The Drop is a story from Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures Volume 6. It features H.O.P.E. Squad on a mission to Yorn Skot.


H.O.P.E. squad is assigned to Yorn Skot to rescue Jedi Treetower and retrieve the smuggled goods he was trying to intercept. They are orbitally inserted and land safely on a floating platform. Treetower's locator indicates that he is on the unipod on the underside of the platform.

The squad rappels down to get to him. Suddenly, four jump droids arrive. The commandos are "sitting ducks," and only the orange-armored trooper survives. He jumps on a droid and steals its jetpack. Another droid fires a stun net at him, and it shorts out his jetpack. He uses the net to lasso and mount the droid, and shoots the other two. He then catches a falling Master Treetower, destroys the droid he is riding on, and jumps back to his rappelling line. They climb back up and soon discover that the cargo is Ugnaught slaves.


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