"The End of the Clone Wars" is a booklet in a series of canon reference booklets titled the Star Wars Encyclopedia. It was published on April 1, 2022.[1]

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As the Clone Wars progressed, Darth Sidious' evil plan to overthrow the Republic and declare himself Emperor of the entire galaxy was unfolding as planned. With the Battle of Coruscant and the meticulously orchestrated kidnapping of Palpatine, the final stages of the plan were being implemented. The plan would culminate in the activation of Order 66, which would declare the Jedi enemies of the Republic and cause the clone soldiers to turn their weapons against those who had been their generals until now. With a snap of his fingers, Sidious would wipe out nearly the entire Jedi Order. Only a handful would slip through the cracks and go into hiding in various parts of the galaxy. These survivors would keep the flame of hope alive, as would Anakin Skywalker's two children. The light would shine again in the galaxy, but not for many years.[1]


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