The Empire Strikes Back is a video game released for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1991. The object is to destroy an Imperial Probe Droid, escape a Wampa-infested ice cavern, fight during the Battle of Hoth, meet Master Yoda on Dagobah to train with him, and attempt to rescue your friends in Cloud City from Darth Vader.

Playing as Luke Skywalker, you can fight with a blaster pistol or a lightsaber. Players can ride a tauntaun. You can also board a snowspeeder during the Battle of Hoth.

The NES version was released in 1992, the same year as Super Star Wars for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. As Empire was released towards the end of the NES's lifecycle, a corresponding sequel to the film Return of the Jedi was never developed or released, despite being hinted at in the text at the end of the game.

This is the second of three video games released under the Empire Strikes Back title for home video game systems. It was preceded by a version for the Atari 2600 and succeeded by Super Empire Strikes Back for the SNES.

A "port," or conversion, of this game was released for the Game Boy. That product was reprinted and distributed by several publishers over the course of three years.

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