The Empire Strikes Back is a Mighty Chronicles illustrated adaptation of the 1980 film Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back. It was published by Chronicle Books on December 1, 1996. The book contains 144 illustrations in shades of blue and black.

Differences from the film[]

  • Although released to commemorate the "Special Edition" trilogy, the illustrations and story only depicts the original 1980 version of the film. Examples include the wampa hiding in it's cave and the windowless hallways of Cloud City.
  • The scene where Leia kisses Luke during his recovery on Hoth is omitted. In the book, the scene ends immediately after Han says Luke, "That's two you owe me."
  • When first introduced, Yoda is referred to as an "imp". However, the illustration text refers to him by name.
  • Yoda hitting R2-D2 with his cane while trying to take Luke's lamp is depicted through illustration only and does not appear in the written part of the story.
  • Captain Needa's death is omitted.
  • Luke and Vader continue dueling from the freezing chamber to the window scene. There is no pause where Luke goes looking for Vader between these two duels.


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