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"The Disappeared" is the eighteenth episode of Star Wars Resistance Season One. It aired on February 24, 2019.

Official description[]

As the First Order cracks down on dissent and issues unsettling new demands, Kaz and Torra take action.[3]

Plot summary[]

The last race[]

The episode opens with the Aces racing their racers through a sky ring above the Colossus. Audiences watch the race in a giant holoscreen. The announcer Jak Sivrak announces that Hype Fazon is taking the lead followed by Torra Doza and Bo Keevil. As the racers fly through two rings on their final round, Hype remarks now is the time to pull out all the stops.

Captain Imanuel Doza is watching the race from his office. Commander Pyre contacts him via holographic projector and warns Doza that the racers pose a risk. Captain Doza counters that if "positive morale" is a security risk then he is willing to take that chance. Pyre asks if Doza has wondered how those pirates were able to infiltrate his platform. Captain Doza responds that he is still in charge of the station and that we will continue to race as long as he is in charge. Pyre concedes for now before terminating the connection.

Unwelcome guests[]

At Aunt Z's Tavern, the Aleena Grevel walks into the First Order BB-series astromech droid MB-13A. When Grevel protests, MB-13A flashes an electro-shock prod, prompting Grevel to back down. Neeku Vozo tells Kazuda Xiono and Tamara Ryvora that a new Ace run is being held next week and suggests that the two may have a chance to be new Ace pilots. Kaz responds that this could be a bright spot with so many troopers around. Tam says she looks forward to winning that spot.

Aunt Z asks if they are going to order something. Neeku orders three Cirilian Sour Pastes. At that point, two stormtroopers walk into the cantina. MB-13A harries Aunt Z's service droid G1-7CH ("Glitch") with its electro-shock pod. The service droid moves away. The stormtroopers asks to meet the owner Aunt Z and tell her that they are here to recruit volunteers. He activates a holographic projection of a First Order propaganda poster.

Aunt Z objects to the poster on the grounds it doesn't fit with her cantina's decor. The stormtrooper responds that this is not a request and sets up the holographic poster. He and his comrade then turn to leave while the First Order BB unit follows them. At the Colossus marketplace, a pair of stormtroopers walk on patrol.

Grounding all racers[]

At Doza Tower, Captain Doza and his daughter Torra watch as an Atmospheric Assault Lander approaches the Colossus. Torra says that there seems to be more stormtroopers coming everyday and asks when it will end. Doza thinks it will not end and exits the balcony. 4D-M1N informs Captain Doza that Commander Pyre has come to see him.

Doza sends his daughter back to her room. Torra enters the corridor and shuts the blast door. Commander Pyre tells Doza that he has come to brief him on a security matter and tells him to cancel all races until further notice due to a potential breach of security. Captain Doza objects in the grounds that racing is a vital source of the station's community and livelihood. Commander Pyre claims to understand but says that he can't risk an accident with undisciplined, non-military pilots. He asks Doza for his understanding.

Later at the Aces' lounge, Freya Fenris protests at the cancellation of the races. Griff Halloran grumbles that is just great. Captain Doza then tells the Aces that they are to stand down until further notice. He explains that First Order aerial squadrons will provide all aerial security. Bo Keevil asks what they are supposed to do when they can't race and can't fly. SC-X2 rolls its head.

"Hyped Up"[]

An enraged Hype Fazon tells Captain Doza to fix this because he is not going to waste his best years. Hype and his droid R4-G77 storm off. A distraught Torra asks Hype where he is going. Freya reassures Torra that Hype has just gone to blow off some steam.

Hype and his droid walk into the Aces' hangar to find that stormtroopers have locked his racer and are inspecting it. Hype confirms this is ship and tells the stormtrooper he is going to take it out for some speed trials. The stormtrooper disagrees and tells him that all racers are officially grounded. Another stormtrooper secures a magnetic lock around the racer's landing struts.

An enraged Hype tells the stormtrooper not to touch his ship and touches him in the back. He backs down when the stormtrooper's comrades surround him and tells them to be gentle with his ship.

Kaz's double life[]

Back at Jarek Yeager's Repair Station, CB-23 passes R1-J5 ("Bucket") a wrench and Bucket passes it to Tam, who is repairing the Fireball. She demands to know what Kaz did to the ship. She notices that the injection turbine looks like it has been melted and notices carbon scoring on the hull. She asks Kaz if he was in some kind of battle. Kaz denies he was in a battle and claims those are re-entry burns. When Tam asks where he went, Kaz says he just went out. Neeku then breaks the news that all future races have been cancelled by order of Captain Doza. Kaz and Tam are shocked.

Aunt Z's defiance[]

Later at Aunt Z's Tavern, MB-13A watches Aunt Z break the news to Kaz, Neeku, and Tam. Aunt Z does not believe Captain Doza's claim that these are only temporary measures and says she has seen these kind of scare tactics before. Kaz thinks that the First Order has grounded the Aces because they are threatened by them. Tam counters that they aren't needed anymore because the platform is better guarded now. Neeku agrees with Tam and says there have been no pirate attacks recently and that there is plenty of food in the marketplace.

