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"I lose more pets that way..."

"The Crystal Cloak" is the first episode of the second season of Ewoks. Written by Paul Dini and directed by Dale Schott, the episode originally aired on ABC on September 13, 1986.

Plot summary[]

Becoming a warrior[]

In a special ceremony, Chief Chirpa presents Wicket with the Belt of Honor. Wicket daydreams about being a great warrior, saving his friends Kneesaa, Teebo and Latara from Yuzzums and a Gorax, and protecting the Sunstar. Chirpa reminds him that a warrior protects the Sunstar, the magic gem that the Ewoks have kept safe for a long time. After passing Wicket a feather, Chirpa tells him that he will become a warrior once he has filled his belt.

Kneesaa congratulates Wicket, saying that her dad believes that he will be a great warrior one day. Wicket is grateful and hopes to finish it within a week. Chirpa tells him that training takes much longer than a week. Wicket is alarmed but says that we will see about that.

The quest for the crystal cloak[]

Meanwhile, the wizard's apprentice Teebo struggles with mastering his magic skills. He tries to levitate several objects with an Ewok incantation but is distracted by Latara, who asks him to fix her broken crystal. Teebo tells her that neither he nor any Ewok wizard can do that ever since the Crystal Cloak was stolen. Teebo explains that the crystal cloak was stolen by the Gracca of the Floating Mountain, whom only the greatest of warriors could defeat. With that in mind, Latara knows who to go to.

She and Wicket get in their gliders and fly out to the Floating Mountain, which turns out to be a volcano. Wicket is surprised that Latara did not tell him about the volcano. Latara suggests that this could be a test of his bravery. Undaunted, Wicket leads Latara as they descend down into the Floating Mountain. They are blinded by smoke and Wicket lands on a rocky plateau. Latara is caught in a tree and lands on Wicket when he comes to fetch her.

The Gracca's domain[]

Latara is startled by a giant four-legged beast that has been turned into a crystal by the Gracca. Wicket asks who is this Gracca and Latara proceeds to brief her friend about their opponent. After their less than graceful landing, the Gracca is alerted to their presence by a flying flower creature, who flies to his crystal throne. Having heard the report, the Gracca turns the flying flower into crystal (as he does everything he touches). The Gracca throws the enchanted flying flower to a pile of his former pets.

He ascends out of his palace to confront the Ewoks. Meanwhile, Wicket asks Latara if she has neglected to mention anything else. Latara says she thought they were minor details. Watching them from afar, the Gracca blows several little crystals which grow into a crystal forest after touching the soil. Wicket and Latara are trapped on an obelisk–shaped crystal as the forest of crystals begins disintegrating. The two reach the edge of a cliff but are rescued by Kneesaa, who has come in her glider.

Kneesaa tells Wicket and Latara that she and Teebo have come for them. Kneesaa lands them in a patch of grass. Shortly later, Teebo lands his glider clumsily. Kneesaa explains that when Teebo told her that Latara was looking for a warrior to help her obtain the crystal cloak, she knew that she would find them together. Kneesaa thinks that they should get out of here before the Gracca finds them while Teebo is curious as to why the Gracca stole the cloak in the first place.

Fighting the Gracca[]

The Gracca soon arrives and replies that he stole the crystal cloak to rule the Floating Mountain. He adds that anyone who does not serve him will be turned into crystal. As a demonstration, the Gracca turns an insect and a nearby plant into crystal. Wicket demands that the Gracca hand over the crystal cloak and waves his stick. However, the Gracca turns into crystal as well. The Ewoks flee the Gracca who flies after them.

Teebo tries to uses his ekubi powder but slips and almost falls off the cliff into the volcano below. Wicket holds on to him. Gracca boasts that there is no place to run as he circles them. With the help of Kneesaa and Latara, they manage to pull Latara to safety. At Wicket's prompting, Kneesaa uses her lasso the grab the crystal cloak, but it ends up falling into the lava below. The crystal cloak explodes.

Teebo remarks this is the end of the crystal cloak while Latara is dismayed. Gracca circles over the Ewoks and vows vengeance. Wicket provokes the now enraged Gracca by leading him on a chase into the crystal forest. The winged creature crashes into several crystals and is trapped under a mountain of fallen of crystals. Latara hugs Wicket, telling him that he was brilliant. Wicket agrees.

Homeward bound[]

As the Ewoks fly home on their gliders, Wicket shows his crytal to Kneesaa. Kneesaa says that it is a great start for his belt of honor. Latara also leaves while ferrying a giant crystal of an enchanted six-legged creature. She grumbles that Wicket did not ell tell her that she had to carry her crystal back. Wicket says that it must have slipped his mind.



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Notes and references[]

  1. SWInsider.png "Star Wars Publications Timeline"—Star Wars Insider 23 dates the events of the Ewoks animated series, which include the events of "The Crystal Cloak," to three years after the events of Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope, which corresponds to 3 ABY, according to The New Essential Chronology.
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