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"Through the Great Sith War – even during the golden age of the Sith – they've been here all along. Hiding, stealing. Stealing people! Tearing families apart. Children, parents separated – forced to fight! Told their loved ones will suffer if they don't fight. But everyone suffers. Everyones!"
Ralthar Sitan[1]

The Crucible was a massive millenary slave-trading organization, founded by the Sith Lord Ieldis.


The original Sith purpose of the organization was to create standing armies from the refugees created during wars. Thus, they went through a nomadic existence where they made use of Skyreaper drones to capture individuals whereupon they were placed in the slave pits. Once there, the captives were forced to fight one another constantly till the point that they broke mentally. This tactic was so effective that it was capable of turning even peaceful individuals into remorseless killers.

Members wore the "Flames of the Crucible" tattoo which was a runic language that had a hidden meaning in the language of the Crucible. The leader of the organization held the title of Magister Impressor with another ranking position being Magister Protector. The particularly violent nature of the group meant that recruits were capable of killing their overseers and taking their place. As such, this ruthless nature meant that they had no healers and any Crucible member who was injured was replaced.


The Crucible had existed since the Golden Age of the Sith. Since the destruction of the Sith Empire, the organization continued its operation despite its original purpose for working for the Sith being lost. Chantique was a known member of the organization as was Jarael, though the latter had left the organization sometime before 3964 BBY.

After finding out about the organization, and that Jarael had once been a part of it, former Jedi Zayne Carrick resolved to destroy the Crucible. The star cruiser Gladiator was one of a number of ships owned by the organization. Fleet Captain Dace Golliard intercepted the Hot Prospect in the Koornacht Cluster on the Gladiator, where Carrick was trying to undermine the Crucible's relationship with one of their customers, the Sungrazer cooperative. Another customer organization was the Franchise, an entertainment company run by the Krish, that by the time of the outbreak of the Mandalorian Wars was the leading league in the sport of dueling. The company's biggest installation, Jervo's World, was owned by Lhosan Industries. When Chairman Jervo Thalien tried to end the Franchise's relationship with the Crucible, after the slaving operation was exposed by Zayne Carrick, Chantique murdered him, leaving the Krish's dealings with Lhosan Industries to wait for their next representative to continue their investment.

The Crucible eventually suffered a major setback. Zayne managed to lure Golliard into a trap, resulting in him being captured by Republic authorities. Soon after, Bar'injar and Chantique were both killed at the hands of the Mandalorian Demagol. After this, the Crucible fell into disarray.


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