Kaz counters that the First Order has trapped them on their own platform. Tam frowns at Kaz. Neeku concedes that the First Order troopers, starfighters, and communications blackout are all quite restrictive. Tam opines that there have to be sacrifices to maintain order and stability. MB-13A beeps in the background. Kaz counters that the First Order's security is restricting their freedom of movement. Kaz says he thought that Tam wanted to be a racer and says that now there are no racers.

As MB-13A clicks, a distraught Torra Doza enters the cantina and asks if Kaz and his companions have seen Hype. She tells them that he stormed off when her father grounded the Aces and nobody knows where she is. Aunt Z blames his disappearance on the First Order. The First Order astromech droid shakes its head and rolls its head. Glitch expresses concern but Aunt Z is not afraid to raise her voice. She blames the First Order for making people they don't like disappear.

Just then, MB-13A returns with a pair of stormtroopers. The stormtroopers walk up to Aunt Z, Kaz, Tam, Neeku, and Torra. The lead stormtrooper says they were informed there was a disturbance here. Kaz claims there is no problem here. Aunt Z accuses the First Order of making people disappear. The First Order astromech droid beeps something about conspiracy theories.

Kaz claims that the disappearances are just a conspiracy theory. Tam explains that a friend when missing and that people have gotten creative about what happened to him. When the stormtrooper asks Tam what her friend's name was, Tam tells him it was Hype Fazon. The stormtrooper requests a check-up on Hype's whereabouts via comlink. Following a brief exchange with the First Order command center, the stormtrooper claims that Hype had clearance to leave at 0100 hours.

Torra refuses to accept the explanation that her friend would leave without saying goodbye. Tam responds that she is not surprised that Hype would leave his friends and thanks the stormtrooper for clearing that up. The trooper says that he is just doing his duty to secure the platform. He reassures them that each of them could have a future in the First Order if you want it.

Aunt Z tells the stormtroopers that they don't get it that nobody wants them here. She tells them to leave those young people alone and to find their receipts somewhere else. She hurls the First Order propaganda poster projector at them. The First Order stormtroopers and the astromech droid look at her menacingly before leaving Aunt Z's Tavern.

Helping Torra[]

Kaz briefs a sigh of relief while Aunt Z grumbles that those "bucket heads" have the nerve to stick their propaganda in her tavern. Torra pleads with Kaz to help her find Hype. He promises to help and asks what suggestions she has. Torra suggests looking at the hangar and reasons that if Hype's ship is still there they will know that he is in trouble. Kaz nods his head.

Later, a service droid delivers a hoversled carrying crates to a stormtrooper checkpoint. Hiding behind a corner, Torra tells Kaz that the Tower is in complete lockdown and that she can only exist certain areas. After stormtroopers allow the service droid to past, Kaz tells Doza that he thinks he knows of a way of getting in there. CB-23 beeps.

Sneaking into Doza Tower[]

Later, CB-23 pushes a hoversled carrying boxes. She is stopped by two stormtroopers who ask about her cargo and destination. CB-23 speaks in Binary. One of the stormtroopers says this is an unscheduled delivery and wants to inspect the boxes. CB-23 pleads with them not to but they do. When they open the box, they are accosted by several gorgs. While the stormtroopers are distracted, Kaz and Torra slip through the door to Doza Tower.

Inside Doza Tower, Kaz shakes off a gorg as he exits the lift. Torra leads him to the hangar where they find that Hype's racer has been secured with magnetic locks. Torra says that Hype would never leave his beloved ship. Kaz responds that those stormtroopers were lying and that they know what happened to Hype. Just then, they hear muffled voices approaching.

The two hide behind crates as a pair of stormtroopers enter the hangar. The stormtroopers are doing a routine check of Citizen 1155 and report that the starship is still in lockdown. The other stormtrooper responds that it is a beautiful ship and that it is a shame that it is going to be scrapped. The first stormtrooper says that they don't give the order but only follow them.

After the stormtroopers have left, Kaz asks Torra why the stormtroopers did not take the rest of the Aces with Hype. Torra says that when her father grounded the Aces, Hype stormed off in a fit of rage. When Kaz asks if Hype has said anything bad about the First Order, Torra responds that bad would be an understatement. Kaz says that is what he was afraid off.

Captives of the First Order[]

Back at Aunt Z's Tavern, Glitch struggles to serve the patrons. Kaz brushes past the Arcona Garma, a furry blue alien, and the Ithorian Egdir. He asks where is Aunt Z while Garma demands where is her jet juice. The droid responds that she is gone before pointing to three new First Order propaganda posters. Kaz tells Torra that the First Order took Aunt Z, prompting Torra to ask where.

Later that night, Aunt Z along with Hype Fazon, Nod, and Grevel are imprisoned inside a cargo container. Aunt Z protests that she has rights and bangs against the walls. Hype tells her to pipe down and says that they have been locked in there for hours. Aunt Z says she is not going to be like him sitting there and doing nothing. Hype counters that doing something is what got him thrown inside in the first place.

