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"The Elder" is an animated short film and episode of the web television series Star Wars: Visions. Produced by Trigger, Inc., the short premiered on Disney+ on September 22, 2021.[3]

Plot summary[]

On patrol[]

Jedi Master Tajin Crosser and his Padawan Dan G'vash patrol the Outer Rim Territories in their starship as part of their duties and training. Dan bemoans the lack of action from traveling the Outer Rim, suspecting his master of purposefully choosing so given his master's reputation of being well-traveled in the galaxy. Tajin comments that Dan is too eager, and that "the seeds of misfortune, when in peaceful soil, can be easy to overlook" regarding his choice of patrol. He is interrupted by sensing a disturbance in the force. Dan suggests it may be the presence of Sith, but Tajin counters it is improbable since it has been hundreds of years since the Sith were destroyed.

The pair decide to investigate the only habitable planet nearby: Habo. Tajin has previously been to Habo. Dan quips about Tajin's knowledge of the Outer Rim and says it is a privilege to be his Padawan. The two jump into hyperspace and head to Habo.


After landing on Habo, Dan comments about the planet's beautiful forest and landscape. Tajin recommends that Dan try a local dish called Oon-Doon, which he describes as delicious. Tajin and Dan approach a native village. Tajin warns that the locals are quite shy and advises Dan to wait. While Dan gains the trust of the village children, Tajin is able to find out from the villagers that an elder man from an unknown village has landed nearby with his starship, and has taken to the mountains. The two share their suspicions on what awaits them, and decide to split up to wait at the elder man's starship and to search for him in the mountains. Dan is guided by the village children on his investigation to the mountains, and Tajin is led to the starship by the villagers.

Upon arriving at the starship, Tajin remarks to Dan via transmitter that he does not recognize the starship, but says it resembles ones used by the Sith in hologram recordings. In the meanwhile, Dan traverses rough mountain terrain that he concludes would be difficult for an old man to manage. He then discovers the carcass of a Vamga, which Tajin had previously warned were dangerous creatures if provoked. Dan sends the village children home as he investigates the carcass, noticing a clean lightsaber strike across its neck as the cause of death. After Tajin warns Dan that the elder man they seek may be dangerous, Dan turns around surprised by the presence of a cloaked figure behind him.

The Old Man[]

The Elder

The cloaked figure reveals himself as an old man, identifying Dan as a Jedi. Dan questions the old man if he is a Sith, to which the old man simply recounts how the Sith had lost their way due to infighting, which resulted in their own extinction. As Dan questions the old man's identity again, he is rebuffed by the old man, suggesting that they communicate with their blades instead of with words. The old man then brandishes two katana-shaped red lightsabers, and charges at Dan. As Dan defends himself with his own lightsaber, the old man is disappointed at the lack of challenge Dan brings, revealing he was hoping to attract the attention of Dan's master instead and could do so by slaying Dan. He then delivers a grievous wound to Dan by slashing him across the abdomen.

The old man sits patiently amidst the rain as he waits for Tajin to find his location. Upon arrival, the old man is pleased to feel that Tajin has a greater presence of the Force. Tajin and the old man both brandish their lightsabers and duel, with the old man remarking in glee that he's fighting someone so strong, and wishes he had found someone like Tajin long ago during the peak of his talent. Tajin gains the upper hand when he is able to disarm one of the old man's lightsabers and cut it in half.

Enraged, the old man uses his free hand to resort to Force lightning to even his odds. As Tajin defends against the Force lightning and the old man is about to slash with his remaining lightsaber from above, a still-conscious Dan uses the Force to throw his ignited lightsaber at the old man. Having no choice but to defend with his own lightsaber, the old man leaves himself open for Tajin to break from the Force lightning and impale the old man through the heart. Tajin then runs to the injured Dan, and the old man detonates his starship as his last act before his body crumbles to ashes.

Leaving Habo[]

After Dan is healed from his wound, the Padawan and master recount the details of the aftermath. They lament that the old man's starship had been destroyed, as they have nothing further to use in their investigation. Dan congratulates Tajin on his victory, but Tajin solemnly credits that time had been the major factor for defeating the old man, and fears the outcome may have been different if they faced the old man in his prime. He also concludes that time will only make himself weaker as well, but adds that it will make the young Dan stronger as he grows.

He counsels Dan not to forget his training and his kindness. Tajin allows Dan to say farewell to the children, who were worried about his injuries. As Dan says farewell to the village children, Tajin takes another hard look at the old man's remains.


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Japanese Voice Cast

  • Yuichi Nakamura as Dan G'vash
  • Takaya Hashi as Tajin Crosser
  • Kenichi Ogata as Old Man
  • Maria Abo as Child #1
  • Reina Aoyama as Child #2
  • Anna Nagase as Child #3

English Voice Cast

  • Jordan Fisher as Dan G'vash
  • David Harbour as Tajin Crosser
  • James Hong as Old Man
  • Maria Abo as Child #1
  • Reina Aoyama as Child #2
  • Anna Nagase as Child #3


  • Inspired by Star Wars created by – George Lucas
  • Directed and Written by – Masahiko Otsuka
  • Animation Production – Trigger, Inc. (as Trigger)
  • Executive Producers – Masahiko Otsuka, Yoshiki Usa
  • Co-Executive Producers – Naoko Tsutsumi, Kazuya Masumoto
  • Producers – Hiromi Wakabayashi, Will Feng
  • Executive Producers – James Waugh, Josh Rimes, Jacqui Lopez
  • Co-Executive Producer – Justin Leach
  • Producer – Kanako Shirasaki
  • Character Designer – Kamome Shirahama
  • Music by – Michiru Oshima
  • English Voice Casting by – Lindsay Halper, Stephanie Sheh
  • English Voice Casting Coordinator – Caroline Keller
  • Assistant Director – Akira Furukawa
  • Art Director – Masanobu Nomura (Bihou)
  • Color Design – Yukiko Kakita (T2studio)
  • Compositing Director – Nozomi Shitara (T2studio)
  • Editor – Kentaro Tsubone (Real-T)
  • Production Manager – Naoto Setoguchi
  • Production Assistant – Yoshitaka Togo
  • Animation Character Designer – Shigeo Akahori
  • Concept Artists – Yumi Yaoshida, Shigeto Koyama, Hiromi Wakabayashi
  • Storyboard Artists – Masahiko Otsuka, Shigeo Akahori
  • Background Design – Toshiki Amata (Bihou), Kaoru Aoki (Bihou)
  • Animation Supervisor – Shigeo Akahori
  • Key Animators – Chigusa Kiyota, Tetsuya Sakurai, Tetsuya Hasegawa, Tomoki Yamane, Yasushi Tokuda, Mikoto Fukuzawa, Sho Oi, Emi Tamura, Syunpei Gunyasu, Shimon Dohi, Takuya Saitou, Shigeo Akahori, Takafumi Chida, Yuka Asano, Yoshifumi Hagano, Hiroki Arai, Tomoyuki Munehiro, Akira Oguro, Rino Kodama, Naoki Takeda, Kazuki Chiba, Chiharu Kataoka
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  • France
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  • Rights and clearances by – Barbour & Company, Cassandra Barbour


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Notes and references[]

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