descent into tyranny under former Supreme Chancellor Leontyne Saresh. Along the way, they picked up a group of Zakuulan exiles, led by Pashna Veyaad, from whom the Outlander learned that following Valkorion's "death", his own people were exiled by Arcann for asking simple questions.

The Alliance later plotted an attack on Zakuul's planetary transmitter with Havoc Squad to plant a wiretap. The Alliance provided a diversion for the Outlander and Jorgan to reach the transmitter. Unfortunately, squads of skytrooper reinforcements arrived and cornered them. Thankfully, the exiles, led by Veyaad, rescued them, having been inspired to fight for themselves.

Upon returning to Odessen, SCORPIO discovered the existence of the "GEMINI frequency", which linked the Eternal Throne to every ship in the Eternal Fleet. Recognizing a major weakness in Arcann's armor, the Outlander ordered the Alliance to plan an attack.[11]

Visions in the Dark

The Alliance later discovered the existence of a hyperwave relay station ten kilometers beneath the Spire, linking the throne to the Fleet, but were divided on what to do when they reach it; Lana desired to slice the GEMINI frequency to learn Arcann's plans; Kaliyo wanted to take control of it; and Jorgan wanted to destroy it to sever Arcann's control of the Fleet. After the Outlander selected either Kaliyo or Jorgan to infiltrate the complex and cause a distraction respectively, Lana suggested consulting Valkorion on how best to attack the Spire given that he was the one who built it.

Deciding to converse with Valkorion in the Odessen wilderness, the Outlander packed up survival gear and headed out. Upon finding a secluded spot to talk to Valkorion, to the Outlander's annoyance, Valkorion refused to part with any of his secrets. Then without warning, Valkorion rendered the Outlander unconscious. Upon waking up, the Outlander attempted to contact Lana only to learn that all communication was cut. Valkorion revealed that he lured the Outlander into the wilderness so they could experience what it meant to face death alone. After fighting past hostile shade stalkers, the Outlander came face-to-face with Valkorion, who said that he was disappointed by the Outlander's lack of progress in becoming "something greater". He told the Outlander that they had two destinies: in one, the Outlander defeated Arcann and claims the Eternal Throne to remake the galaxy; in the other, the Outlander died alone and forgotten. They fought for a time before Valkorion overpowered his host. Valkorion then left the Outlander's mind to attend to his other plans, infusing his host with a portion of his power, which knocked the Outlander out cold again.

Darth Marr and Satele Shan open Outlander to the new side of the Force

The Outlander later woke up in an unknown starship, which they soon discovered belonged to Grand Master Satele Shan, who had been on Odessen for some time. Satele was revealed to be working with the Force ghost of Darth Marr, who offer insight on Arcann and his Knights, who possessed a different view of the Force than Jedi and Sith. At their instruction, the Outlander collected items around the valley before venturing into a dark cave, where they encountered Vaylin. After defeating her in battle, "Vaylin" was revealed to be nothing more than an illusion. Marr and Satele explain that the illusion was a warning that Arcann and Vaylin had an army at their command. Marr then stated that the Outlander's current weapon was insufficient, a relic of a different war. The Outlander then realized that all the collected items were to construct a new weapon and proceeded to create it at a nearby altar, infused with pure Force energy. Marr stated that the new weapon would overpower Arcann and unite the galaxy, but cautioned that leading the Alliance was far different than their previous role. At Satele's instruction, the Outlander left the cave to find an oasis for their final trial. Before entering the tunnel, the Outlander killed two young jurgorans, which angered their mother when they arrived in the oasis. After resolving the confrontation, Marr and Satele left Odessen, feeling a calling from the Force.

The Outlander then returned to base by scaling the cliffs and found the Alliance already in the middle of the intended operation. But it quickly went south as the infiltration team went dark and the diversion team went ahead with their intended plan.[12]

Raiding the Gilded Star

While awaiting status on the away team, Hylo Visz introduced the Outlander to an associate of hers, Gault Rennow, who had a plan to aid the underfunded Alliance. The Devaronian explained that Zakuul had stored most of its galactic plunder on a stealth carrier called the Gilded Star on Vandin and Gault had a plan to steal it out from under Arcann's nose to fund the deeply indebted Alliance. Taking the Alliance's inner circle to Vandin, the Outlander accompanied Gault to recruit the final person necessary for his plan, an Anomid identity forger named Dretcher. But Dretcher held a grudge against Gault and activated a squad of droids to kill him, though the Outlander and Gault managed to destroy the droids and convinced Dretcher to assist in the heist.

