"The Doza Dilemma" is the fourteenth episode of Star Wars Resistance Season One. It aired on January 27, 2019 on Disney Channel.

Official description[]

When the pirates launch an unsettling mission on the Colossus, Synara's loyalty and allegiances are put to the test.[4]

Plot summary[]

Pyre's new plot[]

The episode opens with a shot of Resurgent-class Star Destroyers orbiting Starkiller Base and TIE fighters flying past them. Commander Pyre and Captain Phasma are conversing with pirate leader Kragan Gorr via hologram. Pyre chastises Kragan Gorr for his ineffective raids on the Colossus, which have failed to convince Captain Imanuel Doza to seek First Order help.

Kragan, who is standing beside the Trandoshan Skreek, counters that he has lost more men and ships than the deal is worth. He demands that Pyre triple the money or the deal is over. Both Pyre and Phasma nod their helmets. Pyre tells Kragan to take something precious from Doza until he relinquishes his station. When Pyre asks what that might be, Pyre responds that it is something very close to him.

Double agent[]

At the Colossus loading docks, Synara San is working on a conveyor machine when she resists a hologram transmission from Kragan. Kragan chastises Synara for not reporting and accuses her of spending too much time with her friends. Synara counters that if she had something to report she would have already and demands to know what he wants. Kragan reminds her not to forget who her "true friends" are and informs her that he is sending Valik and Drell on a special mission. He tells her that they will be shipped to the Colossus on a container and orders her to receive them and pass them through security.

Synara asks Kragan what he is planning. Kragan refuses to answer her question and reiterates his order to make sure that she be the one to receive that container. He tells her to get them inside Doza Tower. Synara complains that security is too tight, but Kragan tells her to figure it out. He tells her that they finally get paid tonight and that she finally gets to come home. Synara reflects on Kragan's orders.

In the company of friends[]

Later, at Aunt Z's Tavern, Kazuda Xiono buys a drink from Aunt Z. Meanwhile, Tamara Ryvora and Torra Doza play a game of holo-darts with BB-8 watching. Tam compliments Torra but tells her she is not good enough. Synara walks into the cantina, and Kaz asks her if everything is okay. Synara awkwardly responds that everything is fine and tells him that she has been working extra cycles.

Tam invites Synara for a game of holo-darts, but Torra suggests that they could try the new Drone-Blaster game which she just got. She invites them to the tower and says she can get the service droids to bring them some food. Kaz says that sounds good and invites Synara along. Synara asks them if she can come along. Torra says that all of them can come along.

A game of Drone-Blaster[]

At Doza Tower, Torra brings her friends and Synara into her room. She then plays a game of Drone-Blaster and shoots at holographic targets. Torra's pet voorpak Buggles barks while two security droids walk past. Synara observes that Torra has a lot of security for a place so remote. Torra says the added security measures are a response to the pirate attacks. She adds that her father thinks the pirates have spies on the Colossus.

Synara pretends to be shocked by the presence of spies while Kaz compliments Torra for shooting three out of five of the holographic targets. Torra lets Tam have a go at Drone-Blaster. Synara suggests increasing security if she were Torra's father. Torra remarks that her father has been busy. Kaz asks if Captain Doza has been busy with the First Order due to their frequent visits to the Colossus. Torra doesn't answer but waves her hand.

Tam grumbles about scoring only two hits and hands the blaster to Synara. Synara grabs the Drone-Blaster and easily shoots three targets, earning Torra's praise. Kaz says that is pretty good for a salvager and asks how she learned to shoot so well. Synara claims that her father used to take her hunting on Vanqor as a child.

She then hands the blaster to Kaz. Kaz, however, misses all his shots. Tam teases that Kaz can't hit the broad side of a freighter, but Kaz dismisses it as a stupid toy. When BB-8 beeps in disagreement, Kaz counters that he is a way better shot with a real blaster before admitting that he has not held one before. Just then, Synara receives a beep in her holoprojector and says she has to leave in order to work the late cycle for tonight. She thanks Torra for her hospitality. Torra tells Synara that she is always welcome here and that she can use her security code to get in.

First Order business[]

Later that night, Captain Doza converses with Commander Pyre by holoprojector and declines his offer of a security detail on the grounds that he has droids. Just then a security droid permits Torra entry into Doza's office. Torra tells her father that she had the best time with her friends, drawing both Captain Doza and Pyre's attention. Doza says he is attending to business and Torra says she will leave him alone. Doza apologizes that he is discussing business of great importance to the Colossus and takes leave. She is visibly unnerved by the presence of the faceless Pyre.

After Torra leaves the room, Commander Pyre tells Doza that the First Order needs an answer and tells him that he has been delaying the inevitable for far too long. When Doza asks what if he accepts it and the pirate attacks don't stop, Pyre reassures him that it will stop and adds that he needs troops and not racers to protect the Colossus. Captain Doza responds that he will need more time before terminating the conversation.

Kaz's soft spot[]

At Yeager's repairs, Kaz and Neeku Vozo are working on a speeder bike. BB-8 plays a prank on R1-J5 ("Bucket") by knocking on his door with a tool. Bucket comes out and chases BB-8. Kaz tells the droids to keep it down. Neeku tells Kaz he thinks that the accelerator will hold until it explodes.

