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The Emperor's Court is a non-canonical story from Star Wars Tales 14.

Plot summaryEdit

In the story, Han Solo has been brought to court for killing Greedo. The plaintiff is Greedo's mother, Neela. After a few alien witnesses are called in, Judge Palpatine declares their testimonies have no effect given that they are nonhuman. Han shows a disk of Greedo shooting first and missing, but it was obviously faked (a reference to the re-release when Greedo shot first). Han is sentenced to life imprisonment frozen in carbonite and is sent to Boba Fett.

Behind the scenesEdit

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The segment is a parody of "The People's Court".

This spoof plays on several elements of the added footage in the 1997 special edition of A New Hope, primarily on the subject of making Greedo fire first at Han Solo instead of having Han fire first. Another allusion to the special edition is Han's protesting of Lak Sivrak's story by saying that Sivrak was never even present at the time, as he was replaced in the special edition by Ketwol.

The 8D smelter droid LU-L-N is a parody of reporter Doug Llewelyn, who reported on the television series The People's Court.

Han Solo's continual rewinding of the hologram of Greedo firing at him and repeating of the line "back and to the right" is a tribute to the Oliver Stone film JFK.

Super Grover of Sesame Street fame, Kermit the Frog of the Muppets, Robby the Robot from the film Forbidden Planet, Stripe from the film Gremlins, Waldo from Where's Waldo?, a Dulok, and Barney Gumble of The Simpsons fame can each be seen among the jurors.


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