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Lucasfilm has stated that Visions stories and their related media are not required to "tie into the larger chronology" of Star Wars storytelling. Editor discretion is advised.

"The Elder" was a human male Force-sensitive individual. This individual was speculated by Jedi Master Tajin Crosser to be a former member of the Sith who broke away prior to the Order's destruction. Centuries following the fall of the Sith, he encountered Tajin and his Padawan Dan G'vash on a planet in the Outer Rim Territories. After defeating Dan easily, the dark side adept was killed by Tajin. His last act before he died was to detonate his starship, preventing the Jedi from learning more about him.[1]


Early life[]

"The Sith became far too obsessed with trying to outwit each other. It resulted in them completely neglecting their destiny. And so, they are now extinct."
―The Elder[src]

Earlier in his life, The Elder learnt lightsaber combat and some Force powers, such as Force lightning. The Elder fought on various occasions—what he referred to as "when he was much stronger"—and ultimately abandoned his "faction" or teachings.[1]

Personality and traits[]

The Elder showcases his Force lightning and one of his lightsabers

The dark side adept was a confident and intimidating old man. He saw himself above his late fellow Sith Order members whom he believed too consumed by their own lust for power that they forgot their true destiny and destroying themselves in the process.

Behind the scenes[]

The Elder appeared in "The Elder," a short film in the Star Wars: Visions series. The Elder is voiced by Kenichi Yagata in Japanese and James Hong in English.[1]


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