When Aunt Z asks Grevel what got him in here, he responds that he didn't show the proper respect to the First Order. He admits punching a trooper in the shin before laughing. Aunt Z says she will speak her mind without the First Order telling her otherwise. Grevel says that her big mouth is going to get them shipped offworld. Aunt Z is shocked that they are being transported offworld.

Outside, a stormtrooper reports that the prisoners are ready for transportation. While standing on Hype, Aunt Z climbs up to the hatch and demands to know what the stormtroopers are doing but they tell her to be quiet. The stormtrooper counters that she will find out when the next transport arrives. Hype panics that he is too handsome to die. Aunt Z tells him to stay calm and that they will find a way out of this somehow. Meanwhile, an Atmospheric Assault Lander takes off.

The underground resistance[]

Back at Yeager's repairs, Kaz arrives home with Torra and CB-23. Kaz asks Neeku where is Yeager. Neeku says that he is in his office and doesn't want to be disturbed. Kaz knocks on the door but Yeager tells him to go away. Kaz insists on talking and says that the First Order are behind the disappearance of Hype and Aunt Z. Yeager lets Kaz, Torra, and CB-23 inside.

Kaz, CB-23 and Torra are surprised to see Captain Doza with Yeager. Kaz asks if the First Order is indeed taking people away. Torra demands to know what is going on. Doza says it doesn't concern his daughter but she disagrees because they took her friends. Kaz says and who knows how many people they took away. He asks who is next. Doza nods sadly.

Torra tells her father that if she knows what is happening he has to tell them. Captain Doza explains that the First Order is rounding up people who defy them at the West Docks and transporting them offworld. Kaz demands to know where but Doza says he doesn't know. Torra says he has to stop them but Captain Doza says that the First Order has stationed stormtroopers on the platform and that openly defying them puts everyone at risk including her.

Yeager explains that he and Doza want to find a way to take down the communications blanket so that they can coordinate with the Resistance to expel the First Order. Kaz says they don't have time for that and that if they don't act now they will never see their friends again. Yeager tells Kaz he is right and wishes him good luck. Kaz is surprised and leaves with Torra and CB-23.

When Tam asks what was that about, Kaz plans they were planning a little celebration to cheer everyone up with the races cancelled. Neeku is delighted at the prospect of social gatherings but Kaz says that he and Torra have to go and do some planning. Tam is suspicious but Neeku buys Kaz's explanation.

The rescue mission[]

Outside, Kaz leads Torra and CB-23 down a hatch which leads to a series of pipes beneath the Colossus. Kaz explains that they have to reach the docks without being unseen. Kaz almost falls but CB-23 lifts him up with her grappling hook. After verifying the location of the containers, Kaz tells CB-23 to stand by while he and Kaz head there. CB-23 decides to trail them.

Kaz and Torra negotiate over pipes and reach a platform. They climb a ladder onto the docks. Kaz and Torra hear Aunt Z cheering up her fellow prisoners inside their container. Hype and the others laugh. Kaz and Torra call out to Aunt Z and tell her they are here to rescue her. Hype adds that they can't get on that transport.

Kaz says that is what they have to do since the First Order will tear apart the entire platform if they bust them out. Kaz says that his plan is to steal their ship. Aunt Z realizes that they could steal the First Order ship and escape. He tells her to get ready before he and Torra hide from two patrolling stormtroopers. The stormtroopers unlock the crate and march out the prisoners.

Liberating the prisoners[]

They lead the prisoners aboard the Atmospheric Assault Lander. Kaz and Torra are hiding under the gangplank and attack the stormtrooper sentries outside. During the struggle, Kaz is kicked in the face and grips on to the platform. Torra rides on top of a second stormtrooper and fires his stun blaster at the others but miss.

Aunt Z knocks out two of the remaining stormtroopers while Torra stuns a third. The fourth stormtrooper shoots at Kaz who is clinging on to the platform. Hype sneaks up on the stormtrooper and punches him before throwing him overboard. Torra hugs Hype and he thanks Kaz and Torra. Kaz says he is glad that Hype is safe and asks if he can fly the ship.

Hype says he can fly anything and asks Aunt Z where they are flying to. Aunt Z tells him to set a course for Takodana where she has an old friend who can help. Kaz and Torra wave Aunt Z and the other escapees goodbye as they leave on the Atmospheric Assault Lander. CB-23 watches with Kaz and Torra. The Lander flies into the skies.

Torra is excited but Kaz warns her that the First Order will soon realize that they are missing a transport. Torra is hopeful that the First Order won't know it was them. CB-23 beeps and Kaz tells her let's go home.

Safehouse exposed[]

Back at Yeager's repairs, Kaz is about to break the good news but finds his friends surrounded by Commander Pyre's stormtroopers. CB-23 beeps in horror. As two stormtroopers surround him, Kaz asks what is going on. A smug Pyre informs Kaz that he and his friends are under arrest by command of the First Order.


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Notes and references[]

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