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The Dark Forces Saga was a series of six episodes of game scenarios released on the Wizards of the Coast web site. The episodes, written by Abel G. Peña and Jason Fry, were based on the characters in the popular Dark Forces storyline and were intended to be played as scenarios of a tabletop RPG. The episodes provide story seeds, weapons stats, character stats and bios for the main characters, as well as background history for the planets of the Dark Forces story.

Peña and Fry later wrote a companion piece for Star Wars Miniatures, Kyle Katarn's Tale.


The Dark Forces Saga, Part 1[]

Published April 7, 2005, provides a detailed biography of Kyle Katarn, from his youth as a farmboy on Sulon, to his disappearance during the Yuuzhan Vong War, and everything in between. RPG stats for Kyle during the Yuuzhan Vong Invasion are included, along with information about his trusty modified Bryar pistol.

Rom Mohc is also covered, with background information and A New Hope RPG stats. His past during the Clone Wars, along with his fascination of battle droids is revealed.

The Dark Forces Saga, Part 2: Unsung Heroes of the Light[]

Also published April 7, 2005, provides new and lengthy information about Jan Ors and Qu Rahn, as well as RPG stats for the two characters. Also given is an "adventure seed" based on Jan Ors and Mara Jade Skywalker's post-NJO search for Kyle. Kyle's Moldy Crow is also given a backstory and statistics.

The Dark Forces Saga, Part 3: Pride of the Dark Side[]

Published May 12, 2005, provides detailed information and statistics on Yun and Sariss. An "adventure seed" is provided, a scenario where Yun goes to Bunduki and encounters the Followers of Palawa, and surprisingly, Arden Lyn.

Notably, an old Decipher SWCCG card entitled Prophetess is retconned to actually be Sariss.

The Dark Forces Saga, Part 4: Of the Crudest Matter[]

Published May 26, 2005, provides detailed backgrounds and RPG stats for Maw and Boc Aseca. Two lightsaber combat styles, Trispzest and Jar'Kai, are also described.

The Dark Forces Saga, Part 5: Two Peas in a Pod[]

Published June 9, 2005, establish detailed backstories of Sithspawn Gorc and Pic, and their creation at the hands of Agent Blackhole. Detailed information and statistics regarding Dromund Kaas are also given.

Two adventure seeds are given. The first involves a mission where Kyle Katarn must retrieve Yoda's lightsaber that was once in possession of Pic. The second, "Kyle Katarn, Meet Mara Jade", requires Kyle Katarn to rescue Mara Jade from Agent Blackhole.

The Dark Forces Saga, Part 6: Outcasts and Megalomaniacs Welcome[]

Published June 15, 2005, focuses on the detailed background of Jerec. It notably establishes that Jerec was once the Padawan of Jocasta Nu. Jedi Outcast antagonist Desann is also covered in great detail.

And finally, the Valley of the Jedi on Ruusan also gets its own treatment.


There are several retcons in The Dark Force Saga which are in conflict with other official canonical sources. Some examples are:

  • The killing of Boc: in The Dark Force Saga Kyle Katarn cuts Boc down with Yun's lightsaber, whereas in the Dark Forces: Rebel Agent-novel, Katarn uses a dark side technique referred to as a spear of midnight black to kill Boc (which in turn contradicts the game, as that power isn't available to the player).
  • Jerec as Miraluka: The Dark Forces Saga specifies Jerec as a member of the Miraluka species, while The New Essential Guide to Characters specified him as a Human. The canon established him as Miraluka.
  • Sariss and Yun: in The Dark Forces Saga the relationship between Sariss and Yun is described such that she considers him a son, whereas in the Dark Forces: Jedi Knight novella, she does not have any motherly feelings for him, but rather considers him the closest thing to a friend she ever had.
  • Gorc and Pic: While they are visually the same species in both concept art and game, their new backstory states they are from different species, and with a mutation.


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