The Elite was one of the more luxurious hotels on Coruscant. After being destroyed during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion, they were quick to rebuild and open its doors once again soon after. Located along Skylane 4467 in the heart of Galactic City, The Elite was caught in a terrorist attack in 40 ABY done in support of the movement for Corellian independence. Planting a bomb in the hotel, the terrorist managed to kill 634 civilians, including himself. The event was covered on the HoloNet, polarizing the galaxy in the growing upheaval between Corellia and the Galactic Alliance.

This attack led to anti-Corellian sentiments among the Coruscanti, who retaliated by desecrating the Corellian Sanctuary on Coruscant. This attack also was one of the factors leading to the creation of the Galactic Alliance Guard and the internment of hundreds of Corellian citizens living on the capital world.



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