Lastly, they met with a crew of Niktos, whom Gault intended to purchase a missile from, but the Devaronian attempted to stiff his dealers when he said he was only willing to buy a part of the weapon, forcing him to arm the missile. As the Niktos scattered, Gault tried to disarm the missile, but its feminine computer refused to comply. When it seemed like the missile would explode, out popped a Twi'lek, Gault's partner-in-crime, Vette, who was pulling a prank on him before producing the warhead necessary for the heist.

After the successful heist, Vette and Gault joined the Alliance.

Once they arrived at Gault and Vette's safehouse, they learn that Senya was once stationed at the Gilded Star. With the carrier due to dock with the skyhook next day, Gault then explained his plan to have Dretcher disguise Senya as Vaylin, given their close genetic match, so she could get SCORPIO to the bridge to take control of the ship's functions. They would then place the warhead inside the carrier's vault, which was designed to withstand the ship's destruction, and detonate it, vaporizing its valuable contents, at which Lana and Theron would pulled up with a tanker ship and siphon the vaporized loots into their cargo hold.

The next day, after the infiltration team put the ship in lockdown and isolated the crew,, the Outlander, along with Gault and Vette, brought up the rear. Vette then split off to make it to the vault door mechanism in the vents. After planting the warhead in the vault, Gault gave the Outlander the pleasure of detonating it. Unfortunately, as Senya and SCORPIO were forced to vacate the bridge, their escape route to the tanker was cut off and the real Vaylin was coming up the skyhook. With no other recourse, the trio were forced to run along the outside of the ship, where they were rescued by Hylo.

Upon to their return to Odessen and deciding on how to use their loot, Jorgan and Kaliyo were revealed to be alive, who were forced to flee the Spire and abandon the mission, having only stolen a database on the GEMINI droids.[13]

Stealing GEMINI Prime

SCORPIO's analysis of the drive revealed that all GEMINI captains are based on SCORPIO, hence why she joined the Alliance in an attempt to uncover who created these imitations, and the existence of a template for all GEMINI droids, GEMINI Prime, on Darvannis. The Eternal Empire had conquered and established a factory on Darvannis, too fortified for a single strike team, so Theron had called in Mandalorian allies to besiege the place.

Traveling to Darvannis, the Outlander was surprised to discover that the new Mandalore was none other than Shae Vizla. Subsequently, they were paired up with Torian Cadera to seize control of the factory turrets and later take out a comm tower to send skytrooper snipers into disarray. Afterwards, Beniko transmitted schematics of the factory to the Outlander provided by Theron, before cautioning against a long-term alliance with the Mandalorians, whom she compared to predators craving endless violence.

Khomo Fett and Shae Vizla plan the factory assault

With Torian, the Outlander fought to heart of the factory to GEMINI Prime. Before splitting off to deal with skytroopers reinforcements, Torian revealed that he overheard the Outlander's conversation with Beniko, and stated that his people are warriors, not animals. He hadn't said anything to Mandalore or to the Outlander because he didn't feel like it was his place and words aren't deeds.

Upon finding the Prime, the Outlander established a link with SCORPIO, which piqued the Prime's curiosity, insinuating that GEMINI Prime is not a mere copy of SCORPIO. After removing the droid from her alcove, the Outlander transported her back to Odessen, where SCORPIO determined that the Prime could track the GEMINI units and plugging her into the captain's chair of one of the Eternal Fleet ships would enable them to take over the entire Fleet. She had managed to find one such warship in a nearby sector recharging its hyperdrive and stated they must seize on this opportunity before it becomes lost.[14]