Tam tells them that they should meet Jarek Yeager at the marketplace with the hope he will buy them dinner. Kaz says he will drop by later but that he needs to get parts from salvage. Tam says it is an excuse to get close to Synara and leaves with Neeku, who says he likes food.

Strangers at the loading docks[]

At the loading docks, Synara unlocks a cargo container and is greeted by Drell and Valik. Drell complains they have been waiting forever, but Synara tells them to stop complaining because she is taking a big risk to get them through security. Valik tells Synara to get them into Doza Tower. When Synara asks why they want to get into the Tower, Valik responds that Doza has something that is going to bring them more credits than they can count. Drell laughs but Synara is visibly uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, Kaz enters the salvage yard with BB-8. When BB-8 grumbles, Kaz says that he knows it is late but Synara promised that she is working on the late cycle and that they need those parts. BB-8 thinks Kaz is interested in her. Kaz admits that Synara has been preoccupied and distant lately. BB-8 and Kaz then spot Synara with two strangers who don't look like salvagers.

Drell sports a syringe and Valik remarks that she laughs when in doubt. Synara tells the two pirates to follow her while Kaz and BB-8 hide behind crates. Kaz decides that he and BB-8 should trail them but warns BB-8 not to beep too loudly. The pirates walk down the darkened corridor. Drell and Valik sense some movement, but Kaz and BB-8 manage to hide. Valik asks if Drell has a funny feeling, and Drell realizes that someone is tailing them.

BB-8 accidentally rolls on Kaz's foot, and Kaz barely suppresses his shout. Synara leads the other two pirates through a doorway. While Kaz nurses his wound, he tells BB-8 to be careful where he rolls and warns that they can't lose them. They continue traveling through the corridor.

Kidnapping Torra Doza[]

Meanwhile, Synara and her companions use a grappling hook to scale Doza Tower. They reach the entrance level, narrowly avoiding a security droid. When Drell asks if she has the codes, Synara dials in the access code and the three enter Doza Tower. Synara warns her companions that this is not a good idea because security is now tighter.

Valik mocks Synara's concern for them and tells her to stand guard. When Synara asks what they are after and what is so important to Doza, Drell replies that they are after his daughter as the blast doors close, separating them. Alone, Synara grapples with the moral dilemma of kidnapping Torra.

On the residential floor, Drell uses an Electro Magnetic Pulse grenade to disable four security droids. Drell tells Valik to hurry before they discover these four are down. Inside her room, Torra is playing a game of Drone-Blaster while Buggles sits beside her. Just then, the door slides open and Buggles growls at Drell. Torra asks if Buggles is okay as a silhouette of Drell covers the room.

The dilemmas of a pirate spy[]

Meanwhile, Synara contacts Kragan by holoprojector and confronts him about the true nature of the mission. Kragan laughs and says that she is worth triple the credits if they bring her to the First Order alive. When Synara asks why he didn't tell her, Kragan replies that she was getting soft and chides her for seeing these people as her friends. Kragan orders Synara to get to the skiff and bring Torra to him now. Synara scowls in rage that she has got to stop this.

Meanwhile, 4D-M1N informs Captain Doza that four security droids have been disabled on Level 8. She also informs Captain Doza that Torra is missing from her quarters. Realizing that they have intruders, Captain Doza orders 4D-M1N to send a squad of security droids to search the platform.

While racing through the corridor, Kaz bumps into Synara. Kaz is glad to see Synara and asks her about the people she was arguing with down at the docks. Synara warns Kaz that Torra is in trouble and that someone took her. When he asks who took her, she tells Kaz to follow her and to hurry. They reach a platform where they see two speeder bikes racing away into the sea under the cover of night.

Crisis at the Colossus[]

Valik is riding one speeder bike while Drell is riding the second speeder bike with a captive Torra. Torra demands that Drell let him go and kicks at him. Drell whines, asking her to be a good prisoner.

At Yeager's hangar, Kaz, Synara, and BB-8 startle Bucket. Kaz climbs aboard the Fireball and tells Synara to contact Doza Tower and to tell Captain Doza to scramble the Aces. Synara contacts Doza Tower, telling them she needs to speak to the Captain immediately. Kaz flies out of Yeager's shop in the Fireball.

Learning that the pirates have kidnapped Torra, Captain Doza tells 4D to scramble Ace Squadron. While Doza worries for his daughter, alarms ring and the Aces climb into their racers. Ace Squadron deploy their racers and fly into the night.

The Hassk pirate Snarl waits in a skiff for Valik and Drell. As the pirates take her captive, Torra tells them that they are in deep trouble and that her father is sending every Ace to find her and they will. The pirates kick away their speeder bikes and depart on the skiff. Kaz spots them and tells BB-8 to transmit their coordinates to Captain Doza.

