The Constancia Affair was a comic strip distributed by the Los Angeles Times Syndicate and published in U.S. and Canadian newspapers in 1979. The series was written and drawn by Russ Manning. The series was not officially named until it was reprinted by Dark Horse Comics as a comic book exclusive for KB Toys in 1998 under the name Star Wars Special: The Constancia Affair. It was not collected as part of Classic Star Wars: The Early Adventures like most other Russ Manning strips.

Plot summary[]

C-3PO is telling stories of Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, and Han Solo to the BRT supercomputer Mistress Mnemos.

C-3PO starts with a story in deep space. A ship owned by the Alliance to Restore the Republic is destroyed by an Imperial-class Star Destroyer. In the wreckage of the ship is C-3PO and R2-D2. Neither droid knows how they got where they are and worry about Luke's safety. Just as the droids' power is about to run out, the Millennium Falcon arrives, piloted by Han Solo, Chewbacca and Gyla Petro. Chewbacca brings the droids aboard and charges them while getting the story from C-3PO. Han believes Luke is still alive and starts to look for him.

C-3PO tells Han that Luke had a passenger named Gamine aboard and that they were headed to Constancia. As they get close to Constancia, Imperial forces come into view. Gyla doesn't want to be a part of the action, but Han starts to fly through the Constancia's ring. All the TIE Fighters following the Millennium Falcon are destroyed in the pursuit. In the ring made of ice, the Falcon comes upon a large doorway that it enters.

Upon landing, Han is greeted by Sharlee, who mentions that they are now in Outpost 8. Luke and Gamine enter the room and tell their story of how they got there. Sharlee saved Luke with the tractor beam on Outpost 8. Trying to get Han's assistance, Gamine shows her story to Han through her eyes. The Galactic Empire demanded that the Constancians use their telepathic abilities to help them under the threat of destroying their planet. However, the Rebel Alliance has a plan to help them, and they must bring that message to the planet.

Han agrees to help and puts on some battle armor. Sharlee and Han get in a life pod and head out of the ring. As they pass through the ring, they are spotted by the Imperials, and they send out an SOS message. The Imperials pick up the life pod, and Han and Sharlee run into battle shooting at the Imperials with their armor. The ship surrenders, and they are given the order to destroy the Falcon by the Imperial fleet. Han and Luke destroy the other TIE fighters and are able to land on the surface of the planet. They are greeted by a large celebration from the Constancians.

Mistress Mnemos interrupts the story, asking why they were celebrating. Gamine arrived at the planet in time to save them, and eventually they all had statues erected in their honor. Next C-3PO begins the story of how Han met Gyla.


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