The GEMINI Deception

While the Prime remained onboard the Gravestone, the Outlander took a boarding party composed of Beniko, Theron, Senya and SCORPIO to commandeer the Eternal Fleet ship. SCORPIO generator false blips so the warship's turrets would fire on non-existent targets. Upon landing in the shuttle bay, Senya noted the absence of skytroopers, having previously briefed that squads of droids would rush the breach point. Upon disembarking, the group was addressed by the GEMINI captain, who mentioned she had cargo to transport, before being distracted by SCORPIO, noting physical similarities. GEMINI then activated a set of blast doors, separating the Outlander and SCORPIO from the others. After fighting past several death traps, SCORPIO found a console through which she attempted to deactivate the GEMINI captain, but the enemy droid managed to counter her cyber attack, causing SCORPIO to self-destruct. The Outlander then received a transmission from the Gravestone, which had mysteriously shut down, including its communications jammer. GEMINI then informed the Outlander that she managed to send out a distress call to the Arcann and suggested the intruder leave, but was refused. Subsequently, Beniko managed contact via hologram, revealing that she and her group found the ship's "cargo" and was sending Senya to assist. In turn, the Outlander revealed SCORPIO's apparent demise, which relieved the Sith, who felt that the droid would be a problem in the future.

The Gravestone approaches the Eternal Fleet battle cruiser.

After joining up with Senya, the pair fought their way back to Beniko and Theron, who revealed that the ship's "cargo" were actually prisoners; Imperial Admiral Zasha Ranken, Senator Tai Cordan of Balmorra, and exiled Zakuulan holo-performer Malita Tal. The trio were inspired by the Outlander and had found each other in their search for the Alliance and formed an alliance of their own. Arcann had captured them and was going to "interview" them on the Outlander's whereabouts. After freeing the prisoners, the Outlander and Senya fought their way to the bridge and defeated the GEMINI captain. Acknowledging her defeat, GEMINI revealed that her clash with SCORPIO granted her free will, before initiating the self-destruct. This prevented the prisoners from launching their escape pods. With Theron only able to remotely launch one at a time, the Outlander chose to save two, but the third was killed by an explosion before they could be launched. With the whole plan in shambled, the Outlander retreated back to the shuttle and fled before the Eternal Fleet ship was destroyed. They quickly got back aboard the Gravestone before Arcann's flagship and the Eternal Fleet appeared. In no condition to fight, the Gravestone fled into hyperspace.

Subsequently, the crew learned that GEMINI Prime was nonfunctional after the Gravestone detected a transmission from the Eternal Fleet ship. They then received a transmission from Zakuul, the caller revealed to be SCORPIO, who had faked her death and gave the GEMINI captain free will to keep the Outlander distracted while she took over the Empire of Zakuul and the Eternal Fleet, which was her objective all along.[15]

The Battle of Odessen

Upon returning to Odessen base, SCORPIO's betrayal barely sunk in before the droid called in, revealing that she revealed Odessen's location to Arcann, to test whether he would retake his throne or deal with the Outlander and Valkorion immediately. Theron confirmed her words as he detected the Eternal Flagship and its Eternal Fleet support ships arrive in system. The Alliance responded by quickly mobilizing the Gravestone. The Outlander led a boarding team, including Beniko and Senya, to finish Arcann and destroy his ship. After clearing the hanger and separating from the sabotage team, Vaylin addressed the Outlander, Beniko, and Senya over the intercom, revealing Arcann's location on the bridge and declaring her intent to deal with her mother once and for all. Senya volunteered to keep her daughter distracted while the Outlander faced Arcann.

The Outlander and Beniko fight their way through the ship. They subsequently received a transmission from Theron, warning that with the flagship's shields and weapons offline, SCORPIO had taken control of Arcann's Eternal Fleet ships to fire on the flagship; Beniko realized SCORPIO's real plan was to get both the Outlander and Arcann in one place so she could eliminate them both. Eventually reaching the bridge, Beniko was forced to split off to deal with a group of Knights.

The Outlander defeats Arcann as the Eternal Flagship falls apart around them.

Face-to-face with the Emperor of Zakuul once more, Arcann declared that he only cared about destroying his father and demanded Valkorion speak to him, unaware that the ghostly Emperor was absent. A frustrated Arcann telekinetically forced the Outlander to their knees and tried to strike them down, but the Outlander unconsciously used Tutaminis to block his attacks; Arcann remarked that Valkorion's bond with the Outlander was stronger than he imagined. Armed with the new weapon constructed with the help of Marr and Satele, the Outlander battled Arcann. During the battle, Arcann conjured Force manifestations to assist him, so the Outlander picked up a discarded Knight's shield to absorb their attacks and bash Arcann. Ultimately managing to overpower Arcann, the Outlander could deliver the finishing blow but falling debris as a result of the Fleet's barrage separated them and seemingly crushed Arcann once again.

