"The Emperor's New Clothes was rather needled by the two tracks on Deeply Religious' first compilation—'Torch Song' and 'Just Another Art Form,' and they responded with a very pointed track of their own, entitled 'Artistic Integrity.' "
―Arts Correspondent "Ars Dangor" in a Galactic Weekly NewsStack article[1]

The Emperor's New Clothes was a pro-Imperial band during the Galactic Civil War, who frequently got good ratings from the Imperial Board of Culture. Its rival was the anti-Imperial band Red Shift Limit, who parodied their song "Totally Patriotic."


"The gist of this track was, 'We are artists just like anyone else, we operate under the same freedom of speech laws as you do, and if you don't like our material that's just tough.' "
―Arts Correspondent "Ars Dangor," describing the T.E.N.C. track "Artistic Integrity"[1]

The Emperor's New Clothes—shortened to T.E.N.C.—was a pro-Imperial musical group active during the Galactic Civil War, whose early releases received high praise from the Imperial Board of Culture. Loud in its support for the Galactic Empire, the band enjoyed success among two primary groups of listeners: those who believed everything the band said, and those who believed the exact opposite. Upon realizing this fact, the Imperial Board of Culture toned down its reviews of T.E.N.C.'s works. The first group of listeners primarily included members of the Imperial Military and the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order, as well as inhabitants of the Core Worlds; among the second group's ranks were traders, smugglers, pirates, and swoop gang members. Such a volatile fan base traditionally made The Emperor's New Clothes' concerts dangerous.[1] Because of their popularity, The Emperor's New Clothes was one of the select few bands allowed to play in the Crimson Casino aboard the luxury space station called the Wheel.[2]

The Emperor's New Clothes was engaged in a longstanding rivalry with anti-Imperial group Red Shift Limit, who went so far as to record their own parody version of T.E.N.C.'s song "Totally Patriotic," giving it a completely different meaning. T.E.N.C. was also not pleased with the underground band Deeply Religious' songs "Torch Song" and "Just Another Art Form" from their eponymous compilation. The Emperor's New Clothes responded with the pointed track "Artistic Integrity," which carried the message that the band was free to write their music despite the fact that some individuals might not like it. In turn, Deeply Religious released a short track called "Ooh, It Bites," described by Ars Dangor of the Galactic Weekly NewsStack magazine as "nasty." Dangor chronicled the confrontation between the two groups in a NewsStack article titled "Latest Developments: The Emperor's New Clothes versus Deeply Religious." As Deeply Religious had been outright banned by the Imperial Board of Culture, the Board did not review their work anymore and thus was hearing only one side of the conflict. Because of that, Dangor believed that the feud between the two bands would continue.[1]


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"The Emperor's New Clothes" is a real-world story by Hans Christian Andersen.



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