Pursuing the pirates[]

Torra sees Kaz in the Fireball. Snarl fires on the Fireball and manages to shoot the fighter's chassis, causing a small fire. BB-8 tells Kaz to fire back, but Kaz says they can't risk endangering Torra. When BB-8 asks if they have a plan, Kaz admits he doesn't as the Fireball sinks towards the sea. Just then, Kaz manages to regain control of the ship, and they fly over the skiff.

Meanwhile at sea, Kragan informs Commander Pyre that their mission is a success and that they have Torra Doza. Pyre is pleased and says he will send someone with his payment immediately. Back at Doza Tower, Captain Doza asks 4D if she has the coordinates yet. 4D replies not yet. Meanwhile, Ace pilot Bo Keevil spots the speeders only to realize that they are decoys. He tells his fellow pilots to widen the search.

Elsewhere, the pirates' yacht fires its laser cannon at the Fireball. Kaz asks BB-8 if the Aces got their location. BB-8, who is busy repairing the hull damage, informs him that the transponder is down. Kaz tells him to fix it and to send those coordinates. BB-8 recognizes the two pirates as the strangers that they encountered at the dock. BB-8 responds that he should never have trusted Synara, and Kaz says he gets it.

Torra Doza kicks Drell, who is manning the laser cannon, from behind. She then claims that she slipped. The skiff and the Fireball approach Kragan's sail barge Galleon. While the skiff boards Kragan's barge, the barge's crew fires upon the Fireball, inflicting some damage to its hull. BB-8 warns that their ship is in danger, but Kaz responds that they have to protect Torra at all costs. Torra struggles as she is dragged aboard the barge. Kragan's barge's guns keep Kaz at bay.

First Order to the rescue[]

While BB-8 puts out fires, the Fireball's proximity alarms ring as a First Order Upsilon-class command shuttle approaches Kragan's barge. Meanwhile, a display on the Fireball reads "System Warning" in Trade Federation script. Circling the barge, Kaz watches the First Order shuttle landing and thinks they are in league with the pirates. BB-8 informs Kaz the transponder is working, and Kaz tells him to send the coordinates out. Captain Doza receives the coordinates and orders Aces 3 and 4 to reroute to the new coordinates.

Aboard the barge, the pirates present a captive Torra to Major Elrik Vonreg and two stormtroopers. Valik remarks on their speed, while Drell hopes to be paid. Kragan approaches Major Vonreg. Vonreg greets Kragan, and tells the pirate that Commander Pyre sends his regards. Vonreg pulls out his blaster, and shoots Drell down while the Trandoshan Skreek is next to fall. Torra watches in shock as the First Order attack the pirates.

Major Vonreg rescues Torra and guides her aboard his ship, telling her he is taking her home. Vonreg and his stormtroopers then escape aboard their shuttle. Kaz watches in disbelief as the First Order rescues Torra and turns on their former pirate proxies. The shuttle flies away, and Kaz struggles to keep the damaged Fireball afloat. Ace Squadron closes in on the coordinates. Captain Doza asks if they have eyes on the pirate base.

Major Vonreg contacts Captain Doza over the intercom to inform him that his daughter is safe and that he is bringing her home now. Doza orders the Aces to break off the attack and to make sure that Torra comes home safely. The Aces comply with Captain Doza's orders and escort Vonreg's shuttle back to Doza Tower.

Vonreg's offer[]

Major Vonreg brings Torra back to her father, who is escorted by several security droids. Father and daughter embrace. Captain Doza asks if the pirates hurt her, but Torra says that she is fine. Captain Doza thanks Major Vonreg for rescuing his daughter. Major Vonreg tells Doza that the First Order has been monitoring pirate communications in this sector for months in an effort to quash their raids. He claims they are only here to help.

Major Vonreg tells Doza that Commander Pyre was concerned to hear that security had been compromised and that his daughter had been taken. He says that Pyre has offered to leave him a small security detail at his disposal while he considers their agreement. Captain Doza is uncertain that these arrangements are necessary but Vonreg counters that these Outer worlds can be hostile and that you can never know what will happen.

Captain Doza says his daughter has been through a lot. Major Vonreg leaves Doza to consider Vonreg's offer and departs, leaving behind two stormtroopers. While flying over Doza Tower, Kaz asks BB-8 what is going on. Kaz is glad that Torra is safe but thinks that it doesn't sound right. BB-8 beeps while Major Vonreg's shuttle flies away.

Maintaining her cover[]

The next morning, Synara contacts Kragan at the loading docks. Kragan tells her that the First Order has betrayed them and that the deal is over. Synara asks what exactly that means for her. She ends the transmission when she hears Kaz approaching the loading docks. Synara greets Kaz, who thanks for helping him with Torra. Kaz tells her that Torra is safe.

Synara says she would hate to see anything happen to her. Kaz tells her that he came to visit her for some parts last night and asks about the two strangers. Synara claims they were offworld salvagers. While not believing her story, Kaz says that he thought it was something like that and says he will check with Yeager if they still need those parts. Before leaving, a conflicted Synara wishes Kaz all the best.

After leaving, BB-8 beeps his suspicions about Synara to Kaz. Kaz speculates that Synara is either helping the pirates or is one of them. In private, an anxious Synara activates a loading machine.


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