With the ship falling apart, the Outlander escaped in a Zakuul starfighter while Beniko's group took a Zakuul shuttle. Senya escaped on Arcann's personal shuttle, revealing that she pulled her barely alive son from the wreckage and because he saved her life, believed he could be redeemed, and escaped into hyperspace.

With the Eternal Fleet linking up to charge a powerful energy attack, the Gravestone fired on the Eternal Flagship, causing a massive explosion that wiped out all of Arcann's fleet.

Despite the fact that Arcann and Senya remain at large, and that Vaylin and SCORPIO had formed an alliance, the Battle of Odessen became a rallying cry for all the forces opposing the Eternal Empire. As Republic and Imperials begin to swell the Alliance ranks, the Outlander uncomfortably received the return of Valkorion.[16]

The Eternal Throne

Invasion of Voss

The Outlander's shuttle arrives in the midst of the battle

The Outlander later led the Alliance fleet in defense of Voss, which was under attack by the Eternal Fleet, now under the command of Vaylin, who had seized the Eternal Throne for herself. As the Alliance fleet engaged the Eternal Fleet, the Outlander, Beniko, Torian and a squad of Mandalorians bypassed the blockade in a stolen Zakuul shuttle and landed in Voss-Ka. Fighting through hordes of skytroopers, the Outlander rendezvoused with Theron and Sana-Rae in the Tower of Prophecy, where they are contacted by Senya, who revealed she had brought Arcann to Voss in the hopes of healing him, and now in desperation, asks for the Alliance's aid.

The Outlander fought towards the Shrine of Healing in a walker called Storm Rider provided by Torian. Eventually, after fighting to the heart of the shrine, Arcann escaped and fled the planet. Moments after, the Eternal Fleet was prepared to burn half the planet, only for a fleet of Imperial ships to arrive and drive them off. The Outlander was then contacted by Empress Acina, who asked they come to Dromund Kaas to discuss an alliance against the Eternal Empire.

Dromund Kaas

The Outlander traveled to Dromund Kaas with Beniko and Theron. Upon landing in Kaas City, they were greeted by Minister of Logistics, Gelmid Lorman, who escorted them to meet with Empress Acina, who desired to speak privately with the Alliance Commander aboard her personal shuttle. Once outside Kaas City, Acina stated that traditionalist Sith would not approve of the alliance she was offering, but she recognized Vaylin as the true threat. She offered to help the Outlander seize the Eternal Throne, stating that she only cared for the survival of her people.

Suddenly, the shuttle's engine exploded, forcing the two leaders to abandon ship. Left stranded in the jungle with their comms mysteriously jammed, Acina suspected someone sabotaged her shuttle. They traverse the terrain to the crashed shuttle in hopes of recovering the emergency beacon, only to find another group there. The strangers identify themselves as the GenoHaradan, who were sent after the both of them. Forced to dispatch the assassins, the Outlander and Acina decide to go after the GenoHaradan encampment. After clearing the camp, they find a holorecording of former Supreme Chancellor Leontyne Saresh, who was revealed as the one who ordered the hit. Subsequently, a gunship appeared, and opened fire, forcing the pair to take shelter in a nearby Sith tomb. With the entrance collapsed by the barrage, the Outlander and Acina forage through the tomb to find another exit. Upon nearing the exit, they find Lorman standing beside the GenoHaradan; the Minister was working with Saresh. After dispatching the remaining GenoHaradan, Lorman claimed to have Beniko and Theron hostage, and attempted to call his men, only to discover that his so-called hostages had dispatched them. Theron then revealed Saresh's intent to take control of the Alliance and was on Odessen at that very moment. After dealing with Lorman, the Outlander returned to Odessen and put an end to Saresh's coup.

Behind the scenes

The Outlander is the player character in Knights of the Fallen Empire, a 2015 Digital Expansion of the video game Star Wars: The Old Republic. Any of the eight player classes can access and play Knights of the Fallen Empire, and the game establishes that all eight class characters disappeared around the start of the Eternal Empire's invasion.


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