"Conquer the temptation to create specimens that are superior in every way. The danger of such monstrosities being turned against you is too great."
―Palpatine, from The Creation of Monsters[src]

The Creation of Monsters was the third volume of Emperor Palpatine's Dark Side Compendium. It covered the subject of properly mastering and harnessing the technique of Sith alchemy. Many of its ideas were originally included in a pamphlet entitled The Manipulation of Life, part of Palpatine's early Sith manifesto Absolute Power.[1][2]

Unlike the first two volumes, The Book of Anger and The Weakness of Inferiors, The Creation of Monsters was unfinished at the time of Palpatine's first death at the Battle of Endor, being left in a nearly-complete manuscript form. However, even unfinished, it was estimated that reading The Creation of Monsters as it stood would require nearly 96 standard hours.

It was suspected that the book covered the methods of creating Shadow Droids, Imperial Sentinels and chrysalides.

"Of all the monsters I have created, I still regard Darth Vader as something of a minor masterpiece. No, he was not an entirely alchemical creation, but he was my monster nevertheless. Even though he failed to live up to his full potential, there was much pleasure in transforming Anakin Skywalker from a bright-eyed, tousle-headed youth into the greatest Jedi killer of all time. Yes, he ultimately turned against his Master, as monsters sometimes do, but that was my fault, not his. Given the opportunity to create Vader again, I would, and with zeal."
―Text from The Creation of Monsters[src]

Some of the knowledge contained in this volume was derived from Palpatine's study of Naga Sadow's holocron.

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