The Empire Strikes Back Introductory Two-Player Game is a product that was made for the Star Wars Customizable Card Game. This set focused mainly on the events that occurred on the planet Hoth and during the Battle of Hoth. The two-player game was designed by Decipher and distributed by Parker Brothers.

The game was sold in a box and included two 60 card decks and seven premium cards that are not found in any other expansion set. Some of the premium cards included alternate personas of General Veers and Chewbacca. The box also included a rules booklet and one Premiere Unlimited expansion pack. This set was the second in a series of Star Wars Customizable Card Game two-player games, the first being the Premiere Two-Player Introductory Set. This set was released in March of 1997. A complete list of the premium cards and images of the cards can be found on Decipher's website. [1]

Because this set is not part of the base set, Premiere Limited, it has an expansion symbol. It's expansion symbol is a small practice remote located near the top right corner of the card next to the lore and below the destiney number. This symbol is common to all premium cards except for the Reflections II: Expanding the Galaxy and Reflections III premium cards.

Cards[edit | edit source]

The premium cards specifically included in this set were:

All cards in the set were white bordered (or unlimited), including the Leia card which could be found no where else in white border print. Leia was typically only found in the Jedi Pack, but was later printed as a Japanese foil in the Reflections II set.

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